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Human Character

Please note- Information for humans will be updated with official game updates.

Forthcoming - New playable class.

Starting as a human

Role-play Time Period - Present time
Location: Harper Rock, a city in Southern Ontario, Canada
History: History information can be found under The Story so Far - Path | Blood

When creating a new human character, you have the option of choosing between a Normal Human (also known as a Pureblood Human and a Classed Human. Pureblood humans start at level 5, have lower stats, and level a lot slower than vampires or classed humans. This is to follow the realism of vampires vs. humans. They can later choose to take on a class or be sired.

Humans start with a max of 10 pints of blood. They gain 1 pint of blood back at each day change. They can be fed on by vampires, which will lower the human's blood by 1 pint and relocate the human to another random part of the grid - this is in order to give them a better chance of survival. There is a relic that will cause the vampire to lose blood and allow the human to stay in their current location; they will still lose the blood though.

If a human is drained of all their blood, i.e. brought to 0, they will be immediately hospitalized and given one week to recover. It is therefore impossible for humans to die.

If you wish to have your character sired, you may request to be turned by the vampire in question and at that time, you will choose their path. Should the vampire accept your request, your character will become a childe of that vampire. Thier stats will increase to the path you chose, plus any stats you earned while human added to those new stats. **This is considered a free restat for your character.**

Human Powers

Hunter Aid

This skill allows humans to call on NPC hunters to come and hit a vampire target on their behalf. The hunter will pop up, hit the vamp anonymously, and go away again. The hunters have decent stats, so you might find yourself getting hit by this quite often. There's a catch to this power though! A human can only get hunters to help them hit a vampire if the vampire has more than $500 bounty.

This is only because the hunters only keep files on those whose bounties go above $500 dollars, allowing them to know who they are supposed to attack.


As any good hunter knows, the best time to hit a vampire is during the daylight hours, when they are sleeping or weakened. This skill is only usable on vampires who have not yet moved since the sunrise hour, thus simulating the idea that the vampire was attacked during daylight hours (from their perspective, at least). What does it do, though? Well, if you catch a vampire sleeping, you're aiming at a sitting duck, so you get a certain hit on them. Not quite chopping their head off, Van Helsing style, but it's not half bad for a puny human, neither!

Upcoming: Traps for both these skills are on the list of updates to come.


You can enter any lair or building without having to be invited by the owner. They will see you as HUMAN, and can feed from you but not attack until you have attacked them first. A good tip to avoid being pecked on by vampires if you are stuck in a public building, is by hiding in a group of humans larger then 4 or 5. In fact the higher amount of humans you can hide in, the safer you will end up in those public places. The reason why this works is that more humans in a square cause higher security, and a good portion of vampires naturally avoid these groups to snack on. However this will not work all the time. So it's better to find a private place that's not used often by vampires.

Humans can gain additional EXP by being outside when the sun rises.

Types of Public Buildings

[Taken from Dex's Guide]

  • Banks
    You can deposit and withdraw money here. They are located throughout the city.
  • Pubs/Taverns/Bars/Clubs
    Located throughout the city, a good portion of these have been bought up by vampires. However you can enter buildings to hide or search around.
  • Hospitals
    HR General Hospital 29, 12, Bullwood This hospital only will now heal all humans once you hit 0 blood. With force turning and death off the table, this will be your new best friend.
  • Shops (Green Shops)
    You can buy weapons, ammo, hacker software, and blood packs here. Currently, humans low on blood can use blood packs just as vampires can; expect this loophole to be closed soon. You will lose a weapon you have equipped if you die in battle.
  • Internet Cafes
    You can log into the CrowNet within Cafes, though you cannot do so in the Exit square. The CrowNet will be explained in another post.


Upon being drained of blood down to 0, humans will be hospitalized in HR General. They are able to move around the hospital without any problem, but are too weak to step outside for 1 week, regardless of level. They will show as having a critical wound, but it doesn't affect any of their stats, it simply shows up in order to remind the human roughly how long they have left before they can leave. While in the hospital, they cannot be attacked, as the security in there is too tight and there are too many witnesses.

Humans can receive non-critical wounds in all of the same ways as a vampire can. (Traps, sentry, summoned NPCs, skirmishing, powers.) Instead of feeding on them for 2 blood when you click "attack them", it will act as a normal attack instead, and yes humans can also attack humans now too, if they recognise the target.

Powers (quick casting or normal) will also list the humans you recognise in your square, allowing you to do things like throw them out of heavily populated areas or whatever else you can think of.

Humans will be defeated when they reach 0 blood, at which point they will be transported to a hospital, the same as if they were "killed" by feeding.

Admission Desks

Hospitals have "admission desks", which act as a hospital reception where you can check yourself in to get your wounds healed up. This is a human only feature, due to the average vampire's rather abnormal biological properties. Each treatment in a hospital costs $500, and will patch up 1 selected wound, making it 1 stat-point less damaging. Wounds with only 1 point of damage remaining wont show up as treatable, because even after getting a wound stitched up you're going to be a little weaker for a while. The duration of the wound cannot be decreased, and wounds cannot be fully healed, they can just be made to cripple you less.

Note: You do not have to have the money on you to use this feature. Simply go to the desk and use the menu on the left hand side.

Human Attributes

Basic Human Stats:

Strength: 3
Dexterity: 3
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 4
Willpower: 4
Skill: 4
Stamina: 0
Healing: 0
Arcane: 10

Game Play Stats [Taken from Dex's Guide]

Energy: 10.0 / 38

Energy tells you how many moves you can make. Different actions cost different amounts of energy. Walking outside, for example, takes 0.2 energy per move, whereas fighting NPCs always takes 4 energy.

Blood: 8 / 10

Blood indicates your health. Once you hit 0 blood you will be taken to HR General Hospital to recover.

Anima: 3 / 20

Anima is essentially energy for magic casting. Currently, humans are have limited ability to gain anima, though there is currently no use for it for regular, un-pathed humans.

Cash: $100

Pretty self explanatory, used to purchase goods and services.

Human Roleplay

Because you are a human, you have a few roleplay rules that come with the territory. As well, we will include some general tips on roleplaying a human in the Path of the Vampire Universe. Hopefully these should help you develop your character.

Human Guidelines

  • Right off the bat, you should know as a human, you only have one crownet you can post on, which is located here. This is where humans discuss the "crazy" legends of vampires or other issues. Be aware that vampires can post here, but that as a human, you should try hard to have your character not believe them. However if your character has seen a vampire feeding or fighting, it is quite acceptable for you to believe and or perhaps pursue the life of being a vampire hunter. Be forewarned, this road is not easy.

  • Once your vampire is turned, you will then be able to start a roleplay here, and then move onto other parts of the roleplay and crownet boards.

  • If you have a specific siring plan you would like or are looking for a sire, and want a feel for other characters, it would benefit you to post here. This way you can make your wishes know for a sire before the possibility of being accidentally or deliberately turned.

  • There is a private place for humans to gather, however you will NOT be automatically added there. If you would like to join this board and experience more roleplay opportunities, feel free to contact Velia. She can not only add you to the board, but also help you if you have questions.

Human Classes

Please follow the link provided to the human path pages: Human Classes

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