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This page gives you key points that you need to keep in mind when roleplaying a character in the Path of the Vampire universe. If you want to jump into the RP as soon as possible without reading the whole of the mythos found in the wiki, then your best option is to read over this page.

Where and When

  • The current date of the game corresponds exactly to the real date.
  • The game is set entirely in the fictional city (and surrounding areas) of Harper Rock, Ontario, Canada.


  • Vampires in this mythos can never change their sires.
  • Vampires are NOT infected with a virus, and neither are they simply re-animated corpses. They are a type of ghost-made-flesh who are able to tap into special powers as they gain age and experience.
  • The vampire paths are not carried on by blood. They are usually a subconscious choice one makes at the time of death, and are usually based on personality.
  • Each of the paths have a different set of properties, powers, strengths and weaknesses. To find out the exact specifics of your path you should check Paths (RP)
  • Most vampires cannot enter a person's home if uninvited.
  • Vampires cannot be hurt by holy objects (unless cursed) or garlic, but ARE hurt by the sun and (to a lesser extent) physical damage from swords, guns, etc.
  • Vampire have an increased healing rate of roughly 15 times the speed of a human. Serious wounds such as deep cuts and bullet holes do not heal instantly (taking a day or two on average to heal), but will not kill a vampire who is well fed.
  • Vampire characters have the use of certain powers. You may not write them using powers they do not currently have. They may also acquire certain traits at any time. A trait must be owned by the character in question to be used in RP.
  • Vampires cannot give birth to normal children. If they get pregnant, they produce a Fadebeast; a vicious semi-corporal monster.
  • If you create a vampire character, they were sired on the exact date you created them. The only vampires who were created prior to 2011 are the 8 "first generations" (and a few direct offspring).
  • When a vampire dies, he or she goes into the Shadow Realm; a sort of limbo realm of darkness and the spirits of vampires. Before 2011, no vampire had ever returned from this place.

Classed Humans

  • Most humans cannot decipher the difference between a vampire and human, on sight, without some sort of in character aid, such as a mirror.
  • Classed Humans differ from 'pure' humans in that they have some sort of tie to the supernatural.
  • All classed humans are essentially immortal (they are still susceptible to harm or murder), as they cease aging when they become classed.
  • Your character is assumed to have become classed either when you make the character (their join date), or when you have them acquire a class on the grid, assuming they started off as a 'pure' human.
  • As such almost all playable classed humans will still be well within their human lifespan.
  • Playing a classed human comes with special powers, please be sure to only roleplay your character having and using powers which they possess.
  • As a general rule, most humans are significantly weaker than vampires, however classed humans come with several advantages which may put them on an equal footing with vampires.
  • A human learns how to become a particular class through a mentor of the same class. If you start off with a classed human, you may want to reference this in your character's bio.
  • Sorcerers are humans who can manipulate life energies (such as chi). They are considered magical, but generally do not cast flashy spells, but instead operate on principles of mysticism which originate from the Far East.
  • Paladins are humans who have been tattooed with special markings, which improve their strength and durability. Paladins are assumed to have been created as vampire hunters, though the path you ultimately take with your paladin is entirely up to you.
  • Blood Thieves are humans who drink vampire blood to acquire some of their powers.


  • Semideus are more commonly called demifae.
  • They are effectively immortal, and in some cases belong to large families.
  • Currently no way for a human to be turned into a demifae, which means that all playable demifae were born that way.
  • Demifae also cannot be turned into vampires.
  • They are not harmed by sunlight, but feel a strong connection to nature.
  • They often require a lot of time communing with nature or the wild in some way.
  • They all trace their origins back to the fae
  • They are quite rare.
  • There are a number of varieties of demifae in lore, however the only one currently playable is: the Siren.
  • Sirens is the collective name for a number of different types of demifae with somewhat common powers including preternatural allure, charisma, and the ability to bend the minds and emotions of people around them.
  • Despite their connection to the fae, the demifae do not have an inherent relationship with them.
  • Similarly, there is no default relationship between the vampires and demifae.
  • Sirens specifically, usually, want what's best for humanity on the whole, because they tie their reproduction to humanity, and require them to propagate.
  • They are frequently mythical beings or creatures. Some of the most powerful amongst them were even worshiped as gods.
  • Playable demifae are on par in terms of power with vampires and classed humans.
  • Vampires cannot feed from them.


  • The origins of vampire-kind are unknown.
  • Vampires have been around for thousands of years, but were all killed off (except for 1) by humans in 1813.
  • The one vampire who survived this holocaust was the one who betrayed the others (now referred to as the "first generation").
  • Cobb survived right up until 2011, when he accidentally tore a rip in the Shadow Realm, releasing the elders and weakening the barrier between the shadow realm and the real world.
  • The event which tore the rift in the Shadow Realm was the same thing which caused the zombie outbreak, and subsequent quarantining the Gambondale district, in the south eastern area of Harper Rock. The majority of humans are unaware that it is zombies which inhabit the quarantined zone, but those in charge realise what these undead shells are, and are currently investigating the causes of the zombie outbreak.
  • Further information about vampire history can be found here, as well as in the Pre-Game History.
  • For information about what has happened since the game went active in 2011, see; Chapter History.

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