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This is where the Items your character owns are listed. From here, you have the option to use/equip, discard them, sell them in shops, or using the auction , which can be accessed via terminals. Bear in mind, the number of items you may carry is based on your character's strength score.


There are 9 different categories of the inventory, each holding specific types of items. The listings can be sorted by clicking on one of the headers at the top of each page (Name,Type,Quality & Value). At the bottom of each page you will see a dropdown menu that gives you whatever type of option is available to transfer items; i.e. any other PC's that are sitting in the same square as you or if you are at a shop, sell item. You also have the choice of "selecting all" or checking individual items to be sold or transfered. Locked items will remain in place even if their box is checked.

When looking at any of the inventory pages you will see a row of buttons potioned to the right on each item row. These allow for individual handling of the items.

Protect items from accidental sale/discard; a red lock indicates a protected item

Items you wish to sell can be sold using the "$" sign - only visible when you are inside a shop

Items can be individually removed from inventory by discarding - no money gained by discarding

Weapons can be equipped using this button; may equip one gun and one sword

Move valuable items to the Crafting page by using this button.

Only visible for Gadgets - set Traps & Camaras where your character is standing


This section holds all of your character's weapons; guns, knifes, swords, blunt objects, spears, etc. Each weapon has a thumbnail image on the left side of the page next to the weapon type. By clicking the thumbnail, you will be able to view the weapons' stats, ownership information and a larger version of the image itself - this link can be shared. This page will also indicate whether the weapon is custom made; custom weapons can be crafted using either a crafting Bench or a Forge, depending on whether the weapons are Firearms or Melee types.

Each character may equip 2 weapons (one firearm & one melee weapon) for use when fighting NPCs or against other player characters. If a gun is equipped, ensure you have the correct type of ammo on hand before going hunting. Equipping a weapon will automatically lock it, preventing its sale at a shop.


This section will show all the relics your character owns.


This section shows the differnt types of ammunition that your character requires when using their firearms. Handguns, Rapid fire or Rifle.

The amount of Ammo needed depends on your level of training fire arms, the higher the skill, the less ammo will be used when firing the weapon.

Keep in mind that when firing, more than just one bullet is usually fired - the usual amount for 50 rounds of ammo (ex: .44 ammo) is 10 at a time, so 50 rounds of .44 ammunition would only last for 5 shots. Therefore, it is important to either buy or forge the appropriate ammunition for your firearm in large amounts, and to keep an eye on how many you have left.

You can sell ammunition not needed in regular shops, but note that ammo does not carry any weight value when in your inventory.

The items here can be stacked/unstacked using the link at the upper right side of the page.


This section shows the objects your character has found or stolen. These items can be sold in shops, given to other characters, used in various types of rituals or crafted into gadgets, security items or firearms.

The items here can be stacked/unstacked using the link at the upper right side of the page.


This section hold the items that are not for storing the items required for rituals and/or crafting more permanently than those on the Loot page. Items here cannot be transfered, except to other players. Otherwise, the items can be sold at any shop or put up for auction.

The items here can be stacked/unstacked using the link at the upper right side of the page.

W. Parts

Short for Weapon Parts, this category contains any weapon parts that you have acquired, either on the floor as loot or through breaking down guns and swords. Each part is listed separately, with part type, part quality, number of improvements and an image of the part. Custom built weapons requires 3 separate parts to complete the weapon.

  • Firearms
    • Stock
    • Action
    • Barrel
  • Melee
    • Pommel
    • Blade
    • Hilt

These parts may be sorted by name, type, quality or value by clicking the column header. This is useful for selling off lower quality parts or passing high quality parts.


This category is for computer programs/scripts that are useful for Hacking. Some of the higher level scripts cannot be purchased, needing to be Scripts by a character with advanced hacking skill.

The items here can be stacked/unstacked using the link at the upper right side of the page. When selling, they will require unstacking to be sold.


This is where traps, security camaras, alarms & assorted Gadgets used in Breaking and Entering are stored. The "set trap" button can be used to place traps, Camaras & alarms. Be sure & read up on each traps details, so as to avoid getting wounded while placing the items.


This section is for miscellaneous objects, those that do not fit with any of the other 8 category's. This would include; vehicle(s), fuel, tomes, computers, hacked webphone, and any other items that don't fit into other categories, etc.

Gifts purchased by others at any of the gifts are delivered directly here, where they can be stored until which time they are placed in an owned property for display.

Weight Limit

Your character can only hold so many items in their inventory before they become overburdened. The number of items you can carry is dependent on your characters strength You can see your limit at the top of the inventory screen.

You currently have 392 items, and can hold a max of 580

Remember that wounds that effect strength will temporarily change the limit until the wound(s) are healed.

  • Each item counts as 1 point of weight (to simplify things).**note: Ammo has zero weight.
  • You can carry a total of 250 + (strength x 10). So somebody with 10 strength can carry 350 items.*
  • For every 50 total items you exceed your limit, you will spend a further 0.1 energy per movement.
  • You will get an alert each time you attempt to move with more items than you can handle.
  • The max energy loss per movement is 5.0.
  • Both Human & Vampire Thralls have a max limit of 100 items. Going above that costs 20 energy to move 1 space. To avoid this, be deligent that the thralls inventory is closely monitored when gathering loot.
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