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Maximillion Midnight is a member of the Radicini Bloodline, and was sired by Lisa McNally. He serves primarily as an Information Broker, and Knowledge Keeper, and as-needed 'IT Guy'.

Lifestyle and Personality

Maximillion is highly intelligent, kind, caring, selfless, moral, honorable, just and optimistic. Maximillion also has a dislike for guns, to the point that he believes that guns should be outlawed. Despite many giving him an opposing viewpoint in this regard, Maximillion is adamant in his beliefs about the weapons regardless. Due to many of his apparent Vampiric traits, Maximillion spends more of his time working on his own vast and intricate web of eyes-and-ears for his Bloodline, as well as those whom he uses for his own personal agenda.

While in many ways lamenting his isolation, he also celebrates it because it allows him to immerse himself in data, knowledge, and information from a countless number of sources, and it allows the Philosopher in him to thrive in its natural environment. He is extremely passionate about computers and different forms of Information Technology, and is often seen being protective and even affectionate towards his computers, handheld devices, and more, in the way most people might be towards their loved ones.


He is a heavily muscled African-American, having long black-brown hair, usually wearing a dark flack jacket and t-shirt beneath, military fatigues, US military jungle boots, and is always seen wearing a pair of sunglasses that conceal the dark red 'whites' of his eyes and bright golden irises. He appears to be in his 30s, but is likely older. He also has multiple piercings along his ears and eyebrows.


Maximillion tends to stay away from the fighting, instead maneuvering his 'eyes-and-ears' - his vast and intricate information network spanning across the globe - and occasionally negotiating contracts with clients. However, Maximillion is very capable in combat if need be. He is a calm, seemingly easygoing individual, and most of the time, is quite friendly. He also tends to take on a role of a Mentor figure towards younger Vampires.

Maximillion is incredibly level-headed and always committed to completing objectives and tasks, even when those responsibilities might contrast with his morals.

Maximillion is also highly pragmatic; while managing telecommunications during assaults, he is known for calling out individuals for taking their hostilities out on non-combatants. He doesn't seem to particularly care about the civilians' lives, but allowing people to go around killing whomever they please makes their group come off as disorganized and unprofessional, and that is something he will not tolerate.

Maximillion is one of the strongest level heads in the group, remaining calm, cool, and collected even in the most dangerous situations.


  • Maximillion seems to be an avid fan of philosophy, and uses the alias "SocratesTheSequel" (previously _SocratesX_) online, referring to a philosopher whose outspoken opinions and views upset those in power and eventually earned him his untimely demise; to the Vampire community, this might imply a willingness to stand by his ideals, even if it one day causes him hardship or worse, or it might be nothing more than a name he thought might be fun to use; there are theories going in either direction (and others).
  • When using internet message boards, Maximillion (as SocratesTheSequel) is harsh in poking fun at people who believe in the supernatural (big foot, illuminati, vampires), most notably saying that they aren't "stupid" because of their strong beliefs, but because they will go to such aggressive lengths to defend their beliefs, implying that one should stand by their beliefs more quietly. This is hypocritical, as SocratesTheSequel is extremely expressive of his own views and opinions.
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