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Note: All threads are now considered impact threads.


An Impact Thread is any roleplay which is done to impact the game, not using the grid, or with minimal grid activity. There are an infinite number of possibilities in the roleplay world, whereas the grid (game) has set linear impacts. For example, on the grid, if a person wants to impact the city alert level, they have to do something like engage in PVP or do Evidence Hacks. These changes, for the most part, have pre-set worth and can only go one of two directions. With roleplay, there are things which can be effected, which the grid does not even touch. Further, there are numerous ways (covered later) to adjust how much of an 'impact' an Impact Thread will have.

For the Impact Thread to count, it must have been completed in the past month, and must be submitted to the right person(s).

Chapter Impact Threads are especially encouraged, as they will have a very prominent role in changing the game.

Submitting a Roleplay

NOTE: Not all impact threads are going to make a huge change. You can feel free to submit anything you feel would have an impact on the game.

People to Contact on Path:

People to Contact on Blood

Information to Submit:

  • Thread: (Thread URL)
  • Participants: (List all those involved)
  • Synopsis: (Summary of events)

Notes & Restrictions

Quality of Roleplay

The most likely threads to be considered as game-changing are those that would realistically change something in the story, of course. However, a bunch of one liners posted up in ten minutes is not going to have a huge effect. There needs to be a show of effort. Also, the longer the thread, and the more people involved, the more likely the thread will be taken into consideration. Excellent threads with lots of people posting in it will change more than a short thread with only two writers. So, write lots, write well, and write with lots of different people. Submit as many threads as you like at once.

In short:

  • Stick to canon, and write realistic to the universe and your characters.
  • Develop a complex plotline with twists. Tell a good story from beginning to end.
  • Get as many people involved as you want, the more the merrier. Feel free to split them into multiple threads with the same/similar goal.
  • Write as much as you can. More words, means more effort on your part, which means more impact!

Battles and Opposition

There doesn't need to be any grid-based actions to back up your roleplay; as long as the roleplay follows the Path canon, it qualifies. However, if you choose to partake in a roleplay battle, the participants should decide the victor via the grid. Don't be afraid to allow the other people into the thread and get their side of the story (you will even get bonuses for allowing opposing characters). Please follow RP etiquette: once defeated, bow out of the RP.

Additional Restrictions

  • Only someone from the thread should be sending it in.
  • You do not need permission from the other roleplayers in the thread to attempt something which might impact on the game in some way.
  • Only descriptive roleplay will be taken into consideration (not Crownet roleplay). This can either be in public or private areas, though you will likely have a greater effect if you roleplay in public.
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