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'''Custom Guns'''<br>
'''Custom Guns'''<br>
Custom guns randomly generate and can be anything from 1, 1, 1 APQ to 13, 13, 10 APQ.
Custom guns randomly generate and can be anything from 1, 1, 1 APQ to 13, 13, 10 APQ.
'''Special Note'''<br>
Killing the NPC in this area will raise your [[Notoriety|notoriety]] making cops and soldiers more likely to shoot at you.
==Algonquin Caverns==
==Algonquin Caverns==

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Hunting areas are specific locations on the World Map, which house NPCs who can be hunted to gain EXP and certain Loot.

Hunting Grounds

Location: 0, 35 Wilderness
Closest Transit: Newborough Station

Combat proficiency: Newbie-Low
Suggested level: 5+

NPC: Bear, Mountain Lion, Rabbit, Wolf
NPC Level Range: 1 - 5

The Hunting Grounds can be reached by following the roadway that starts at 4, 26, Coastside to the entrance at 0, 35, Wilderness, or via the Newborough transit. There are exits along each of the four sides that will take you to the spot where you entered.

Special Note
The hunting grounds are not considered "outside" and you will not get burned by the sun if there at Sunrise.

Quarantine Zone

Location: 26, 19, Quarantine
Closest Transit: Wickbridge Station

Suggested level: 5+

NPC: Feral Vampire, Mooncalf, Zombie
NPC Level Range: 1 - 15

The Quarantine Zone, or QZ for short, is an area at the south-east of the city that was walled off by the authorities in order to protect the human population when zombies started appearing there. The QZ has a cemetery and several abandoned buildings.

The QZ remains walled up though one can enter the area via the road at 26, 19, world. The area can also be accessed via the sewers. Vampires with the Super Jump power can reach the QZ via jumping the fence of river, while those with Water Walk can reach the QZ by crossing the river. Teleportation can also transport a vampire within the QZ. There is a public fadeportal between Sanctuary and Corvidae Flats.

Corvidae Flats - 30, 23, world.
Corvidae Flats, or CF, is a public housing building within the QZ. The public lobby always spawns zombies and feral vampires. There is also access to a shop, magic shop, atm and computer.


Coordinates District
6, -4 Cherrydale
10, 4 Honeymead
35, 9 Bullwood
9, 11 Westwall
22, 11 Gullsborough
13, 17 Coastside
38, 17 River Rock
31, 19 Quarantine Zone
-1, 21 Coastside/Westwall
10, 24 Coastside
19, 24 Wickbridge
27, 31 Swansdale
10, 33 Newborough

Location: See chart for entrances
Area Layout: Map

Suggested level: 15+

NPC: Masterless Vampire, Rat, Wild Vampire
NPC Level Range: 10 - 15

Spawned Loot: Chemical Waste, Lost Keys, Sewer Fungi

Sewers can be accessed at a variety of points throughout the city. Aside from those on the world map, some buildings have sewer access points.

Gangland Slums

Location: 12, 31, Stag Heath
Closest Transit: Newborough Station

Suggested level: 15+

NPC: Enforcers, Gangsters, Soldiers, Triad Red Pole
NPC Level Range: 5 - 15

Spawned Loot: Crystal Meth, Custom Gun, Dime Bag, Firearm Parts, Used Syringe
Special Loot: Data Miner Specticles (relic)

The Slums are designed to be an intermediate hunting ground, but it also acts as an alternative area for those who want loot they can sell for decent prices while still getting experience points

Custom Guns
Custom guns randomly generate and can be anything from 1, 1, 1 APQ to 13, 13, 10 APQ.

Algonquin Caverns

Location: 41, 9, Wilderness
Closest Transit: Bullwood Station
Area Layout: Map

Suggested level: 25+

NPC: Encantado Workers, Encantado Shaman, Lesser Jorogumos
NPC Level Range: 15 - 30

Spawned Loot: Amethyst, Emerald, Jorogumo Coccoons, Sapphire

The Caverns spawn demi-fae. It is designed to be an above-intermediate area (levels 27-40), but it also acts as an alternative area for those who want loot they can sell for decent prices while still getting experience points.

Gems can be found inside the caves and will be used for enchanting. Some gems will only appear for those with high tracking levels.

Mausoleum and Catacombs

The Catacombs, North and South

Location:1, -5, Cherrydale
Closest Transit: Cherrydale Station

Suggested level: 25+

NPC: Greater Mooncalf, Mooncalf, Zombies
NPC Level Range: 1 - 20

Spawned Loot: Melee weapon part, Old Sword, Ritual Knife

The Mausoleum and Catacombs are an interconnected hunting ground with three parts - Mausoleum, Catacomb North and Catacomb South. The main entrance is through the Mausoleum which has access points for both Catacombs. The Catacombs connect to each other as well as to the Mausoleum.

The easiest way to access this area is from the world map. There is also access via the sewers for times when one wishes to directly access the Catacomb without going through the Mausoleum or the world entrance is closed. The sewer entrance in Cherrydale (at 6, -4) is the closest sewer entry point. From the entrance, follow the sewer passageway down then left and up to 2, -6 and there will be the entrance to the Catacomb North.

Old Swords
Old Swords randomly generate and can be anything from 1, 1, 1 APQ to 13, 13, 10 APQ.

Special Note
A specific type of battle raid, known as City of the Dead raids spawn exclusively in the catacombs. Alerts for these raids are given to those that are within at the time when the raid begins.

Abandoned Sewers

Location: 9, 9 Thornside Park
Closest Transit: Westwall Station

Suggested level: 35+

NPC: Disciple Acolytes, Disciple Necromancers, Prophet of Crow
NPC Level Range 30 - 50

Spawned Loot: Lost Wedding Band, Melee Weapon Part, Sewer Fungi
Special Loot: Deft Fencer's Jacket (relic)

A recently revealed entrance tunnel has been found to lead to an abandoned sewer system. The whole system has been taken over by the Disciples of Crow.

Chemical Plant

Location: 10, 32, Stag Heath
Closest Transit: Newborough Station

Suggested level: 35+

NPC: Helheim Corporal, Helheim Sergeant, Helheim Soldier
NPC Level Range: 30 - 45

Spawned Loot: Firearm parts
Special Loot: Enhanced Flak Jacket (relic)

The chemical plant has been taken over by the vampire paramilitary group known as Helheim. These silent, organised, and deadly enforcers of vampiric secrecy are as tough to kill as they are mysterious, and would rather go down fighting than be taken alive.

Ironwood Grove

Location: 10, 8 Lyngvi
Closest Transit: Bifrost Station

Suggested level: 40+

NPC: Hildr, Valkyrie Shieldmaiden, Valkyrie Spearwife
NPC Level Range: 40 - 55

The enemies you can fight in this city are a little stronger than the disciples of crow, and give the appropriate XP. They also have unique weapons they'll drop occasionally. Canonically, these enemies are essentially spirits of ancient fallen warriors who believe have been given powers by a mythical being, and have been tasked with claiming the souls of dead warriors, and returning them to their master whom they believe to be the god Odin.

The Dredge

Location: 10, 8, Chalktown
Closest Transit: Chalktown Station
Area Layout: Map

Suggested level: 45+

NPC: Magia Topielec, Vodnik Vodianoi
NPC Level Range: 50 - 55

Foucault Castle

Location: 23, 1, Elmsworth
Closest Transit: Gullsborough

Suggested level: 45+

NPC: Lionelli Initiate, Lionelli Shifter, Lionelli Summoner, Lionelli Illusionist, Lionelli Overlord
NPC Level Range: 20 - 60

Spawned Loot: Custom Guns, Firearm weapon parts, Melee weapon parts, Old Swords, Wallets

The Castle is home to vampires of the Lionelli lineage. This area is designed to be an incredible difficult area (levels 40-50), but it also acts as an alternative area for those who want loot they can sell for decent prices while still getting experience points.

Custom Guns and Old Swords
These are weapons that are randomly generated ranging from 1, 1, 1 APQ to 13, 13, 10 APQ.

Sunken Cathedral

Location: 8, 10, Tomkin
Closest Transit: Tomkin Station
Area Layout: Map

Suggested level: 45+

NPC: Lich, Loupgarou, Wright
NPC Level Range: 50 - 75

Wendigo Forest

Location: 23, 41, Wilderness (North)
Location: 23, 42, Wilderness (South)
Closest Transit: Swansdale Station

Suggested level: 50+

NPC: Transhuman Wendigo, Wendigo, Wendigo Spirit,
NPC Level Range: 35 - 55

Spawned Loot: Black Maple Leaves, White Banberry

Submerged Shrine

Location: 10, 9 Waadesi
Closest Transit: Turtle Ferry

Suggested Level: 70+

NPC: Corrupted Memegwesi, Mishipeshu, Misiginebig
NPC Level Range: 75 - 85

The Labyrinth

Location: 18, -2, Wilderness
Closest Transit: Gullborough Station

Suggested level: 30+
Required: Key purchased from a shop for $50,000. Must be level 30 to purchase a key.

NPC: Varies
NPC Level Range: 10+

The Labyrinth is an unique hunting area in the style of an infinite raid. Floor layouts and NPC are randomly generated each time a new floor is accessed. The area, as a whole, resets every month. Being defeated by an enemy means being sent back to the main floor and the purchase of a new key to reenter.

More Information
Please see The Labyrinth specific article for more information on this unique area and its features.

The Maw

Location: 27, 18, Quarantine
Closest Transit: Wickbridge Station

Suggested level: 90+
Suggested: Team hunting

NPC: Abominations, Deep Dwellers, Marrow Wurms
NPC Level Range: 90 - 140

Special Loot: Faeshards, Magus Phylactery (relic)

The Maw was recently revealed when part of the Quarantine Zone collapsed, revealing a cave which leads beneath the river to the north. The Maw is filled with experiments created by Theodosia, and is likely to also have other undead in it as well, which would have spilled in from the Quarantine Zone or the nearby graveyard.

Special Note
This is the most advanced hunting area available. It is strongly suggested that it be tackled by teams as most characters will not be able to kill the enemies in solo hunts.

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