Ilaned Farm

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  • Ownership did belong to Leiren I'laned
  • Was the (not so secret) base for Leiren's underground drug ring.
  • Is the first [and currently only] source of chickens. They give .2 blood each.

Brief History

I'laned Farm was owned by Leiren's parents Katherine and Douglas I'laned who left said farm to their only daughter upon their disappearance. Unknown to many, including the Hapers Rock police force, at the hands of Phoenix at Leiren's request the couple were murdered. The authorities never found the bodies and the couple are suspected to have simply left the area; their daughter being to much of a burden.

I'laned farmhouse was burned to the ground upon the death of Leiren in May. Upon the fire departments arrival they found the farm on fire, along with all the pot, and the government quickly seized it under the pretenses of it being an obvious illegal drug operation. They removed every trace of marijuana from the farm and the city now 'owns' the land which is for sale.

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