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Playing a semideus character in Path of the Vampire requires you follow certain canon guidelines. This page will detail those guidelines as well as how to navigate playing your first semideus character. As always, if at any time you have questions, feel free to post them on the forum or visit our Discord.

Semideus are a new race to Path and are a work in progress. At this time, Sirens are the only subset available for play and are still under construction. As such, all information is subject to change as things are added and tweeked to ensure balanced gameplay.

Starting Basics

Role Play Time Period: Present time, post-vampire holocaust

Place: Harper Rock, Ontario, Canada

History: Game history can be found in the The Story so Far section of the Path Canon Index.

Upon creating your semideus character, you are asked to choose both a type and sub-type. This will dictate what kind of powers (grid and roleplay wise) your character will be able to attain. It will also determine several major characteristics that need to be adhered to in roleplay. Semideus have an easier time leveling than their pure blooded human counterparts. Their stats are also higher than humans but equal with vampires.


There will be three types of playable semideus once the race is fully implemented.


Yet to Come


Yet to Come


The word "siren" refers to one of three unique semideus who all share almost identical abilities. That is, the ability to manipulate, dominate, curse, bewitch, and most of all seduce.

There are three available sub-types of sirens available to play: Encantado, Harpy, and Jorogumo. Each has an unique natural form. Their abilities are identical in effect, but differ in the way they manifest.

Starting Stats

Semideus start out with a max of 10 pints of blood, but can attain a max of 16 pints of blood, depending on their Healing stat. Each day change, 1 pint of blood is regenerated if the semideus is not at their max. When they reach 0 blood, they are defeated and return to the Wilderness for a week to recuperate. Exception: In PVP, if the character who lands the final blow has their tactics set to 'Cripple', the semideus will merely get a massive wound.

Semideus start with a max of 13 anima, which can be raised by their Arcane stat. Anima is gained daily by resting in the semideus' natural form, up to a max of 3.

Semideus start with a max of 65 energy. Energy is used for most actions and is replenished every hour. Max energy, as well as the rate it regenerates, can be raised by their Stamina stat.

Other Stats
All other stats will vary according to the type of semideus you choose to play.

All characters start with all skills at 1.

Tutorial Notes

In the Feeding stage of the tutorial, open the tutorial checklist and use the Skip button to advance to the next task as semideus do not need to feed.


Anima is, at its base, simply energy points for casting "magic". It is used for powering abilities and powers.

Semideus gain anima by resting in their natural form each hour. This must be done in a 0 security square otherwise hunters, cops, or soldiers are liable to attack. A max of 3 anima can be gained daily in this way.


PXP is what is used to purchase powers for your character to use.

Each semideus type gains PXP in a different manner.


Siren type semideus gain 1 PXP each day by using their Cultivate Energy power on a square of 6 or more humans.

Inherent Semideus Powers

Semideus start with at least 1-2 powers, depending on their type. These appear on the Use Powers page and do not have to be purchased. They also have no anima cost to use.


Semideus Form
Grid Description: Return to your natural form in order to gain anima each hour.


  • The natural form of a semideus is determined by their type.
  • Must be used in a 0 security square to gain the anima.
  • A max of 3 anima can be gained a day


Cultivate Energy
Grid Description: Absorb the emotional and physical energy from a crowd at this location


  • Must be used in a square containing 6 or more NPC humans.
  • A max of 1 PXP can be gained a day

Gameplay Specifics

Breaking and Entering

Semideus can break into homes during B+E without the use of any powers.


Semideus may enter any building within the city, including private lairs, uninvited.

Note: Entering a private lair without an invitation may result in being attacked by the owner of the lair.

Interactions with Vampires


Vampires cannot feed from a semideus.


Semideus cannot be turned into vampires.

General Semideus Tips

  • Be careful not to rest in natural form in busy areas at the risk of injury.
  • Sunlight has no adverse affect on semideus so being outside at sunrise is not an issue.

Roleplay Tips

Coming Soon

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