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The Jobs system is geared towards those whose skill sets are primarily used as support and typically do not have raids available for their skills. Tasks are available for a limited amount of time - either until the timer on the job expires or someone completes it. There are a finite number of tasks at any given time and they are refreshed at random hour changes (averaging one every two hours).

Accessing the Job list

Accessing the job list requires the character to have internet access. This can be from a computer terminal, a hacked webphone or via the Technokinesis power. For both humans and vampires, the link to Today's Jobs is at the bottom of the list of options.

Navigating the Job List

Today's Jobs.png

The Job's list is broken into three categories with each being geared towards a different skill set. The number of jobs is spread randomly across the three types so there may not be an even amount in each.

Each job listing breaks the job down to spell out the requirements and rewards.

  • Job name (also called item name) is listed in red.
  • Cash reward which is the amount of cash awarded and will vary by job.
  • EXP reward which is the amount of EXP the job gives. It varies based upon the difficulty, expected energy expenditure, expected EXP gain during job fulfillment, etc
  • Required Items lists the required items for the job, including, if applicable, any special requirements such as name or quality. Any items in this column listed in red are items the character has available towards the requirements.
  • Craft - once the character meets all requirements for a job, a button will appear in the craft column that may be clicked to turn in the job. Otherwise, it will state 'Lacking Item'

Types of Jobs

Each of the three categories list jobs suitable for different types of skill sets and has different types of requirements for the completion of each listed job.

Crafting Jobs

Crafting jobs are mainly geared weapon, jewelry and trap makers. Any weapons listed will have a specific required name, type and a random requirement such as power of 14 or greater.

Looting Jobs

Looting jobs are primarily geared towards trackers and pickpockets as they have the best chance at finding the required items. Typically, looting jobs require multiples of a single item, such as 6 Amethysts or 4 Video Games.

Hunting Jobs

Hunting jobs are mainly geared toward ritualists and other characters who can find specific enemies quickly. Typically, these jobs require multiples of a single item drop from a specific rare enemy. These enemies spawn throughout the city and the drops will the most common loot dropped.

Completing a Job

Jobs are available on a first come, first serve basis so it is important to turn in a job as soon as you complete it. If the job is no longer listed, either the time frame for it expired or someone else beat you to completing it.

Partial job fullfilled.png

Jobs are complete as soon as all requirements have been fulfilled. As individual requirements complete, the item will turn red.

Important Note: Only items your character finds or crafts will count towards job requirements. Anything bought from the auction house will not count.

Complete job.png

Once all requirements are complete, in the Craft column, the 'Lacking Items' will be replaced with a button that can be clicked to turn in the job and get the appropriate rewards. Submitting a job takes 2 energy.

The page will refresh once you click and you will get a message stating "You completed the job and earned $X and X experience points."

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