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  Cone.png This page is currently under construction. Please be patient with its progress.

This page is under construction until David approves of the content. As such, nothing here is canonical until such point as the above tag is removed. Thank you.

NPC Factions are groups composed entirely of non-playable characters. While little tends to be known about their inner workings, it is well understood that each group has a set of goals and objectives, as it pertains to Harper Rock. Each of the NPC factions is interested in claiming Territory, in an effort to further their influence and thus move closer to those goals. These groups feature prominently in sidestories and Chapters. This page contains basic information. Additional information will need to be learned as chapters progress, or through Impact Threads.

Note Also: These factions were designed with a certain amount of interactivity in mind. Though they may be represented on the grid with NPCs, impact threads can be used to not only learn more about them, but also aid them, potentially befriend them, work with them towards common goals, etc. For further details, contact a Developer or the Storyteller.

The Sirens

Basics: Lead by the enigmatic Hebigumo Foundation, who have been thwarted again and again as the chapters have progressed. Those in the know are aware that the sirens of Harper Rock do not necessarily seek to destroy vampires, but are primarily interested in ensuring that human kind survive, as the sirens cannot exist without humanity. Their ranks consist of encantado (snake-like) and jorogumo (spider-like) sirens.

Organization: All orders come directly from the Hebigumo Foundation's board of directors. Leaders of individual territories are appointed, but may or may not have much power in the grand scheme of things, essentially acting as 'middle management' in the field.

Goals: Survival of humanity.

Current Leader: Unknkown, CEO of the Hebigumo Foundation.

Westwall Bricks

Basics: The only regular pure-blood human gang of any significance remaining in the city. They aren't too bright, but they have a lot of guns and aren't afraid to use them. Motivated almost entirely by money and influence in the criminal underworld, they do not have much respect for anyone, and consistently prove disloyal to anyone save for their own goals. Because they don't mind stabbing anyone else in the back, it only makes sense that they are infamous for having leaders with very short reigning periods. Gang colors are brown and black. Their symbol is the fist of might.

Organization: The 'Top Dog', is always the man or woman who is toughest, and doesn't mind getting their hands dirty. Previously scattered, with little organization, they have recently come under the iron fist of one figure, who has given them some much needed sense of direction. Grant Creed appoints underbosses from his group of personal friends, each underboss being given control of a particular territory.

If your faction takes a territory controlled by the Westwall Bricks, you may write them as having killed one of Grant's underbosses, therefor cutting into his profit margins (and likely attracting his attention in unfortunate ways).

Goals: Domination of the criminal underworld.

Current Leader: Grant Creed. Characters may be roleplayed as knowing this if they have a street etiquette proficiency of 'Advanced' (2 stars) or greater.

Yongheng Triads

Basics: The triads who first came over to Harper Rock eventually became aware of vampires, when a group of far-eastern sorcerers took control of their outfit and formed the Yongheng family of triads. This hasn't gone down too well with other triad groups, but the Yongheng remain quite a force in Harper Rock, who were until recently in control of the docks. They have recently began to experiment with blood thievery also, so their ranks contain both sorcerers and blood thieves. There doesn't appear to be any direct issue the Yongheng triads have with vampire kind, other than a fight for control of the criminal underworld. Gang colors are red and black.

Organization: The Yongheng triads are run by a family of sorcerers who emigrated from China. The Hong family has a long history of passing on the mystical techniques of the sorcerer to the male members of subsequent generations, a practice which started several hundred years ago. They rule shrewdly, and each of the territories they own belong to a member of the Hong family, with their mysterious eldest member ruling quietly from the shadows.

Leaders of individual territories may be up to hundreds of years old, as they are always sorcerers. They will rarely appear to be older than their mid to late forties, and are always Chinese.

Their ranks are comprised of pure humans, blood thieves, sorcerers, etc. The Hong family is the leadership, and they use other people as their pawns.

Goals: Domination of criminal underworld.

Current Leader: Hong Bai. Characters may be roleplayed as knowing this if they have a street etiquette proficiency of 'Master' (4 stars) or greater.


The Lionelli crime family are one of the most powerful vampire bloodlines in the city. They are concerned with their own power, to the exclusion of all other matters. They do not care about Vampiric Secrecy, the quarantine zone, or the vampire race as a whole. They are a ruthless bunch of powermongers who put a great deal of effort into finding new ways to enhance their abilities. Their symbol is the crown.

Organization: The Lionelli believe in one thing. Power. They are set up like a traditional bloodline, with a the first Lionelli having disenthralled from his sire some time ago. A mysterious figure, very little is known about him, as he takes great care to have his overlords (those sired directly under him), act as his public faces. One such overlord, known to the vampires of Harper Rock is Markaus Lionelli. Numerous, the Lionelli seem to believe in turning the ambitious and power hungry, to make their ranks, and power swell. When a Lionelli leader is killed in a territorial battle, you can assume the character will normally be an overlord.

You may feel free to describe their physical and mental attributes however you like. Path is also left open to interpretation within reason. The Lionelli are extremely well organized, and fight fiercely in battle to acquire more influence. They are internally rewarded for bringing more power to the whole of the Lionelli, and those who contribute most are the ones who gain the most respect and are most likely to gain rank. While the Lionelli respect individual strength, they respect 'What can you do for the Lionelli?' more. The weak are not tolerated, and are frequently killed, and then ensnared as wraiths so they may not return to life, or be pests.

Goals: Acquire power.

Current Leader: Currently unknown.

Disciples of Crow

The Disciples of Crow consist of former rogues and oddball vampires who believe they are receiving messages from Crow himself (or herself). These quasi-religious individuals believe that it is for the good of all vampire-kind if the sundering is torn open entirely, so that Crow can be freed and vampires can be truly immortal no matter where in the world they are. Though they might at first seem to be delusional, they are mostly not stupid, nor are they religious extremists in the normal sense of the word. They seem to respect laws of vampiric secrecy, even in their quest to bring about the apocalypse.

Organization: A religious sect, they are small in number, with the most prominent figures being those who supposedly received visions from Crow. They have one leader, a self-styled prophetess who is known only as the Voice of the Crow. A shadow vampire, little is known of her other than that she claims to speak directly for the will of The Crow, and for the Disciples.

Leaders of individual territories can be written as other disciples who may claim to have had visions. It should be noted that during battle, they are very likely to attempt to appeal to the Crow for intercession, and when that does not work, they are likely to attempt to engage their aggressors in diplomacy.

Goals: Raise Crow.

Current Leader: The Voice of the Crow, a shadow vampire by the name of Rowan Stitch. She is a spiritualist, master of the occult. Her main bloodline is unknown, as some mysterious force appears to protect her and the other Disciples from being appraised. As The Voice is a very public figure, anyone can be written as knowing who she is.


Helheim is the newest faction in the city. They are a group of vampires and supernatural mercenaries collected by the mysterious Administrator, and put to the task of destroying any group that threatens the survival of vampire kind in any way. They are highly trained and deadly, but there is something strange about them. They never speak, and will seek to kill themselves desperately if captured. These are a small group of individuals, but work well as a deadly unit.

Organization: Little is known about the organization of Helheim, just that they take orders directly from the Administrator.

Goals: Destroy threats to vampires.

Current Leader: The Administrator

Former Factions

These NPC factions have been driven out of Harper Rock, or otherwise completely wiped out thanks to playable characters. A brief synopsis and reason for departure are listed with each NPC faction.

Exiled Brotherhood

The Exiled Brotherhood have been around since 2014, but only just named themselves. Before, their ranks consisted of an alliance between vampire rogues, vampire biker gangs, and those tired of the "tyranny" of vampire factions in charge of who lives or dies. They have banded together, not out of a desire to destroy the vampiric secrecy necessarily, but out of a need for survival. They stand opposed to groups who hunt and kill other vampires for secrecy transgressions, and in this sense they consider themselves anarchists.

Departed: As a result of Chapter 5 when Tytonidae defeated them in a final battle during a Territorial Battle. Prior to the final struggle in March of 2016, the group's leader had been killed by Deux Corbeaux, in February of the same year.

Order of St. James

The Order of St. James are no longer completely aligned with the group now known as The Order (the PC faction). The original Order of St. James remained in part, and allied themselves with new hunter groups springing up. Those with contacts in their order would be aware that they now believe themselves to be taking orders directly from a very powerful fae, if that's to be believed.

Departed: As a result of Chapter 5 when Things defeated them in a final battle during a Territorial Battle, which took place in February 2016. After the battle, Ramiro Barros, the leader of the Order of St. James, went on rampage, attacking as many vampires or vampire allies as possible. On February 9th 2016, he was killed by Mortll, thus completely wiping out The Order of St. James as a presence in Harper Rock.

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