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This page will help walk you through the Locate Zombie ritual as part of the Tutorial

Two completed Locate Zombie rituals. Note that 7 of the 11 'words' remain constant between both attempts.

Locate Enemy is a ritual used to find any NPC enemy within the city. When successfully completed (as in the image to the left), the ritual will give you the exact location of your chosen enemy. This is a very handy ritual when you need a specific enemy - especially if there is a game-wide event taking place to track and kill special event NPCs.

There are two examples of this completed ritual to the left. Note that between the two, 7 of the 11 'fae words' remain the same. 5 of these are the ritual constants (circled in yellow), 2 are the name of the creature you're locating (circled in blue), and the remaining 4 words are random. Constants for a given ritual will always be the same. Names of NPCs, characters, items and locations will also be the same. Random words are the ones that you have to guess, similar to a game of hangman.

Getting Started

Once you've found your Ritual Altar in the left hand room of the Abandonned Morgue (9, 2, Tutorial City), you will need the following items, which should be provided by the tutorial: Zombie Ears (multiple) and a Hunter's Charm.

Zombies ears are important when completing this ritual as they are the 'binding agent' needed to strengthen the barrier which keeps the demifae contained within; make sure you have several ears. If you run out of ears, kill some zombies to get more.

Step by Step Guide

The Fae Language together with translations of the symbols.
  • Click the gears icon and click use when the box pops up in the middle of your screen.
  • Locate Enemy is your first ritual option: input 'Zombie' in the box on the right. Click
  • Click on fae words to fill in the blanks below. Start with the constants and the fae name (‘jon oez’ is the fae name for the zombie) and then work on the randoms.
  • If the fae attacks a section of the barrier 3 times, click on it to repair; this will use one zombie ear
  • Complete Ritual.

Ritual constants with Fae Name:
seus ~ _ _ ~ ynes athe ~ athe usu ~ jon oez ~ _ _

Tip: The top two rows of the fae alphabet always correspond to the first part of a random word. The last character on the second row ( 'irus' ) marks the beginning of the characters that always appear as the second part of a random fae 'word'.

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