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The world map, by definition, is the overall game grid and all its respective layers. This article will go over the major layers of the PotV grid, including areas where characters hunt to gain experience, gather items and interact with other player characters. For help navigating the grid itself, see Grid Navigation.

Note: When referring to 'the map' of these locations, most players are referring to the Google docs hosted grid Map, located here. At the bottom of the map, you will see various tabs, each focusing on different navigational information related to the game grid. This includes a complete building list & interior "blueprints" of all publicly accessible areas. Please feel free to refer to the map should your character get lost.

This page is here to help you navigate the grid. There are four levels you can find yourself in

  • Tutorial Hub - This is the starting point for all new characters where they learn about the various aspects of the game.
  • World - This is the main grid where most of the action occurs and contains all buildings, shops, and transportation.
  • Sewers - The underground level runs under the main city. It is mainly accessed by sewer entrances.
  • Shadow Realm - This where vampires who have died are sent for a week though it can also be accessed by Fadewalkers for 24 hours using their 'Enter Shadows' power.

You navigate the grid by clicking on the square you want to move into. You can enter buildings by clicking on the enter button.

Tutorial Hub

The Tutorial Hub is the starting point for all newly created characters and is open to them until they reach level 10. It is meant to help new players learn their way around the game and the various aspects it offers.


The World is the main grid representing the Canadian town of Harper Rock surrounded by wilderness. The city itself is divided by a river flowing through it. While the town contains most of the amenities one expects from a city, it is also home to the mysterious Quarantine Zone that is ostensibly cut off from the rest of the city.


Coordinates show you where you are within the city. These are the numbers you will see at the bottom of your screen, for example (19,18) followed by an area name (ex: Wickbridge) which indicates where you are on the world map of POTV.

The coordinates you find yourself at will always be shown to you on the bottom of the screen, If you would like to see the coordinates of surrounding squares, simply go to your drop down menu, Click Settings, then click yes on Enable grid co-ordinates?. This will allow you to see the grid coordinates at all times.

The inside of buildings has coordinates too, with the entrance typically being at 10, 10. Be aware players may give you coordinates in a building that do not match up to the world map. You can tell these by the location at the end.

Example: You are currently in the Rossi`s Bar building, standing at 10, 10, Wickbridge.

This location tells you that the person is inside the Rossi's Bar building, at 10,10 and the world map location is still Wickbridge. If you get the coordinates like this: (10,10) but you are unsure if the other player wants you to go to a building or that location. Make sure to ask. That way you do not waste energy trying to get around.


There are 16 districts within Harper's Rock, they are as follows:
Moss End
River Rock
Stag Heath

Travel between the different areas is easily navigated by using the Transit system.


Transit Name Coordinates Transit Map (click to expand)
Bullwood 30, 12
Cherrydale 7, -6
Coastside 9, 19
Gullsborough 21, 9
Honeymead 8, 4
Newborough 8, 36
River Rock 35, 21
Swansdale 24, 33
Westwall 8, 12
Wickbridge 21, 24

Like any major city, Harper Rock has an effective transit system, allowing you to quickly and easily move your character between districts. Most major districts have a centrally located transit station (black square), and each station will connect you to any other transit within the city. Though using a transit costs no money, they do cost 0.2 energy per use.

Although most major areas are connected via transit, the transit that formerly connected to the Quarantine Zone (formerly the Gambondale district) was sealed off and is no longer operational following the outbreak. The closest transits to the QZ are Wickbridge or River Rock - from there, you may enter the Quarantine via the sewer entrance.

  • Please Note that Tutorial Hub can be reached by any transit station, and takes you to a special location called Tutorial City. When you have finished the tutorial, the ext will let you out on Wickbridge Transit.


A building can be recognized as a square of a different colour than the surrounding ones, and which can be entered. Privately owned buildings are, typically, shown in purple. Other buildings, like Shops or Internet Cafes, will be green.

Banks can not be entered, but you can manage transactions there, and they are displayed in blue.

Transits are shown in black. The name of the building will be displayed at the top of the square.

You will typically not be allowed to enter private buildings, if they are set up in that way. Your only chance to enter them would be to get an invitation from their owner, or to acquire the power Uninvited Guest.

These are buildings owned by both the city & by players who have bought them and renovated them. Some parts within these buildings may be closed off, but in some area they will have an open section.

Banks and Shops

Locations of Banks and various Shops

Banks are blue squares. There, you can deposit the money your character has, withdraw money, or make a cash or karma transfer to another character. It takes no energy to do any of these actions on the grid. Keep in mind, however, that banks tend to have very high security levels, which makes them dangerous places to do things like attacking others or feeding from humans.

Shop Locations are green squares. In Shops you can buy or sell items for money. Some items can be bought with karma. There are three types of shops: regular shops, gift shops and magic shops. Shops automatically close when the city alert level is at 10%.
Both these types of buildings can only be found above ground.

Private Buildings

Private buildings are pieces of Real Estate owned by characters in the game. They are, by default, not open to the public. These buildings are mostly used for Factions and Bloodlines.

A Private Building, or often times called a 'lair', presents on the grid as a purple square.

Private Lair Name
Private Buildings
Name Coordinates District
Abandoned Church 2, -5 Cherrydale
Argent Manor 23, 4 Elmworth
Cimmerian 12, 16 Coastside
Dragon's Rose 7, 3 Honeymead
Genesis Labs 9, 34 Newborough
Guaninas Cave -4, 22 Wilderness
Lunii Curtea 22, 22 Wickbridge
MRC 10, 31 Stag Heath
Sky View 14, -11 Wilderness
The Dead Zone 33, 15 Sewers

Bloodline Buildings
Name Coordinates District
Aithne Asylum 5, 9 Honeymead
Autumns Veil 31, 2 Elmsworth
Castle White -1, 34 Wilderness
Docere Labs 11, 3 Honeymead
Lascivious Legacy 7, -8 Cherrydale
Pandemonium 60, 11 Wilderness
The Citadel 13, 41 Wilderness
The Lunar Lake Estate 1, -7 Cherrydale
The Third Circle 48, 14 Wilderness
Unwavering Rapture 39, 8 Moss End
Villa Broussard 24, 7 Elmworth
White Lair 27, 47 Wilderness

Faction Buildings
Name Coordinates District
Atrum Nex 13, 14 Gullsborough
Dorcha Geolladh -18, 44 Wilderness
Fort Misfit -10, 44 Wilderness
St. James Cathedral 40, 12 Wilderness
The Eyrie 0, 0 Wilderness
The Ivory Tower 12, 9 Thornside Park
Tutella -25, 60 Wilderness
Velox Nocte 27, 23 Quarantine
Vita Bella 55, 13 Wilderness

Public Buildings

These are buildings owned by the city, though they may have players who have bought them and renovated them. Some parts within these buildings may be closed off, but in some area they will have an open section.

Public buildings presents as a red square on grid.

Public Building Name
Public Buildings
Name Coordinates District
Abandoned Apartments 31, 16 Bullwood
Abandoned Dock 1, 23 Coastside
Abandoned Factory 15 12,36 Newborough
Abandoned Mansion 19, -2 Wilderness
Abandoned School 8, 15 Westwall
Abandoned Shop 24, 21 Wickbridge
Abandoned Warehouse 1, 16 Westwall
Abandoned Warehouse 2 33, 14 Bullwood
Chrononaut Nightclub 30, 16 Bullwood
Climber's Tavern 11, 1 Honeymead
Crossbone Tatts 35, 24 River Rock
Derelict Homes 8, 27 Stag Heath
Derelict Homes 2 9, 27 Stag Heath
Derelict Homes 3 7, 29 Stag Heath
Deserted Bar 29, 18 Quarantine
Deserted Fire Dept. 27, 21 Quarantine
Deserted Multiplex 30, 20 Quarantine
Drunk Wicker Tavern 22, 20 Wickbridge
Empty Powerplant 16, 15 Coastside
Fisherman`s Wharf 36, 16 River Rock
Foucault Castle 23, 1 Elmsworth
Gangland Slums 12, 31 Stag Heath
Gas Station 7, -1 Cherrydale
Golden Lion Casino 30, 14 Bullwood
Grey`s Saloon 5, -5 Cherrydale
Gullsborough Casino 16, 11 Gullsborough
Gully Lane Theatre 22, 27 Redwood
Hammer and Tongs Pub 10, 12 Westwall
Harper Country Pub 25, 8 Gullsborough
HR General Hospital 29, 12 Bullwood
Haunted Cornfield Maze 2, 4 Honeymead
Interwebz Café 11, 23 Coastside
Junkyard 4, 25 Coastside
Landfill 8, 32 Stag Heath
Mall 22, 15 Gullsborough
Museum 26, 13 Bullwood
Redhart Arena 18, 26 Redwood
Ristorante Torrioni 21, 27 Redwood
Riverview Café 13, 12 Gullsborough
Rossi's Bar 21, 18 Wickbridge
Ruined Apartments 2, 16 Westwall
Schmiddy`s Bar and Grill 37, 26 River Rock
Supermarket 28, 20 Quarantine
The Corner Cafe 26, 30 Redwood
The Gauntlet 34, 22 River Rock
The Lounge 13, 22 Coastside
Water Treatment Plant -1, 22 Wilderness
Westwall Arms Pub 7, 17 Coastside

Public Housing Building/Locations
Name Coordinates District
Alpha Towers 18, 14 Gullsborough
Beta Towers 22, 24 Wickbridge
Cedar Court 16, 6 Honeymead
Corvidae Flats 30, 23 Quarantine
Crown Trailer Park 4, 29 Stag Heath
Ivy Bluffs Apts. 4, 16 Westwall
Larch Court 25, 32 Swansdale
Mausoleum 1, -5 Cherrydale
Rock Bay Docks 36, 18 River Rock
Sanctuary 24, 22 Wickbridge
Sparrow Lane 27, 36 Swansdale
The Clocktower 17, 17 Coastside
Veil Tower 22, 30 Redwood
West Towers 7, 6 Thornside Park
Willow Court 30, 8 Bullwood

Public Market/Business Locations
Name Coordinates District
Docere Merchants , Honeymead
Honeymead Market 4, 7 Honeymead
Newborough Verticle Mall , Newborough
Riverwood Market 38, 19 River Rock
The 8th Dimension Mall 19, 26 Redwood
The Clocktower 17, 17 Coastside
The Swamp 34, 34 Wilderness
Veil Tower 22, 30 Redwood
Watchtower Market 37, 13 Moss End

Player Owned Public Buildings
Name Owner Coordinates District
Abandoned Factory 14 Ambrose Acheron 8,35 Newborough
Aquarium  ? 28, 16, Bullwood
Arbor Vitae Winery Ariande 13, 11 Gullsborough
Buddhist Temple 26, 26 Redwood
C S Distribution Centre Karina Steel 6, 20 Coastside
Club Argent Jezebel Tzasun 23, 24 Wickbridge
Corvidae Flats Psyche 30, 23 Quarantine
CW Grand Casino Chad Worthington III 19, 21 Wickbridge
Dark Eden Scorpia 4, 14 Westwall
Deserted Asylum Stephanie Wylde 31, 22 Quarantine
Docere Enterprises Zachariah Staus 13, 4 Honeymead
Dragomir Temple Nikolae 18, 11 Gullsborough
Dragon Gate Inn Hantu Raya & Dulce Periculum 37, 15 River Rock
Gresse's Jesse Fforde 21, 31 Redwood
Groom Center Wendigo 26, 16 Bullwood
Groom Memorial Hospital Wendigo 6, 12, Westwall
Grosseto's Gambat 21, 22 Wickbridge
Harper's Playland 19, 27 Redwood
Harper Rock City Morgue Velveteen 25, 18 Wickbridge
Harper Rock Graveyard Wolfgang 25, 18 Quarentine Zone
Harper Rock News Abelle Broussard 18, 31 Redwood
High Noon Saloon Prudence 12, 19 Coastside
Honeymead Library Mora 9, 3 Honeymead
Hotel West M Wolfgang 14, 12 Gullsborough
HR International Airport Wolfgang 13, 26 Coastside
HRU Sports Bar Wolfgang 7, 39 Newborough
HR West University Wolfgang 7, 40 Newborough
Ilaned Farm Leiren 7, 1 Cherrydale
Jardin De Fleurs Mortll 6, 7 Thornside Park
Lancaster's Elliott dArtois 17, 32 Redwood
Lumen Lyceum Blake 27, 12 Bullwood
Melrose Venue Slaanesh 27, 4, Elmsworth
Metronome Club Cristiana 19, 23 Wickbridge
Modern Art Gallery Elizabeth Constance 17, 20 Wickbridge
Moonlight Lotus Cafe Serenity 23, 18 Wickbridge
Nightmode Hellequin 17, 31 Redwood
Oldtown Theatre Enver 4, -3 Cherrydale
Pierce Rance Jonah 20, 22 River Rock
Sanctuary Pi dArtois 24, 22 Wickbridge
Scheherazade's Tales Aysel 20, 10 Bullwood
Seigneur de l`Azur Velveteen 16, 26 Coastside
Silks Cinnamon Cherrywhip 14, 18 Coastside
Silverlight Fairground Robert Pratt 41, 16 Redwood
Solace Sanctuary Robert Pratt 2, 43 Newborough
Station Net Café Taranto 7, 4 Honeymead
The 8th Dimension Mall Odin 19, 26 Redwood
The Handle Bar Mkvenner 15, 32 Redwood
The Necropolis Nightclub Amaranthia 21, 12 Gullsborough
The Swamp River Illia 34, 34 Wilderness
The Triple Moon Temple Kira 3, 3 Wilderness
The Wonderland Bar Satine 28, 28 Redwood
Veil Tower Blake 22, 30 Redwood
Voodoo Cybercafe Mortll 22, 12 Gullsborough
Watchtower Market Mircea & Habren Ashe 37, 13 Moss End
West Towers Wolfgang 7, 6 Thornside Park
Winterbrook Asylum Doc 25, 33, Swansdale

Quarantine Zone

The QZ, as it is called in short, is an area at the south-east of the city that got walled off by the authorities in order to protect the human population when zombies started appearing there. The QZ has a cemetery and several abandoned buildings. Besides zombies, there are also feral vampires and mooncalves there.

In order to reach inside the QZ, Killers can use Super Jump and Shadows can Water Walk. Anyone else would need to use the sewer entrance.

Hunting Grounds

Far to the south of town is the area known as the Hunting Grounds. It can be reached by following the roadway that starts at 4, 26, Coastside to the entrance at 0, 35, Wilderness. There are exits along each of the four sides that will take you to the spot where you entered.

The hunting grounds are not considered "outside" and you will not get burned by the sun if there at Sunrise.

There are NPC wild animals there which you can hunt for EXP and Loot: Wolf, Rabbit, Mountain Lion and Bear.

The Catacombs, North and South

The Catacombs

The Catacombs are a level that can be accessed via the sewers in Cherrydale. The sewer entrance is located at 6, -4, just SW of the transit. From the entrance follow the sewer passageway down then left and up to 2, -6 and there will be the entrance to the Catacombs.

There are two sections of the Catacombs: North, and from inside it to the South.

It is the one of the places where you can find Ancient Zombies, as well as items such as Old Swords and Ritual daggers. Mooncalfs can also be found there.

It is also the only place where City of the Dead raids spawn.

The Wilderness

The wilderness is a practically infinite expanse of forest. There are animals and some plants, but the Fae make it very dangerous to venture very far into the wilderness. Do not explore the area extensively, as there is nothing particularly valuable there and there is nothing on the other side. If, in the interest of RP, your character needs to leave Harper Rock, they can do so by car, bus/train or air plane. To walk through the wilderness would be suicidal, as the Fae hate vampires and attack on sight; these creatures are stronger than vampires and can inflict grievous wounds. Humans and vampires with the Meaner Things power active, however, can travel there freely and safely.

There is a barrier that prevents players from going outside of a 30 block square radius of the city.
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