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Just like in the real world, undertaking certain actions will attract police attention. Each action that garners notoriety will increase your chances of being recognized by police officers.

Once you gain a notoriety of 10 or more, you will end up on the Most Wanted List for at least 24 hours. In addition, Cops have an X in 30 chance of recognizing you, where X is the notoriety points. Notoriety points can go up to 50, so cops may have a 100% chance of recognizing you if you walk by. When you are noticed by a cop, they will attack. Whether or not you are wounded depends on your stats.

Increasing Notoriety

There are a wide array of actions that will increase one's notoriety level. Illegal actions which entail some kind of supernatural activity are weighted to increase your wanted level faster.

Your Actions


  • At least two more items will be added to this list in further updates.
  • The Enchanter power will halve any increase of being seen using powers or feeding.

Actions listed in red will raise your notoriety enough that you will be immediately added to the Most Wanted List. Those in purple have the potential to raise it enough to be added to the Most Wanted list immediately, dependent upon the security level of the area.

Action Point Increase
Killing Cops (outside B&E) 10
Killing Soldiers (outside B&E) 10
Cops showing up in B&E 10
Being seen using dangerous powers 6 + 2 per level of security
Failing a daily dilemma for an illegal business
This only applies if the result is bad.
Failing a hack 4
Killing Guards in B&E 3
Being seen Feeding on a human 2 per level of security
Attacking, but losing to, Cops or Guards in B&E 1
Being seen PvPing 1 per level of security
Killing government agents 1
Killing thieves 1
Failing to pick a pocket 0.2

Actions of Others

Hackers can increase the notoriety of others by 1 point during evidence hacks.

Decreasing Notoriety

There are several ways available to decrease one's notoriety. It will decrease naturally by 3 points daily.

It is important to note, that should your notoriety have been high enough to land on the Most Wanted List, you will remain on the list for 24 hours after lowering your notoriety low enough to be off of it.


Bribes can be paid to the police department in cash. The bribe amount is three times the highest amount your bounty value has been in the past 24 hours.


Incriminating evidence can be destroyed by hacking. Doing so will decrease your notoriety by 3 points. It is not guaranteed that your name will come up in an evidence hack, however.



Coming Soon

Most Wanted List

Killing a fellow Most Wanted List target will lower your notoriety by 1/3 of the target's notoriety at their time of death.


Coming Soon


Selling zombie ears to the Militia Captain will lower your notoriety by 1 point for every 20 ears.

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