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As a new player to Path of the Vampire, it can be a little bit intimidating at times, trying to figure out the best ways to efficiently gain EXP for your characters. At some point, you will set their Attributes and Skills which will determine the character's effectiveness at certain activities, a brief list of activities can be found at the end of this article, as those will not be the primary focus of the content.

Top Priority

Anything in the top priority category can be done by anyone, or almost anyone regardless of character build. As such, new players are heavily encouraged to use these methods to gain consistent experience.

  1. Do the Tutorial Hub activities, because they give free experience for certain tasks, and because it offers a really awesome overview of a lot of gaming concepts. For more information about how to maximize your tutorial experience, be sure to see Tutorial Hub Tips.
  2. Allocate points into stamina early on, because your stamina score increases your total energy and how quickly you regain energy. The more energy and the faster it replenishes, the faster you are going to gain levels. You may wish to also increase dexterity, if you are going to focus at all on PVE (or attacking NPCs).
  3. Vote on the topsites, to gain 200-250 exp a day for one character, and .5 karma.
  4. Exchange RPP for experience. You can exchange 500 RPP for free per day. As you gain RP levels, you will find that you gain more exp per RPP spent, so it is beneficial to begin this early on. Plus it's essentially 'free' exp, especially if you enjoy writing.
  5. Rest in the sewers or catacombs at sunrise (about 8 AM EST), this will gain you 55 exp per day. (For Vampires)
  6. Rest outside at sunrise, this will gain you 55 exp per day. (For Humans)
  7. Hit the 'facebook share' button when your character accomplishes something.You will get 400 EXP (once per week), for one of your characters. You may also get 1 Karma per week with a facebook share.
  8. Never let your Anima bar (the blue one) sit on full. Most powers give exp, so use them when you can. However, be aware that using any damaging powers on other player characters is likely to be met with retaliation. As such, you should focus on support powers when possible.

Lower Priority

Lower priority items are still pretty great ways of making experience, but they may be a little bit more difficult to do regularly. Any restrictions will be listed with the type of experience gain.

  1. Daily Hack. The first random hack of the day awards a decent amount of exp, though it requires Scripts. Levels into hacking is preferred but not required.
  2. Random Events pop up periodically around the city, however it can be tricky finding them. You can pay a lot of Money into the Oracle to get a location, but this is not advised, because it can be a substantial bank drain. Successful random event encounters will garner your character 100 exp, but failures will only net you 25 exp.
  3. Reporting Wraith Guide locations on Crownet while Using Terminals. If you pass a wraith guide, it can be beneficial to report the location, if it has not yet been reported. However, because finding a wraith guide is largely left to chance for a new player, this is not reliable.
  4. Fast Travel. While Fast Travel does not give you exp outright, it is a good way of getting around on the grid without using a lot of energy. However Fast Travel requires a car and fuel, both of which cost money, and a Fast Travel GPS, which costs Karma.


Other activities which give regular exp, but which require specific Attributes or Skills include:

Activity Skills Required Attributes
Hacking Hacking Intelligence
Forging Metalworking Strength, Skill
Crafting Mechanics Skill, Intelligence
Breaking and Entering Stealing, Mechanics Skill, Intelligence (?)
Business Business, Speechcraft Charisma, Intelligence
Rituals Rituals, Speechcraft Arcane, Willpower
Fighting NPCs See below See below
Melee Martial Arts Dexterity*, Strength, Skill
Ranged Firearms Skill, Intelligence*
Using Powers N/A Arcane, Willpower*
*This attribute impacts your character's ability to evade certain attacks.

Hunting Areas

These Hunting areas are suggestions.

Level Area Reason
0-10 Tutorial Hub Abundant zombies. Easy access to everything you need early on. Depending on how you set your stats, you may be able to move onto the next area early. You can easily get to level 7-9 on your first day, depending on how you handle the tutorial objectives.
5-15 Corvidae (30, 23) World Found in the Quarantine Zone, this hotel has everything you need early on (shop, terminal, and ATM included). Especially good for characters who aren't statted purely for combat, the Feral Vamp and Zombie permanently in the lobby make for easy hunting. Note. This area can be skipped completely with the right combat stats.
10-20 Catacombs (2, -6) Sewers A tiny bit of a walk to get to, you have to go through the sewers to find the entrance, but once inside, there is some pretty decent loot, and hunting down NPCs is fairly easy. I'd suggest staying there until you can kill Greater Mooncalfs several times in a row. Thus, you may be able to move onto the next hunting are early, depending on stats. Easiest way to get here is to go to the Cherrydale Transit, and then head southwest until you hit the sewer entrance.
18-30 Caverns (41, 9) World Found outside of the city limits, the Caverns take a little bit of energy to get to, but have enemies that give great 'bang-for-your-buck' when you're between level 20 and about 35. Depending on stats, you may be able to take these guys on fairly early, and stick with them for a good while. Easiest way to get here is to travel to the Bullwood station, then head east by northeast. You can also find gems on the floor, which can inflate your bank account nicely over time.
30-50 Chem Plant (10, 32) World A building with Hellheim NPCs, there is some pretty good gun loot to be found here, as well as decent exp to bridge the gap between the Caverns and the Castle. If you are looking for good melee loot, you may be interested in tackling the abandoned sewers at 9,9 world. Easiest way to get to the Chem plant is to go to Newborough station and head north by north east.
45+ Foucault Castle (23, 1) World Only suggested for people who have invested a lot into combat stats, or are very high level. Pretty good loot found here. Highest leveled NPCs in the game are also found here. Easiest route to get to the Castle is to hit the Gullborough station and head northeast 2 blocks and then north the rest of the way.
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