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The more commands menu is located on the grid under the 'Activate Powers' link and the 'Fast Travel' link on the left side menu down a ways. It serves purpose for trackers, viewing a character sheet, sharing identities, turning necuratism on and for mind speak or using a hacked we phone to make character to character phone calls. (IC chat)

Character and NPC Tracking

You can use this function to track for Characters and/or NPCs. You have the option to search for either specific characters, types of NPCs or you can do a blanket search that will tell you if anyone (character or NPC) is in your search radius.

RP Note: Tracking is a skill, not a power. From an RP perspective, it uses a mixture of vampiric scent, "aura" detection (for want of a better word), enhanced vision and perception, and skill searching for clues.

View a character sheet

To view a player's Character Sheet (CS), you need to type the character's full name, as it appears in the game/on the forum, into the Character name text box and then click Check CS. If you entered the character's name correctly you will be taken to their CS. If you spelt the name wrong, or entered the name of a character that no longer exists, you will be re-directed back to your own CS.

You might wish to view a character's CS for several reasons: to view their lineage, path, gender, etc. If the player has filled out their 'Character Bio' you might be able to find further information about the character itself, such as their physical description, history, hobbies, etc.

Note: You only get to see the other character's skills, attributes and powers if you have the Telepathic power of 'Appraisal'. Even then, if you have that power and wish to use it you must go to the 'Activate powers' page and enter the target's name there.


Note: This section is vampire specific, if you play a human character, this section will not be visible.

If Necuratism is switched off

This means that you are not a Necuratist (AKA Necurat, from the Romanian word meaning "unclean") and that you must feed on humans to get your blood up.

How to

If you want to become a Necuratist you need to click on the word OFF in the sentence that reads, 'Would you like turn necuratism safety OFF?' You will then be taken to warning page where the Necuratism is explained. If you are sure you wish to proceed you then need to click where it reads 'click here' in the last paragraph of the text.
If you change your mind and do not wish to proceed, simply click on the More Commands link on the left hand side of the screen and you will return to the previous page.

The pros of being a Necuratist

  • You will be able to feed on vampires which is useful if you spend a lot of time in areas where there are few humans.
  • You will be able to potentially use your Necuratism as a weapon to drain blood from others.
  • It could also make it easier to hide, as you won't need to step out to eat, assuming you have allies willing to offer you blood.

The cons of being a Necuratist

  • There is NO going back! You will no longer be able to feed from humans.
  • Blood packs will be useless to you.
  • The vampire community may or may not decide to hunt you for perceived crimes, if they find out.
  • In certain circumstances it may be harder to find somebody to feed on.


  • You can't feed on vampires if they are invisible.
  • While blood packs may be useless to you, you can use blood boost and blood heal to regain blood.
  • There will be nothing to label you as a Necuratist on your CS, however the person you feed on will have the attack in their memories.

Once Necuratism is switched on

This means that you are a Necuratist and that you must feed on vampires to get your blood up. Once you have switched this ability on, you will ONLY be able to feed on vampires, which means going to this page (More Commands) if you wish to feed.


If you are in a location with no visible vampires the Necuratism box will display a warning along with a sentence that reads: 'There are no visible vampires in this square.'
If you are standing in a location with other vampires, you will see a drop-down menu that reads: Select a target to feed on. To feed on a vampire, select the name of the vampire you wish to feed on from the drop-down menu and then click Feed!

Mind Speak Conversation / Phone Call

This section only show on your More Commands page if you have a Hacked Webphone, a Smartphone or Mind speak 2.

Once you have one of the 3 methods named above, you will be able to see the 'Mind Speak Conversation / Phone Call' box which will allow you to make IC "phone calls" to another player in the game. In reality it opens up a private chat room between you and another player.

How to

To do start a phone call, simply type in the name of the character you wish to call where it says Place a call to and then click Start or Start call, (depending on your method of communication). Using this function will create a "phone call" session, and the other person will be alerted via in game alerts.


If you used a phone to initiate the phone call the following set of alerts will be used:
  • You place the call. Click here to wait for them to answer.
  • Alert: _____ is trying to call you. Click here to answer.
If you used Mindspeak to begin the conversation the following set of alerts will be used:
  • You sent the request.. Click here to wait for them to answer.
  • Alert: _____ is trying to talk to you using telepathy. Click here to answer.

Taking the call

Both you and the other player will need to click where it says click here in your alerts. Clicking on the link will take you to a private chat room.
Each call creates a private call ID, so nobody else will be able to enter your chat room. The call should time out after around half an hour, and then the alert will vanish (the player you called won't get a "missed call" notice if they are offline for the duration of the "call").


If two people call you, you will only see the alert from the last person who tried to call. Also, call conferencing isn't possible at this time.


If you have both Mindspeak and one of the two phones, Mindspeak supersedes the phone, so it will always give the set of messages linked to the power as opposed to the phones.
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