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Playing a vampire character in Path of the Vampire requires you follow certain canon guidelines. This page will detail those guidelines as well as how to navigate playing your first vampire character. As always, if at any time you have questions, feel free to post them on the forum or pop into OOC chats.


Role Play Time Period: Present time, post-vampire holocaust

Place: Harper Rock, Ontario, Canada

History: Game history can be found in the Fictional Universe section of the Main Page.

Upon creating your vampire character, you are asked to choose a path. This is in order to decide what path you will follow power wise and roleplay wise. Vampires start at level 2 and have an easier time in gaining experience and leveling than their human counterparts. Their stats are much higher than humans, this is set up deliberately to follow the realism of vampires vs. humans.

You are also required to join a bloodline when you create a character. You can do this by random selection from the sire list or by taking a friends sire link and clicking it. When you finally join the forum, you will see an area designated for the vampire family you have joined. This will be located at the bottom of the page. (For example you will see Docere Crownet at the bottom of your forum page, if that is the family you are in.)

Vampires start at level 2 and have an easier time than humans gaining experience and leveling. Vampires all start out with a max of 10 pints of blood, but can attain a max of 16 pints of blood, depending on their Healing stat. You will lose 1 pint of blood at each day change. You can feed off human NPCs and human characters, or animals such as rats (in the sewers) or bunnies.

Caution: The red counter on the bottom right of your screen indicates the time remaining until sunrise. If your character is caught outside when the sunrise, they will sustain a sunburn and be unable to feed for the day. Ensure your character is inside a building or the sewers before the sun rises.


Your vampire character needs blood to survive and grow. You will lose 1 blood each day at day change, and need to replenish it. It is advised that you log in each day in order to keep your vampire at 10 blood. The ways to go about maintaining blood levels are outlined below.

Feeding on Humans

In order to feed when starting out, you must find a human in a location with a security of 2 or less. You can check the security by looking at the left hand side of your screen, under Security. In order to highlight the importance of area security, if the security is higher than 3, the number appears in bright red.

Security represents the degree of supervision in the area. All squares have a base security and each human present adds 1 point to this. Security is tends to be higher by buildings, on streets and other heavily frequented areas due to added monitoring of the area (traffic cameras, building security, human watchers, police, etc.) Security gives an indication of whether or not it is safe to feed. Usually, a security 1-2 area is safe, but this isn't guaranteed.

Characters below level 10 are prevented from feeding in areas with a security level above 2 in order to prevent cheating and driving up the City Alert Level. To feed in a 3+ security location, you need to be at least level 10. For now though, you can feed in locations with 1 or 2 security rating. If you feed in a security 3 location, there's a small chance that you might get spotted (depending on a random factor + a dexterity / charisma modifier). If you are spotted, it will tell you, and it will be possible that your character will be shot at by cops and soldiers.

Feeding on Animals

If the risk of being caught feeding is too great or your character has decided not to feed on humans, there are options for you! All animals give 0.2 pints of blood and cost 1 energy each to feed on. If you go this route, you will expend 5 energy feeding.

  • Rats - Sewers (Location: ALL)
  • Chickens - Ilaned Farm ( Location: 7,1 Cherrydale)
  • Rabbits - Hunting Grounds (Location: 0,35) or wilderness
  • Pigs - Pierce Ranch (Location: 40,22 River Rock)
    • Use caution when hunting in the wilderness, as fae will attack a vampire at hour change

Feeding on Blood Packs

You may purchase a blood pack for $600 at any regular shop in the city. If your character is a Necurat, you can purchase a vampire blood pack for $3500. This will give you 1 pint of blood, cost no energy and will never get you spotted feeding.

Below is a table of what blood is available at the Sangue Bank, located at 21, 6 Elmsworth.

Blood Type Price
A-negative: 6 percent $600
A-positive: 34 percent $500
AB-negative: 1 percent $1000
AB-positive: 3 percent $800
B-negative: 2 percent $800
B-positive: 9 percent $600
O-negative: 7 percent $600
O-positive: 38 percent $500
Sweet Blood $1000
Vegan Blood $1000

Boosting Your Blood

Two powers within the game allow vampires to either augment their own blood by 1 pint (Blood Boost) or augment another vampires blood by 1 pint (Blood Heal). Both powers are available to those who have opened the path of the Necromancer.

Feeding on Semideus

Vampires are unable to feed from semideus.

Feeding on Vampires

Derived from the Romanian word necurat, meaning "unclean," Necuratism is the practice of feeding off the blood of another vampire. The concept is considered cannibalistic and perverse to most vampires. Once becoming a Necuratist, your character will no longer be able to feed off humans. Proceed with great caution if you choose this path, as feeding on another vampire generally taken as an attack.

WARNING: Necuratism is irreversible - feeding on just one vampire will make your character a Necurat.


  • Can be used as a weapon against other vampires by taking their blood and weakening them


  • You cannot undo this choice
  • You'll no longer be able to feed from humans ever again
  • Normal Blood packs will be useless to you. You will have to purchase Vampire Blood Packs
  • You could end up being hunted after feeding on a vampire who is not willing


  • To start feeding on other vampires, go to your More_Commands page.
  • You can't feed on invisible people
  • You can use blood boost - blood heal will also work on you
  • There will be nothing to label you as a Necurat on your CS
  • Have to be at least level 10, to become a Necurat

Necuratism (RP)

Roleplay-wise, necuratism was around long, long before the vampire holocaust. Back then it was regarded as one of the worst crimes for a vampire, next to siring a child. It has only recently been re-discovered due to Emanuel Broussard's research into blood thievery, so if you're going to roleplay this I would encourage you to roleplay your character researching into how to do this. Emanuel Broussard might have taught you, or you might find some blood thief research notes, or you might just talk to a blood thief who worked with Emanuel before the end of the chapter.

The practice of Necuratism isn't as simple as just draining blood from a vampire; it takes practice to draw any strength from it the first time, so roleplay-wise small amounts of blood would need to be ingested first. Also, part of the "training" of a Necurat is to ingest some of your own blood, in gradually increasing amounts, so you might also want to roleplay that too. None of it needs to be done on the grid. Once your character is able to ingest the blood and draw power from it, though, they'll just be able to feed on anyone.

It's up to you as a community to discuss ICly if you feel it is a crime or not. The first gens would likely (but not by any means necessarily) abhor the idea. If you would like to participate in these dicussions, please keep an eye on the Crownet forums.


This section deals with various dangers vampires can face. If you’re careful, you will never have to deal with any of these.


Sunlight is deadly to vampires, and they have an innate sense of when this event is going to occur -- the time until sunrise is listed in red on the bottom-right corner of the main screen. If a vampire is caught outside during sunrise, they will be grievously wounded. To avoid this, make sure your vampire is inside a building when it occurs.

Simply standing on a block of buildings or on a shop is not enough to defend a vampire from sunlight, they must actually ENTER one of the red buildings. To come inside a building from the World Map, move onto one of the red squares and click the "Enter" button on the left side of the grid.

Sunlight wounds will drain your vampire of one blood point and will give them a critical wound, which means they will only be able to feed once that day.


These deadly creatures can and will attack you in groups if you forget to seek underground shelter.

Warning: Fae can deliver critical wounds.

Possible Wound:
Wound: Sliced Leg
Affected: dexerity (-7pts)
Remaining: 5 days
Given by: FAE

Human Hunters

These humans can and will attack you anywhere you sleep if your bounty is higher then --- and or you have gotten a lot of notice from trying to feed on humans.

Possible Wound:
Wound: Sliced leg
Affected: dexterity (-3 pts)
Remaining: 2 days
Given by: HUMAN

Notoriety System

If you take certain actions, you may wind up attracting police attention. This comes in the form of notoriety points. Each action that garners notoriety will increase your chances of being recognized by police officers and shot at on sight.


Although water is not a hazard in and of itself, attempting to rest on water square for extended periods of time will cause your character to be swept onto shore. This is dangerous if the water on which you are standing happens to be adjacent to a wilderness square.


Anima is, at its base, simply energy points for casting "magic". It is gained by maintaining a certain blood level and used for powering abilities and powers.

Base anima gained at day change for different blood levels
Blood level Anima gain With Arcane Fetish
0-5 0 1
6-7 1 2
8 2 3
9+ 3 4

Each Generation has a different anima level, the cap decreasing with each step down the lineage, however this max can be increased by adding points to the Arcane stat. All generation levels will be able to gain and increase anima through the same ways.

In addition to daily blood gain, there are a few powers will allow you to replenish your anima supply. Characters with the Blood Magic or Summon Spirit power can also sacrifice blood to gain more Anima. Resting inside a Shadow Gate at day change will provide anima; a level 1 gate will give you +1 anima, a level 2 gate will give +2 anima in addition to your base anima gain according to blood level. Characters with Medium can see random spirits around Harper Rock, in the world map area. One can also travel to the Shadow Realm with the Enter Shadows power to consume spirits and replenish anima.

Owning an relic known as an Arcane Fetish will automatically give you one extra anima at day change.


Siring - the act of turning a human into a vampire - may be done at the start of the game or, if you opted to start Playing as a Human you may be turned by sending a siring request to the vampire of your choice. This vampire will become your sire. Any vampires you turn become childer (singular: childe).

All modern vampires stem from the seven founders who escaped from the Shadow Realm. These first generation vampires and their childer have formed 15 main clans, only one of which your character may become a member.

These seven bloodlines are:

While these are the 15 main clans, most clans have sublineages or Bloodlines separate from the main clan.


Generation Perks
Generation Anima Childer
1 23 3
2 20 4
3 17 5
4 15 6
5 13 7
6 12 8
7 11 9
8 10 10
9 10 11
10 10 12

Your generation is the generation where your vampire was sired. Those who are immediate childer of 1st Gens are 2nd Gens, immediate childer of 2nd Gens are 3rd Gens and so on. 1st Gens are the founders of the vampire community in this post-vampire holocaust time setting.

Each generation has various differences via in-game mechanics as well as RP storyline. It is advised you speak with your character's sire in order to find out specialties when you are just beginning, as each bloodline is unique.

You will always be the generation you start as, there is no climbing generations. You will also always be sired by the vampire you are sired by in the first bit. This does not, nor will it change. You can delete your character in order to have that connection removed, but you will start over.

You also will only be allowed 4 accounts. After 4 accounts have been registered by you, you will have the option of deleting one if you wish to start a new account or you can spend 30 karma in the Karma Shop to open an additional character slot.

All vampires who are 2nd Generation and forward are freshly turned after the rising of the elders (1st Gens) with the exception of those given special permission due to plotline that has already been established.

Siring Cap

The siring cap limits the number of childer your character can have. Number of remaining childer slots can be viewed on the Settings page.


  • The formula for the total childer allowed is: generation + 2. So if you have a generation 3 character, you are able to sire 5 childer before you require somebody to perform the ritual on you to free up more slots.
  • The ritual 'Sire's Virility' can be performed upon your character as often as you like and will increase the character's siring slots by 2 each time.
  • When one of your childer hits 6 months inactive, you will regain one of your lost childer slots, allowing you to sire 1 more. This also happens when one of your childer deletes themselves or is purged due to inactivity. Death of childer does not affect your slots.
  • Those who do not wish their valuable slots to be taken up by random unwanted alts should consider using the "no alts" option under their specific childer settings. They should also consider disabling their sire links until they have a specific friend they wish to bring into the game, or a character they wish to sire.
  • Siring preferences can also be updated using the settings.
    • Those who do not wish to sire must turn their siring link OFF and set their preferences to NO STRANGERS.


There is no option for severing from one sire and choosing another - once a vampire, there is no option to switch sires.

However, should you wish to form your own bloodline, the disenthrallment ritual will sever the bond between sire and childe, enabling you to become the head of your own bloodline. You will still keep your sire even with this option - your original maker is your original maker, no matter what. Consider carefully before choosing the disenthrallment option as there may be [roleplay] repercussions for your character.

General Vampire Tips

Here is where you will find very basic tips on do's and don'ts for vampires depending on their path and other vampire lore.

  • Signatures and avatars aren't viewable on CrowNet
  • Dracula, Buffy and all other vampire lore does not compute; everything here is original (you may play an insane character that may believe themselves to be associated with traditional vampire lore)
  • For Game history, go here: The Story so Far, or Chapter History
  • For General history, go here: Introduction
  • For the Current Chapter of the game, go here: Current Chapter

Roleplay Tips

  • Ancient Vampires: 1st gens. Every vampire made after them and a select few 2nd gens are all vampires that are from the current time period.
  • Eating, drinking and drug use can only be done by Allurists, and only after a while of training. All other vampires would get sick and throw up the content almost immediately. Also, while they can consume those substances, Allurists do not benefit from them (which means they can't get drunk nor high).
  • Video and cameras can see you, and this is a cause for why you might get caught feeding or fighting.
  • No wizards and ponies, this is strictly vampires and humans. However, you have unique characters if you pay attention to upcoming chapters for POTV.
  • All Paths have their particularities. For instance, Allurists can change their appearance gradually according to how they internally see themselves. Necromancers, once turned, look more dead than most other vampires. Killers, over long periods of time, can grow tremendously in height and build. There are also typical personalities that each path has (though they are not enforced; they are merely generalisations). Read the article on Paths for more details.
  • When turned from Human to Vampire, something changes in the psychology of the individual that makes them exaggerations of their former selves. Those who were romantic in life tend to become hyper-romantic in death. Those who were sad become highly depressed. The angry become very aggressive, and so on. For more details on vampire beliefs regarding this, read the article on The Darkness.
  • Only those with the ability of Technokinesis can access CrowNet from the Shadow Realm, all other vampires are unable to use the Crownet while there.
  • Vamps have no reflections, except for Allurists, who see themselves as decaying corpses
  • Please remember to only role play that which your character truly has, namely when it comes to wounds (if you have them on the grid, you have them RP wise), in city homes and other things that would give your character an advantage in RP over others. However, if you in your roleplay have a character that had a past with human homes and such, you can roleplay that, but the RP can not be set within the city.
  • Wraiths, thralls of Summoners, do not have any corporeal appearance. They are translucent shadows. Their forms are featureless, just as any silhouette would be. However, wraiths, while in the world of the living, are able to go invisible at will, and so most never see one unless the wraith wishes it. While in the shadow realm, all wraiths are visible.
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