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The Navigation menu on the top left corner of the game grid allows you to navigate to various out of character pages relevant to the game. Simply hover your mouse over (or select, if on a touch-screen device) over the 3x3 grid button, which will open a drop-down menu and select the page you wish to browse.


This link will take you to the OOC game chats. These are different from Locational and ChrowNet chats, which are IC. The OOC chat is moderated, and Forum rules apply on the chats as well - so be careful that you treat others politely. This is a great area to get quick answers from other players, as well as suggestions and opinions. The chats can sometimes boot players if they've been quiet for a while; if that happens, you need only refresh the page and you'll be logged back in.
All usernames are the same on the grid, and they can not be changed.


The game Forum is an area to discuss the game easily and at length. Once you create an account on the grid, an account is automatically created for you on the forum with the identical username and password. Your forum username can not be changed, and it will always be the same as the character name on the grid.
The Forum staff consists of Mooncalf, aka David, the administrator and game maker, and the mod team: Amaranthia (general mod) and Momento (newbie mod). There are also various elective moderators as well as Chat moderators, who oversee the game chat, and Wiki moderators (shown in purple).
The forum has its own rules, which you should read before posting.

The forum is split into three main boards:

Game Beta and Discussions

  • Game Beta is an OOC section where players discuss the game
    • Updates and Announcements is where game updates are posted; the only posting permitted there for members is questions concerning an update; it is not a board for discussions
    • Game Discussions and Questions for discussions about the game, its updates, discussions on suggestions and game related complaints
    • Suggestions is for polls with suggestions that players vote on before the administrator. The only posting members are able to do is of new suggestion threads; only staff are able to make replies to suggestions, but regular members can start a discussion thread in Game Discussions
    • Bug Reports where game or forum irregularities are reported. If something doesn't seem to work the way it should, or if you recognize peculiar events happening in the game, it is advised that you report the bug, giving as much detail about its circumstances as you see fit

City Streets and public roleplay

    • Roleplay Planning is an OOC board for players to plot character events and interactions
    • Off Topic is for non-game related discussions. It is used for playful threads and levity.
    • OOC Archives is where inactive or locked threads get moved
  • Role Play is an IC section where characters interact with one another. The writing here is narrative and descriptive, or long-form. For more information, please read the article on Forum Roleplay

IC Crownet

    • CrowNet is the vampire internet, and still an IC board for characters. It functions the same as a regular discussion forum, with its members posting naturally (only its members are characters). Humans do not have access to CrowNet, as it is a vampire-exclusive, secret board.
  • Private Forums is technically a sub-section of CrowNet, as the boards here are also IC, on the secret vampire-internet. These are the discussion forums of bloodlines and factions, but each one also contains an OOC board for private player discussions within these groups. You should be added automatically to the respective bloodline board your character belongs to if you play a vampire. If you are not added, you will need to contact either the leader of that bloodline or Amaranthia.


This takes you to the game grid, if you were viewing any other page. Selecting this will also refresh the page.

Help and Info

The Help page is very useful when starting out. It gives you basic details on everything relating to the grid. More detailed information on most things written about on the Help page can be found on the Wiki.
Clicking on the Help page takes you directly to the Newbie Tutorial, which gives you information on things such as movement on the grid, feeding, buildings, stealing, banks, in-game computers aka terminals, as well as gaining experience and leveling. A list of other pages for specific information can be found on the left.


The chapter tracker, which will eventually become the most important page in the entire game, summarizes past or current chapters, outlines the ways you can affect the current issues, and charts the progress of each of these things so you can see how the city is "voting" by their actions.

The actions which affect each of the issues, either for or against, will vary from issue to issue. There is of course always the option of roleplaying out certain impact stories on the forum or chat in order to attempt to swing a certain graph in the direction you favour, and there will be at least one official roleplay story for each chapter which will affect the outcome of one or more of the presented issues. Additionally, there will be events within the chapter which will pit factions or individuals against one another for the privilege of deciding which direction one of the chapter's issues will swing.


This page is also concerning in-game information, and it too is exclusively OOC.
Listed here and accessible via drop-down are the characters with the:

  • Level
  • Money
  • Powers
  • RP Levels
  • Best Hack
  • Best Burglary
  • Best Pocket Pick
  • Largest Fish Caught
  • Highest Fish Value
  • Battle Raid Wins
  • Stealth Raid Wins
  • Gauntlet Ranks
  • Referrals
  • Childer

It is opt-in, which means that you are by default not listed, but you can opt to have your character listed there. If you change your mind, you can just as easily opt out and not appear on the list.
Results can be filtered by:

  • All (default)
  • Humans
  • My Path
  • Roleplayers
  • Gamers

Only the top 20 (who opted-in) in each category are listed.

Terms of Service

This is the legal binding contract between Mooncalf Studios and players of Path of the Vampire. It is suggested that all players read the ToS.


These Rules are exclusively for the game. The Forum has its own rules, but if you never use the forum then only the Game rules will be relevant to you. Observe these strictly.
Every rule is explained in detail, and there are only four rules (three for players who don't RP). The administrator is fair but strict, and cheating is not permitted. The game holds logs of all actions, and if necessary a cheat mod can go over the logs and find out if any part of the game was abused. Usually, you will be informed on the grid if you committed an action that the game deems as cheating. It is possible it was an accident or that the game made a mistake. If you are unsure about any of the rules or if you're worried about an accident, you should contact a moderator on the Forum, and they can either help you or direct you to David/Mooncalf (don't worry, he's a friendly and reasonable guy, and dedicates a lot of time to making sure the game works and the community is treated well).


This page is for Game Statistics. The information here is about the game, but it is purely OOC. Here you can find out how many accounts there are, how many are active, how many are RPers and how many are gamers, how many characters there are in each bloodline, path, generation, and what the male/female and human PC/vampire ratio is.

Wiki Help

The wiki link brings you to this wiki. Unlike the Forum, accounts are not (yet) automatically created, and you will need to make one yourself, but it's very easy. In keeping with the format of the board, you should use your character name as a username. All members are encouraged to edit and add to information on the wiki, though please only edit pages if you wish to add or improve a given page. Abusive use of your account by spamming or destroying articles will be heavily punished.

Karma Shop

This gives everyone access to all the items that are available for Karma. Crafting items, Traps, and Miscellaneous things; PXP orbs, Power Restats, Level Restats, and things for your home. This page is available even while you are Dead and in the shadow realm, or the Hospital

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