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Through the ages there have been many groups of humans or supernaturals who have hunted vampires. Many were driven by religious zeal or superstition. Others were spurred on by the need for vengeance or justice. Some were formed out of a need, simply, to fight back against what they considered pure evil and a threat to humanity.

Following is a list of the groups of vampire hunters who have fought against vampires over the centuries.

Order of Saint James of the Sword

The order was first formed in 1170 as a group of knights tasked with the protection of pilgrims in Portugal. Although they were used in various battles, including the conquest of Moorish dominions, the Portuguese knights were a smaller offshoot of the better known Orden de Santiago. Their Spanish brothers outlasted the Order of Saint James, and the Order eventually became little more than an "order of merit" conferred for outstanding services to science, literature or art.

However, while the Order was officially reformed and technically disbanded, some members of the order continued the group's legacy in a way which does not appear in the human history books. During the late 13th century, members of the Order of Saint James became aware of the large numbers of vampires in the area, and had begun a secret hunt for the creatures, whom they believed to be demons or witches. By the 14th century, a sect of the Order had moved their base of operations into southern Spain and began devoting all of their efforts to finding and killing vampires.

It is unknown exactly how the Order of Saint James began to develop and train in the skills of the Paladin. Nor is it known exactly how the Order eventually learned the ancient skills of Sorcery by the 15th century, or why they betrayed their Catholic roots for such practices. What is known by some of the elder vampires, however, is the story of how the group became the fiercest faction of hunters in the western world. They tracked and killed vampires from all over Europe and north Africa, finding the creatures sleeping in their lairs during the daylight and beheading them or burning them to ashes.

In modern times the order has returned, having discovered vampires in Harper Rock. Although there are not many ancient sorcerers or paladins left in their group, they have already begun taking new recruits from the human population, who are only too willing, once they discover the existence of vampires, to devote their lives to avenging the deaths of various family members that died in the Quarantine Zone or at the hands of insane vampires.

Their religious symbols burned into their flesh are more icons of their ancestry or badges of honor than they are symbols of power. However, though their ultimate goal seems to remain the eradication of vampires, the majority of the order still hold to Christian beliefs, despite the fact that they are no longer simple religious zealots or witch hunters. Their belief in their purpose is simple: vampires are pure evil, and must be hunted, just as their forefathers hunted them. It would seem that the Order of St. James no longer requires bidding from any Pope or God to hunt and kill vampires, even if the more ancient of their Paladin class hunters hold to their firm convictions.

Recent Events

Feb 05, 2016: As part of Chapter 5, the Order of St. James was destroyed in a final battle against Things. Over the previous months, their territories had been systematically taken by Tytonidae. They are no longer one of the NPC factions . Any remaining paladins and sorcerers are independent , or members of other factions. As a consequence, the leader of the Order Ramiro Barros rose up and sought out vengeance on all vampires and associates.

Feb 09, 2016: Ramiro Barros was killed by Mortll.

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