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You may be looking for more roleplay information about NPCs. See; NPCs (RP).

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) can be easily identified on the grid by the yellow text denoting their name. Fighting NPCs is as simple as entering the enemy's square and clicking on the dagger symbol next to their name, though not all NPCs should be attacked. Once the dagger has been clicked, the NPC battle event will then begin, giving you a transcript of the event. By killing NPCs you can gain experience, money and Items.

Before going into battle, you should ensure that your weapon is equipped on the Inventory menu, and that your battle tactics have been set up for the specific enemy you are about to fight.

Although wraith guides are NPCs, they are not ones that can be attacked. These are special NPCs that help player characters advance across the paths and gain powers.

NPC Battles

NPC Battle 1

Some NPC battles on the city grid can take longer then just a few hits depending on your level, skills, and attributes. Battle Tactics play majorly into the majority of experience you can receive from an NPC. For example if you have powers set to "use rarely" or "never use" then you will gain a larger amount of body experience. If you have them set to "Use whenever" then you will largely focus on spirit and mind experience with a few body experience points thrown in.

In the picture shown [for a larger image, please click on the image until it enlarges] a character is fighting a mooncalf [usually found in the catacombs and has Battle Tactics set on long report rather then the quick report which would show "River Illia has defeated the Mooncalf".

The weapon equipped was a low level gun and the character was level 13 with an average score in Firearms. As you can see, the NPC still manages to land quite a few hits despite the level and gun equipped. As a quick note, npc wounds will not show up on the wound page, they will only be show during the battle.

[Other tips and tricks will be posted here along with examples such as the one explained above]

Table of Non Player Characters

This is a list of non player characters (NPCs) that can be found throughout the game.

Regular NPCs are automated and move location when they are hit. NPCs are clearly visible as their names are yellow. Killing/fighting these creatures gives you EXP which can be used to level up your character. Most NPCs also drop items that can be sold, used for fighting, rituals, crafting, etc.

Summoned NPCs are created by PC vampires with the abilities to create them and these NPCs can be summoned anywhere in the city.

Note: The amount of EXP you receive from a particular NPC may fluctuate by a few points depending on how the fight with the NPC plays out; using powers while fighting tends to give you slightly more EXP.

Regular NPCs

For more information on Regular NPCs, please follow the link provided.

Name Level EXP Area Alert Fae name
Wolf 2 20 Wilderness, Hunting Grounds No change xyt opet
Zombies 2 25 Quarantine Zone, Tutorial_Hub No change jon oez
Thief 4 15 World No change alyn rom
Guard 4 25 B&E buildings No change zemu heg
Bear 5 35 Wilderness, Hunting Grounds No change xyl uex
Mountain Lion 6 35 Wilderness, Hunting Grounds No change xyt usu
Cop 6 50 World, B&E buildings +1%, + notoriety jon athe
Gangster 6 30 World, Abandoned buildings,Clubs, Gangland_Slums No change leh onus
Enforcer  ? 30 Gangland_Slums No change seus uex
Hitman  ? 30 World No change hele opet
Blood Thief 8 40 World, Abandoned buildings -1% llus oez
Ancient Zombie 8 50 Catacombs, Mauseleum, No change ton heg
Vampire 10 45 World, Abandoned buildings,Clubs  ? jon onus
Feral Vampire 10 50 Quarantine Zone -0.01% met rom
Wild Vampire 10 55 Sewers No change TBA
Masterless Vampire  ? 81 Sewers No change TBA
Hunter Footsoldier 13 60 Sewers, Hunter Raids No change zemu heg
Apprentice Sorcerer 15-20 40-44 World No change dota oez
Government Agent 15 45 World -1% ton athe
Gang Lt.  ? 37 Gangland_Slums No change mox ee
Mooncalf 15 70 Catacombs, Mauseleum, Quarantine Zone No change leh onus
Encantado Worker 15 49-55 Algonquin Caverns No change jon uex
Lesser Jorogumo 20 77 Algonquin Caverns No change jon usu
Fadebeast 20 100 World -2% ryt ee
Encantado Shaman 25 90-99 Algonquin Caverns No change jon opet
Paladin Berserker 25 85 Sewers, -1% usm athe
Vodnik Vodianoi 20+ 90-99 Dredge No change TBA
Magia Topielec 20+ 100-125 Dredge No change TBA
Valkyrie ShieldMaiden 40+ 100-120 Ironwood Grove No Change TBA
Valkyrie Spearwife 40+ 100-110 Ironwood Grove No Change TBA
Hildr 40+ 113-125 Ironwood Grove No Change TBA
Lionelli Initiate 40+ 66 Foucault Castle No change met uex
Lionelli Illusionist 40+ 100 Foucault Castle Unknown met opet
Lionelli Shifter 40+ 100 Foucault Castle Unknown met usu
Lionelli Summoner 40+ 100 Foucault Castle Unknown met ee
Dullahan 45+  ??? Tomkin Unknown  ??
Lionelli Overlord 50+ 136 Foucault Castle Unknown met rom
Transhuman Wendigo 55+  ??? Wendigo Forest Unknown  ??
Wendigo 55+  ??? Wendigo Forest Unknown  ??
Wendigo Spirit 55+  ??? Wendigo Forest Unknown  ??
Lich 50 100 Sunken Cathedral Unknown  ??
Wight 55+  ??? Sunken Cathedral Unknown  ??
Loupgarou 70+  ??? Sunken Cathedral Unknown  ??
Corrupted Memegwesi 75+  ??? Sunken Shrine Unknown  ??
Mishipeshu 80+  ??? Sunken Shrine Unknown  ??
Misiginebig 85+  ??? Sunken Shrine Unknown  ??
Abominations 90-140  ??? The Maw Unknown  ??
Deep Dwellers 90-140  ??? The Maw Unknown  ??
Marrow Wurms 90-140  ??? The Maw Unknown  ??

NPCs for Feeding

These NPCs are only found in their own areas & can be fed upon for 0.2 pints of blood. Each type also drops a single item, unique to the NPC, some of which are used as ritual ingredients.

Name EXP Area Dropped items
Rat 0 Sewers. Rat tail
Chicken 0 Ilaned Farm Chicken feet
Rabbit 0 Wilderness Rabbit's foot
Pig 0 Pierce Ranch Pig's foot

Raid NPCs

For more information on Raid NPCs, please follow the link provided.

Name Lvl EXP Area Fae name
Hunter Footsoldier 13 40 F1 of Hunter Raids zemu heg
Apprentice Sorcerer 15 40-48 F2 of Hunter Raids dota oez
Paladin Berserker 15 55 F3 of Hunter Raids, usm athe
Paladin Elder 20 70-77 F4 of Hunter Raids hele rom
Ancient Sorcerer 25+ 200 Boss of Hunter Raids hele uex
Ancient Zombie 8 35 F1 of Undead Raids ton heg
Feral Vampire 13 45 F2 of Undead Raids met rom
Mooncalf 20 50 F3 of Undead Raids leh onus
Greater Mooncalf 15 81 F4 of Undead Raids, F2 of City of the Dead Raids seus usu
Rogue Necromancer 20-25 200 Boss of Undead Raids eleu opet
Gangster 6 25 F1 of Gang Raids leh onus
Enforcer 13 30 F2 & F3 of Gang Raids seus uex
Gang Lt. 20 37 F4 of Gang Raids mox ee
Gang Boss 15-20 150 Boss of Gang Raids zemu onus
Zombified Wolf 15 65 F1 of City of the Dead Raids jon onus
Trayonetic Bear 20 88 F3 of City of the Dead Raids jon heg
Mooncalf Titan 30 99 F4-5 of City of the Dead Raids jon athe
Enslaved Revenant  ? 330 Boss of City of the Dead Raids jon oez
Security Guard 5 25 F1 of Team Raids jon rom
Encantado Worker 15 49-55 F2 & F3 of Team Raids jon uex
Lesser Jorogumo 20 77 F4 & F5 of Team Raids jon usu
Encantado Shaman 25 90-99 F6+ of Team Raids jon opet
Jorogumo Matriarch 25+ 330 Boss of Team Raids jon ee

Summoned NPCs

This is a quick look at the summoned creatures that can invade your home, used to drain anima or do random attacks or be used as spies for their masters. Human Thralls can fight, but they are quite weaker than their masters and attacks can be easily avoided by most vampires. Zombies and Sidhe attacks can be avoided by avoiding their square

For detailed explanations of Summoned NPCs, please follow the link provided.

Summoned Creatures
Name Type Battle Abilities Summoned by Thrall / NPC Exp gain
Doppelganger Shadow Melee Hits Shadow Mastery Thrall  ?
Fadebeast Shadow Melee Hits Summoner NPC 140
Sidhe Fae Melee Hits Summoner NPC 6
Ancient Zombies Undead Melee Hits Tier 2 Necromancer NPC  ?
Spirits Spirit None Summoner NPC 5
Spirits SR Spirit None Fadewalker NPC 5
Summoned Trayon Wolf Undead Melee Hits Human Dual Class Both  ?
Human Thrall Human Melee Hits Allurists Thrall  ?
Vampire Thrall Undead Melee Hits Human Dual Class Thrall  ?
Wraiths Spirit Anima Drain Summoner Thrall 200
Zombies Undead Melee Hits Necromancer NPC  ?

Many of these creatures can be found in the World Map all over the place.

Special NPCs

Special NPCs are those which serve a particular function in Path of the Vampire, other than to be hunted for EXP. The uses for these special NPCs will be listed with each type.

Rogue Vampire

The Rogue Vampire started appearing on the bounty list during the second Chapter Event, The Shadows of the Crow. Before the end of this chapter, the Rogue Vampire spawned with an automatic cash bounty of $5,000 but since the end of the chapter and due to changes to the bounty list, it no longer spawns with any dollar amount attached to it. Players have the choice to fund the Rogue Vampire's bounty.

Rogue vampires have the potential to pop up at any point after the last Rogue Vampire has been killed. There is only one Rogue Vampire at a time. Killing them is a means of lowering the City Alert Level.


Spirits are NPCs which occur naturally in the Shadow Realm and on the grid. They can also be summoned.

Regularly occurring spirits can be seen by those with the Medium power.

Like regularly occurring spirits, summoned spirits give 1 anima, when consumed, but these spirits can be seen by those without the Medium power. These spirits are made by Summoners.

Spirits in the Shadow Realm can be seen by anyone in the Shadow Realm, and simultaneously give 1 Anima and reduce the duration of a death wound by 1 day.

Wraith Guides

Wraith Guides are special NPCs, which are used to unlock bridges or Paths. The first bridge a character unlocks is free, but subsequent unlocking of bridges and paths costs EXP.

NPC Extras

These are indirectly related to NPCs, but are still considered valuable information.


You can now steal from many normal human NPCs by picking their pockets, as you would with humans or other players. Like PVP stealing, picking a NPCs pocket costs 1 energy.

For more details on Stealing from NPCs, click the link provided.

Auction Items

Each hour, NPCs now add items to the auction. These items can be bought as normal, but the money doesn't go to another player, it just gets eaten up by the game.

The items added are randomly selected, but weighted by how rarely they should appear. So super rare relics, for example, only appear once ever so many hundred or thousand hours (on average), whereas items which the auction never has, (but which are quite common) such as rings and bracelets, will appear more regularly.

The prices are set so that they will be quite far above the average going rate for each item, so you don't have to worry about NPCs undercutting you. Additionally, though they might sometimes put relics or faeshards up for sale, these rare items will be insanely priced, and probably won't even sell at all, unless somebody is desperate.

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