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You may be looking for information related to powers in gameplay, if so, see; Powers. For a description of human powers in RP, see; Human Powers (RP).

Mastery Powers have yet to be released, and as such, this page may inaccurately reflect them. This page will be updated when mastery powers are released. All other information is up to date and accurate.

Following is a list of all the powers, grouped by path, and basic descriptions and roleplay uses for each power. You are free to get creative with the basic outlines of the powers, but be sure to remember to abide Roleplay Etiquette, when using them in a thread. Most powers cannot be used at the exact same time, however players are encouraged to use powers creatively and come up with combinations that work in succession. The only limit is that these combinations should not be overpowered. For example: No combination of powers should make a character invulnerable in roleplay, etc.

Please also remember that using powers takes a certain amount of effort on the part of the user, and powers used on targets do not always succeed. The best way of judging if a power succeeds or not is to use it on the target in game, or use the RP Dice Roller.

Most powers inform the victim of the power, in game, who used the power on them. This may be roleplayed as the character seeing who did it, or as them sensing a spiritual and/or mental signature left behind by the 'attacker'.

Path of Shadows

This path can be reached by those who are created within it or by those mystics or necromancers who choose to contact the wraith Hykajae and complete the mission given to them. Roleplay wise, this path is open to many interpretations. If you have no idea on what to do, you can easily roleplay a shadow as those vampires who are closer to spirit then vampire being as they are easily able to fade into shadows at any time.

Darkness Falls: Summon darkness, literal and thick and absolute, to impair the vision of an enemy. Works best on humans, but even vampires with their improved night vision are unable to see much through the dark shadow. The power only lasts for a few minutes at most.

Silent Hunter: This power creates a dampening field around the caster, muffling all sounds he or their prey makes for a duration of five to ten minutes. It is primarily used to feed without alerting humans, but can also be used (in roleplay) to sneak without being heard by humans. Unfortunately, sounds are only muffled, not muted while using Silent Hunter, so vampires can still hear a shadow using this, though the sound will be less obvious. The dampening field does not stretch beyond a foot away from the caster's body.

Water Walk: Gives the user the power to step on water as if it were earth. The power, in effect, makes a vampire light enough to float just on the surface of the water, but has no practical use when it comes to attempting to fly or jump higher (for example). The power is constant and requires no anima to use, but can be turned off if any time (in roleplay) if a vampire needs to swim under water for a time.

Untraceable: This power does two things in a roleplay sense. First, it makes it so that the caster leaves no scent or aura behind for other vampires to follow. Second, it blocks telepathic powers that are typically used to track vampires by means of triangulation or similar powers. It does not prevent telepathic powers such as read memories or eyespy.

Assassin's Cloak: For an instant (no longer than 5 seconds), a vampire is able to go almost completely invisible, yet still have the power to strike a target. The caster leaves behind a faint silhouette, however, which can be seen and sensed by vampires, so this power does not make the caster invisible to other vampires. Assassin's cloak also cannot be used to feed, as the 5 second window isn't long enough.

Hide in Shadows: Turns the vampire totally invisible for 1 hour, during which time they cannot be seen by vampires, humans, hunters, or zombies (but can still be attacked by fae). In roleplay you must remember that when using this power you do not have the strength to attack anyone.

Shadowstrike: Summons physical shadows that reach out of shaded areas and claw at an enemy. The attack is powerful, but is useless in well lit areas where there are no dark shadows.

Uninvited Guest: Usually a vampire attempting to enter an abode uninvited will experience tremendous pain, and will be unable to set foot into the abode more than perhaps 2 feet without it killing them. A shadow using this power lifts that restriction entirely, and can enter without any pain or danger. They are free to dwell in that abode until they leave, and then they must activate the power again.

Commander of Darkness: Decrease or increase the security of any location until sunrise. Essentially this power allows the shadow to lower visibility of cameras and humans for feeding or hunting, it also allows the shadow to raise security thereby protecting themselves from enemies by making it easier for them to be spotted by human police and others.

Phantom Thief: More of a use of a combination of powers, rather than a power in itself. This skill allows you to use powers you have previously learned to steal without detection, either by muting your sounds, slipping into shadows and going invisible, or simply using enhanced stealth and anti-detection abilities. It, like the Hide in Shadows ability, can't be used to assassinate targets undetected, or to feed (use other powers for that). When used in roleplay, this power can be used as an explanation for any pick pocketing or slight of hand, such as cheating at cards or planting false evidence on a person.

Mastery Path

These are possible mastery path powers.

Fragment: For around 30 seconds, the caster splits into two forms, and is able to attack with both of these forms (even the fake one), causing real damage if the attack hits. The short duration of this power, however, makes it fairly useless for anything other than very quick actions, but it can be used as a distraction mechanism if one is needed (for example, causing a pursuer to go the wrong way by chasing the fragmented form).

Fleeting shadows: The ability to disperse into a shadow that instantly flees an area is different to teleportation in that your form becomes insubstantial and your shadow becomes your vehicle of movement for a brief period of time (no longer than 10 minutes). It moves as fast as a vampire using celerity, so it can be used as a quick movement device in roleplay (but not as a teleportation power in grid).

Invisible to Mortals: This power, from a roleplay point of view, works along the same lines as Silent Hunter, but makes your character not just silent while hunting, but also able to use the shadows as a cover while feeding so humans cannot see or hear them at all. In a roleplay capacity, this power could be used for your character to go invisible to humans at any time, with no effort or anima spent, but only in areas where there are shadows available to hide in.

Ellusivist: With a great deal of effort, you are able to turn your body to shadow so for a split second so that bullets and swords pass right through your body without harming you.

Spectral Form: This power works similarly to Ellusivist in that weapons cannot harm you, and also similar to Hide in Shadows in that you cannot attack anyone, with the major difference being that the power lasts a full 24 hours. You can still be seen while in the spectral form, and in fact you would appear to be a ghost to vampires and humans alike (which is fun to use in roleplay), but cannot be harmed or harm anyone.

Doppleganger: The doppleganger power allows your character to create a shadow version of him or herself. This shadow form is controlled completely by the original, and can be used to attack, rob, attack, or as a second pair of eyes. However the doppelganger is much weaker than the main vampire form. The doppleganger resembles a pure black silhouette spirit form, and is unable to speak.

Summoner's Bridge

To use these abilities one must go to the wraith Chematt and complete the mission from either a shadow or mystic path. This bridge allows shadows and mystics to develop a higher calling for those creatures that are not inherently normal to the path world.

Summon Spirit: Summoning a spirit is the same thing as summoning a ghost. The specter might be from the shadow realm, or some other plane of existence. For more information on ghosts and what they can do (in a roleplay sense) please read the page on spirits.

Summon Wraith: A wraith, in roleplay, is not the same thing as a ghost. They are spirits that have been trapped in the shadow realm for so long that they have been corrupted. Often more powerful than a ghost, but also less sane, these spirit creatures will do the bidding of the summoner and acts as his or her eyes and ears, but wraiths can do very little damage to a living vampire. All 'dead' vampires are wraiths.

Summon Fadebeast : This summoning spell is the most dangerous of all summoning powers, due to the risk that the fadebeast will turn on the summoner and attack. For this reason, the fadebeast is tied to the location (roughly 100 x 100 feet out doors, or 6 - 12 x 6 - 12 feet in doors) and will attack anything -- human, vampire, fae, hunter, ghost, or other -- who tries to pass the square.

Summon Sidhe: Summon a spirit servant of the fae who will attack enemies for you.

Summon Ally: From a roleplay perspective, only those who consider themselves friends or allies of your character can be summoned to your location. The power is instantaneous, and when cast the target will teleport in the blink of an eye to the new location. There are no blinding lights or fading in or out, it is simply instant.

Path of the Mystic

To be be on this path you must either have been born into it or have completed a mission given by the wraith Brujo. Please note that mystic powers do not require any rituals or incantations to perform. Some vampires, though, like to chant or perform certain rituals before hand, usually because they feel it is needed. Some vampires know that it is a pointless process to prepare for their spell in this way, but like to do it regardless, because they feel it adds a certain mystique to things.

Somnambulism: This power, from a roleplay standpoint, acts like hypnotism which only works on humans. A human under the influence of this spell will become docile and highly suggestive, as if sleep walking, and will allow themselves to be fed on without any struggle. In roleplay, this spell always works on normal humans (even PCs).

Blind: Blinding a vampire or human only lasts for a few minutes at the most, but it can be very useful during a fight. In roleplay, blind can be used whenever you wish, but you should remember that it can miss.

Blood Magic: This power can be described as cutting your own wrists and using the blood to perform a spell which boosts your magical energies.

Mystic Healing: This spell can only be used on the caster, and immediately seals up any wound. Descriptively, it would act like a much faster version of a vampire's natural healing abilities.

Teleport: A teleportation is instant, and leaves no trail of light, lingering sounds or blurs. It happens in the blink of an eye, and the caster is simply gone. The max distance a single teleport spell will allow is about 5 miles.

Disease: Usually, diseases do not affect vampires, but a mystic spell can cause a vampire too become riddled with a plague-like illness which slows them down and causes them a great deal of pain. The disease only lasts 24 hours, maximum, and does not always succeed.

Claim Abode: This power mimics the effects of owning a building exactly, but only prevents one person from entering. The temporary abode only lasts for a day though. If the target tries to enter, they will suffer great pain, and then death if they persist in trying to enter. If they were already in the building when it was cast, they do not feel any pain until they leave, and then try to re-enter.

Quake: This power summons a localized tremor in the area, which is indistinguishable to the prelude to a real earthquake, but does not escalate to anything near that power. It shouldn't do any real damage to the surrounding area, but will scare humans or animals enough to clear a building, if needed.

Burning Touch: The palm of the mystic exudes massive amounts of heat. No fire launches from their palm, but upon touching a person or an object, it will burn. Some objects (such as particularly dry wood or fabric) will ignite from the burning touch spell. Likewise, prolonged contact with skin while using this power will ignite the skin of a vampire or human.

Poison: Similar to the disease power, this talent is one of the few things that is able to "poison" a vampire (although the science of it isn't poison exactly, but the effects are the same). In descriptive roleplay, a poisoned individual will require more blood to keep themselves strong, as they will grow weaker with each passing day. It takes 3 days for the power to wear off.

Mastery Path

These are possible mastery powers.

Bulldozer Gust:: With an outstretched arm and hand, the vampire pushes the air, which turns into a brief gust powerful enough to overturn a car.

Sunbeam: The sunbeam involved in this power appears from out of the caster's palms, and can be directed like a torch towards a target. Sunbeams hitting a vampire target will receive a wound similar to if they had stood out in the sun, but as the beams are directed rather than blanketing, the wound is not quite as critical. The power can also be used to light up dark areas in roleplay, or even push back certain shadow creatures who find the light intolerable.

Immobilize: This paralysis spell lasts for 12 hours, and renders the vampire completely unable to move. They will usually fall to the ground as though unconscious, but their eyes will be open and they will be aware of everything happening to them. Pain, though, will bring them out of the paralysis, either in roleplay or in grid.

Enchant: Enchanting is done (from a descriptive viewpoint) by using vampire powers on an item, and infusing it with anima energies. The process is very long and tiring, but the effect on the object is permanent. The caster of this spell will also need to know as much about the ins and outs of the object as possible, so that they can better control and manipulate it, so a little scientific or engineering knowledge would help if you are describing the enchantment of a weapon.

Seekers' Bridge

To use these abilities one must go to the wraith Vadasz and complete the mission from either a telepath or mystic path. This bridge allows telepaths to branch out in their mental capabilities and further use their mind to keep track of enemies or friends closely. For mystics this path allows them to develop the mystical powers more and branch into the more mental part of those powers.

Lure Human: This power works by luring a human to you without even needing to be near one. Using a mixture of telepathic abilities and mystical energies, you can trick a human into feeling an overwhelming need to come to you. To the human it is as though all of their instincts are screaming at them to investigate something in your location.

Aura Tracking: This power can be roleplayed as being the enhanced version of the tracking skill, where an instinctive knowledge of who has passed by a certain location is given to the user, as though they were reading the memories of their surroundings, so to speak.

Triangulate: In roleplay, Triangulate doesn't give you an "x" or a "y" location of your target as it does in game, as those things do not exist in character. Instead, it can be written as giving you a vision of something to do with the player's location. Perhaps the sky if they are outside, or a feeling of them being to the north, or a metaphor for a district name, for example.

Eye Spy: Gives your character a brief (1 second) glimpse through the eyes of the target. In game it is used to triangulate a location of a target (although doesn't give exact locations, only the image of the square the target is sitting in). In roleplay, it could be used for any number of things, from spying on a lover to finding an enemy.

Psychometry: For use with the tracking skill. Can be used to see if a target has passed through a building within the previous 24 hours.

Path of the Telepath

This path can be reached by those who are created within it or by those mystics or allurists who choose to contact the wraith Eskoph and complete the mission given to them. Roleplay wise, this path is very much focused on the mental strength of a vampire. By being a telepath you are able to use your mind to control your environment, view the deeper aspects of another vampire or even use the mind to overcome the loneliness in death or life.

Mindspeak: Mindspeak, from a narrative roleplay perspective, occurs as though the speaker has implanted a voice directly into the mind of the target. The voice, in the target's head, will be the voice of the telepath.

Overwhelm: Overwhelm works a little like Mind Block in that it messes with a target's intellectual process. But whereas Mind Block centers on the area of the brain which deals with the concentration needed to use a vampiric power, Overwhelm barrages the entire mind with confusing thoughts and feelings. It will not stop a target from being able to use powers, but it does confuse them. Using this power when trying to trick or outsmart somebody would be a good idea in roleplay (but should be proven in game that the power does not miss).

Mind Block: Mind block can be described as a power which scrambles the concentration of a target enough to prevent them from using any powers for a short period of time.

Palterer: Using telepathy, a character can barter with more success, by slightly manipulating the thoughts of a target. The power has very little other practical use except for in business, but could arguable be used in roleplay to convince people to see your point of view.

Telekinetic Shield: Descriptively, this power works as an invisible dome or force field which only lasts a few seconds, but is strong enough to deflect almost any attack. When hit, the shield will shimmer slightly like the surface of a soapy bubble.

Predictive Reflex: From a descriptive roleplay perspective, this power allows the user to read the actions of a target a split second before they are performed, allowing them (with much practice) to counter these actions with great accuracy.

Read Memories: Read memories is limited to major events in the target's life, so it cannot be used to extrapolate passwords, words they might have said, or small deeds such as where they last walked or fed. In roleplay, it can sometimes (if agreed upon by both parties) be used to see memories of a sexual nature, so that the telepath can know if the target has been cheating on a companion or spouse, for example (a gift telepaths could in theory sell, in a roleplay capacity as a sort of private detective). When experiencing these memories, a telepath does not see them as images, but instead experiences them as if they were words being read out by a storyteller. A telepath concentrating to use this power will often say these words out loud, instinctively, reciting the target's memory.

Appraisal : From a roleplay perspective, this power grants telepaths the constant ability to size up a target. It does not give "stats" as you see them on their character sheet, but in roleplay terms it would allow the telepath to get an idea of the powers and strengths the target possesses.

Technokenisis: All energies are interconnected, and thus a telepath can use their mental powers to grab wireless signals out of the air and even connect to the internet without a computer. From a telepaths perspective, such a thing is not visualized as though they were seeing a computer screen; it is a translation and manipulation of active wireless data in the mind of the user. In the minds of the most computer savvy, though, they might see this translation in their mind as data on a computer screen. The power in roleplay can be used to connect and manipulate any wireless electronic device, such as a cellphone, a car alarm, or a radio station. They cannot use Technokenisis to interact with electronic devices that have no wireless signal.

Projected Empathy: In roleplay this power does NOT allow the telepath to control the emotions of a target. It merely allows them to share in their own physical or mental pain (or pleasure). It cannot be used to make a target afraid, if the user isn't also afraid, for example.

Mastery Path

These are possible Mastery path powers.

Telekinesis: Telekenesis, in roleplay, is limited to objects that weigh around half (or less) than an average car.

Deeds Undone: Concentrating with telepathy powers allows the user of this power to cast a net over a large area and cause many humans to forget they ever saw the user, or dismiss previous indiscretions as circumstantial. Other uses of this power are limited to humans, but in roleplay it can also be used to slightly alter the thinking of groups of humans, such as calming an angry mob.

Mind Hack: Using this allows the user to become the puppet master of the target for a short time (not long enough to do anything major such as force them to have sex or kill themselves), and can be described as being able to push the target to do things that aren't completely against their will (much like a Jedi mind trick, but without needing to speak to the person). Using this does not give the telepath the ability to see through the eyes of the target, so their telepathic commands to them are blind, and limited only to moving around, opening doors, and so on.

Pyrokenisis: Fire hurts a vampire, and because of this a telepath must be careful while using Pyrokenisis. Please note, that this power does not CREATE flames, it merely controls their direction. It cannot be used to turn the flame of a lighter into a massive fireball ready to be launched at opponents; it is much more subtle than that. If fire can be created by the telepath, they are able to strongly influence its spread and growth, but the effect is by no means instantaneous or easy.

Outer Body Experience: A telepath using this power could describe it as floating up high over their own body and being able to scout the area around them. Their body remains out of their own control during the duration of the power.

Illusionist's Bridge

To use these abilities one must go to the wraith Berlion and complete the mission from either a telepath or allurist path. This bridge gives the telepath a greater hold on mental powers while letting the charismatic allurist have a chance to mess with their enemies.

Distraction: A very brief illusion, usually in the form of a fleeting image, a flurry of fake movement, a distant sound, etc. Distraction can be anything the illusionist can think of, but only lasts a few seconds at most and works only on guards during break-ins. Causing most of them to chase off these distractions rather then patrol the building, usually leaving behind only 1 guard.

Decoy: The decoy power is a self-image projection illusion, indistinguishable from the user. It will wait around at the location in which it was originally cast. When attacked, the illusion will disperse in a wave of telepathic energy, harming the assailant. Not to be confused with a dummy, a decoy is a very lifelike illusion, meaning it might move a little bit, blinking, pretending to breathe, etc. The decoy will not talk, walk around, or be able to interact with anyone.

Harmful Illusion: The illusion can be anything and is so strong that it convinces the mind of the target that real physical damage has been dealt by the illusion. This power causes the enemy to leaving them unable to think or do normal activities for a limited period of time.

Hall of Mirrors: Hall of Mirrors is used as an advanced version of distraction, in that the illusion cast could be anything the user wishes, but the duration and scope of the power is much larger. Hall of Mirrors only works on one enemy at a time, and the illusion itself causes the enemy to be unable to focus properly on using a weapon on you.

Waking Nightmare: This power allows the illusionist to cast harmful illusions on an enemy. If successful these nightmares will follow them for 4 days and causes them to lose the ability to properly resist other powers cast on them.

If used in roleplay, both attacker and target should plot OOC to ascertain the target character's worst nightmares if they choose to fully roleplay this out.

Path of the Allurist

This path can be reached by those who are created within it or by those telepaths or killers who choose to contact the wraith Varhexen and complete the mission given to them. Allurists are able to manipulate their targets using a mixture of mind and body. As such, you can roleplay using your powers as a form of telepathic trickery,an extra powerful personality, or using some kind of chemical concoction which makes your character hugely persuasive and charming to others. You can even combine all of these tactics as the path is located between Telepath (Mind control) and Killer (Body focus).

Intimidate: Causes a target to become uncertain of themselves when facing you, as they begin to see you are far stronger, more charismatic, or more intimidating than perhaps you are. This does not cause the target to flee in terror; it will simply make them uncertain of themselves.

Inspire: Inspire can be used as a motivational speech, or as a mental connection established via meditation, or even as your presence exuding an inspirational aura which strengthens a friend. It lasts for 24 hours, max.

Silver-Tongued: Using this ability, you manage to convince a shop keeper to give you 10 percent off anything you buy, or 10 percent extra when selling items back to them.

Enchanter : This ability allows you as the allurist to avoid some of the suspicion when spotted feeding, fighting or doing other noticeable vampiric actions. Because you avoid some of this scrutiny of bystanders, the full bounty is cut in half when applied to you.

Bewitch Human: This power cannot be used on a player character human unless they consent to it. In roleplay, you can use it to gain the assistance of the thrall, whose actions can be written into the roleplay posts. The human will become your minion until you release them, or they die, and is no longer controllable by anyone but yourself (unless the writer of the human is a player character). Classed humans cannot be enthralled at this time.

Confuse: Very simply, this allurism power confuses your opponent, causing them to become disorientated, slow thinking, or similar.

Swarm: Swarm uses your character's allurism abilities to draw the aid of all insects within a radius of roughly half a mile. Flies, spiders, wasps, hornets and more will all swarm to the location of your target and begin biting, stinging and covering their body. The power cannot be used to make friends with a butterfly -- it is purely used to form a hive-like army with you as their queen, and direct them to an enemy.

Pacification: Please note: this power does NOT give you full and total control of a character's libido. The target will not fall immediately in love with your character, and neither will they automatically jump into your character's bed (unless the writer of the target character wishes it). Roleplay-wise it simply acts as an almost-irresistible attraction spell (which can fail), causing the target to develop an infatuation or sexual desire for the allurist. If the character in question in chaste or particularly stubborn and cold, they might not be as bewitched by your character's power, but will usually still stop attacking you, and instead seek to end a conflict or please your character. Even if this power does succeed, though, and your character is weak willed, highly emotional, and sexually driven, you as the writer of your character can still refuse to enter into a roleplay of a sexual nature with the character, if you wish.

Bewitch Vampire: For a few seconds, allows the user to control the actions of another character, and have them attack a non-friend or enemy on your behalf. In roleplay it can be described as mental domination, supernatural persuasiveness, or similar.

Mob Rule: This power works in a similar way to Swarm, but with humans. You could roleplay it either as your character convincing a crowd of humans to attack or slow a target, or you could roleplay it as your character forming a brief hive-like bond with the mob, which lasts only about 10 minutes and cannot be used for anything other than combat.

Mastery Path

True Leader: In game his power inspires all of those in your faction. From a roleplay perspective, this process could be described as either a speech or a meditation which boosts the confidence and motivation of those allies in your group, using your allurist powers.

Bewitch 2 Humans: This power works exactly the same as Bewitch Human, but allows you to control 2 humans at once.

Hypnotic Scent: Your character's presence becomes overwhelming, and their scent causes a target to go docile for a few moments, as if they were hypnotized by your characters hyper-charismatic aura.

Enslave: If this power succeeds, it allows the user to dominate a target for much longer (10 minutes) than the Bewitch power. However, it doesn't give your character the power to make the target do something they strongly do not wish to do.

Charming: Although in game this power is used to half your bounty, in roleplay it can be used for more than this. It is primarily used to convince somebody to see something your way, but the roleplay possibilities of this power depend entirely upon OOC agreements between you and the other roleplayers in the thread. As with all Allurist powers, the effects are not all-powerful and guaranteed to work.

Animal Friendship: In roleplay, this power will give your character control over almost any animal you meet. Although the power requires anima to use, simply having this power will stop wild animals from attacking you, unless they are being driven by other allurists or fae.

Shifter's Bridge

To use these abilities one must go to the wraith Klae and complete the mission from either a Killer or Allurist path. This bridge between killer and allurist is clearly designed to give the weaker allurist more brute strength and the killer a better grasp on deadlier forms to keep their prey scared.

Alter Ego: This power blocks the Eye Spy and Triangulate powers, and makes it necessary for somebody to be in next to you in order to see where you are in city.

Changeling: For 24 hours, this power allows the shifter to mimic the form of another vampire. To use this, the shifter must be looking at the person they wish to mimic while they are changing. The power can be used to fool others, but unless you are a skilled actor and impersonator, it will not fool close friends of the original person. This power is used to allow the shifter to attack one enemy in this disguise.

NOTE: In RP, if a changeling is caught on camera, the fake face will be the one seen, however given the grid mechanics do not currently disguise a shapeshifter's identity, it's suggested that when roleplaying this, writers introduce a 'tell' which will believably make it so their character can be identified.

Meaner Things: This shape shifting power can be used to turn the shifter into an animal at will, but you are forever limited to shifting into one animal form. For example, if in your first shift, you chose to become a bat, then you would never be able to change into a wolf or a snake, as you would be bound to one animal form. You can of course change back to your vampire form whenever you wish, but it takes a lot of energy and strength to do this. This ability allows you to hide from the fae in daylight and regain you strength slowly. Additional forms may be gained in the form of a roleplay power. Vampires still cast no reflection. Those who do cast a reflection, cast a humanoid one. Vampires can recognize each other when shifted, however humans would see shifted vampires as unrecognizable from other animals.

Feral Mutation: This power turns the shifter into a larger mutated version of themselves and is used to kill. In many ways, the form that this power allows you to take is much like that of a furless werewolf, with massive claws, jaws of sharp teeth, longer and more powerful appendages. This ability increases your Dexterity, Strength, and stamina.

Monstrous: This power makes the shifter turn into a massive, mutated version of yourself. It doesn't make you much stronger, but it makes you scarier looking. This ability allows the shifter to cause other vampires to miss hitting you due to fear.

Path of the Killer

This path is open for those who have been training from vampiric birth or necromancers who have contacted the wraith Raeserri. Roleplay wise this path is most closely associated to those assassins of legend who hone their skills in order to be perfect the art of killing. In fact in some ways they get advantages many other vampires do not, such as daywalking.

Tunnel: Tunnel down into the sewers or tunnel into the wilderness without needing to find an access point, Using a blend of Celerity-like movement and Razor Claws-like talons, you as a killer can dig and smash through solid concrete. Cannot be used to enter private abodes uninvited.

Bone Crusher: Roleplay-wise this power is another that can simply be described as temporary enhanced strength (although it does something more specific in-grid).

Throw: This power works as a temporary boost a killers strength. This allows you to pick up and throw vampires should you want them away from you.

Hyper Perception: The massive increase in dexterity that this power lends you can be explained by an enhanced and temporary awareness of everything around you, from the twitch of a trigger finger to the flash on the expression of an opponent as they concentrate in preparation for using a power.

Healing Trance: A killer's healing trance, as the game powers page describes, allows them to heal their wounds at double the speed, but prevents them from moving while in this trance. In roleplay, nothing can break a killer from their trance, until the sun rises, and during this period the killer remains vulnerable.

Super Jump: Super Jump allows for jumps up to the height of around 3 stories high (40 foot). This ability can land you in the water, over gates or in other spots, so you should be careful when you choose to use it.

Celerity: Celerity allows for a single burst of movement, almost too quick for mortal eyes to follow. Celerity cannot be used in roleplay to take actions requiring any real precision, such as super speed typing, finesse melee combat, or similar. It can only be used for direct and imprecise actions such as running from one location to another, charging down an enemy, or a quick flurry of sword direct and imprecise sword strikes.

Razor Claws: Your claws become savage weapons. Descriptively, this power grows your hands and nails to the point where they can act as powerful and dangerously sharp claws. You could also use this power for other things, such as scaling walls.

Deadeye: Deadeye slows perceived movement in your character's eyes, acting like slow motion reality, and allowing your character more time to aim at a target. In roleplay, this can also be used to describe any number of other actions, in or out of combat, but this power only lasts a few seconds when activated.

Daywalker: Although in roleplay this power does allow the user to walk in the sun, there are limitations, descriptively speaking. The killer's skin will still smolder (revealing them to humans), but will not result in a lasting wound. After a day in the sun, however, a killer will be weak and will not be able to go unharmed the following day if they are caught in the sun again.

Note: Daywalker vampires are unlikely to be comfortable in sunlight. A Daywalker would still be extremely tired during the day, and would naturally be much less proficient at supernatural tasks, and in sunlight, they would usually feel a strong desire to get inside, because sunlight is not normally a pleasant experience for vampires. While Daywalker lessens the impact of damage from sunlight, a vampire outside when the sun is up would still smoke, and they would still feel a painful (or at least unpleasant) burning sensation, they just wouldn't take the massive damage (I. E. 3rd+ degree burns).

Mastery Path

These are possible Mastery Powers

Bullet Dodge; Can be roleplayed as your character having a temporary boost in dexterity and perception which grants them the ability to dodge bullets.

Master Celerity: Roleplay-wise, this version of celerity takes less effort, and can be used to a greater degree of precision. Please remember, when using celerity, that your character only has a certain amount of anima and thus cannot use it constantly.

Kamikaze: The equivalent to a berserker rage, the killer uses this power to go completely feral for a few minutes, becoming super strong and dangerous, but also less able to reason and plot in combat.

Sentinel: In roleplay this power can be used to describe the defending of a key position such as a doorway, for example, where your character becomes immovable and tireless in their guarding.

Regenerate: Concentrating, your character can use this power to replenish lost energy and instantly become fully rejuvenated and ready to move again, no matter how tired they might have been.

Immortal's Bridge

Necromancers or Killers can get on this path by completing a mission provided by Gwyllia. Roleplay wise, this bridge is designed to help necromancers shrug off wounds and embrace the shadow realm more by being able to go in and out of it quickly. For killers this also helps them to become the ultimate killer by being able to be invulnerable to wounds and spotting enemies quickly.

Vigilance: This allows an immortal to improve their chances of spotting an enemy in time to retaliate or attack while in a defensive stance. (Sentry mode)

Zombie Constitution: This power is used to shrug off the negative effects of a normal wound, allowing the vampire to ignore the pain for a longer period of time.

Quickening: This power turns one critical wound into a normal wound, allowing you to feed regularly rather then feeding in small amounts.

Rejuvenation: Automatically decreases the longevity of a new death injuries by one month.

Life Link: With this power there is no need for you to find an shadow realm door to exit by. However you will need to wait a period of days to be able to instantly leave, since you need to build up your strength with spirits.

Path of the Necromancer

The path of the necromancer can be be most closely related to that of a healer who happens to have domain over death. This path can be reached by contacting the wraith Danicus or by those who start out by training as a new vampire. As a roleplayer you can use such rp this type of character as being very comfortable with death, wounds, empathic and or physical healing as well as having control over spirits or wraiths

Rigomortis: This power allows the necromancer to inflict paralyzing rigormortis on any undead creature in the city who attacks them.

Blood Boost: When a necromancer uses this power, their blood level grows quickly, in the same way that a human's blood would regenerate over time. However this power has limits unless you have help from those with the power to summon spirits for you.

Grave Digger: This ability allows you as the necromancer to dig up a patch of earth in which to hide yourself in from enemies. This power according to those who taught you, should work for a full day, however it takes time to recover from the usage of such power, so you may find yourself unable to use it again for day.

Blood Heal: This power allows you to heal other vampires who have lost blood. However the ability is limited in the scope that you can only heal, not sense how much blood they need. So be sure to communicate with the victim so that you know how much they need.

Raise Vampire: Raise vampire is simple. It re-animates a dead vampire from the shadow realm and puts it at the command of the necromancer. Their spirit can then be used to attack an enemy and confuse your targets on who actually wants them dead.

Corpsify: If this power succeeds, it causes a hideous curse on your enemy, which makes the target appear as though they were a week old corpse, the smell of rotting flesh and all. The curse lasts until the next sunrise.

Medium: As medium allows the necromancer to see spirits on the world map, this power allows the necromancer to see dead more clearly then other vampires.

Humanize: Humanize, in effect, stops a target's healing process almost entirely, causing them to have human slow healing. It does not make them easier to kill, it simply stops existing wounds from healing for 24 hours.

Undead Hordes: This power works like Raise Vampire, but doesn't give control over the zombie hordes that the necromancer raises. Raised zombies act just like normal zombies, but can be commanded. They do not think or speak. This ability gives you the power to raise a set of three zombies. However be careful that they do not turn on you the user. For once you summon them, they are bound to protect that spot and whoever is in there. They will attack anyone who comes near them including you.

Curse: Using this power, you as the necromancer can curse an enemy causing them to become slow and less efficient at all tasks. You can either use this power face to face or from a private area. If it succeeds, the enemy will not know who cursed them unless of course you take the face to face method or tell them.

Mastery Path

These powers are possible master powers of the necromancers.

Craft Mooncalf: A mooncalf, descriptively, are zombies crafted from the bodies of multiple corpses. The exact specifics of what this might look like is up to the roleplayers, but it could entail various Siamese twin-like configurations, with multiple limbs, heads, mouths, massive bulks of amalgamated rotten flesh and bone all twisted to the desires of the summoner.

Death Herself: If this spell succeeds, the target will drop dead instantly and their spirit will enter the shadow realm. Exactly how this power works is a matter of speculation.

Banish: Banish wont actually kill a character, so when describing a character who has been banished, it's better to explain it as them simply fading away into shadows before your eyes. Remember you can't banish a character in roleplay unless you've done it in game.

Paralysis: Although this power wont absolutely paralyze a target, it will make them unable to gather the strength to fight back for about 15 seconds. You could also use this power in roleplay to slow a target down so you can run without them having the strength to chase you.

60 Feet Under: You could describe this power as a manipulation of the earth or as making the dirt fade away as if taken by shadows. The process is slow, so it cannot really be used in the heat of battle (roleplay wise).

Haunting: In game the power saps the life out of a vampire who passes the cursed square. Roleplay-wise it literally haunts the square with invisible wraiths, who will attempt to feed on the energy of passers by.

Leach Life: The explanation of how Leech Life can work without invoking the taint is tied to the nature of necromancy. As the blood leaves the vampire's body and is transported through the air (the blood can seep through the skin of the target), the necromantic magic cleanses it of the vampiric curse, enabling it to be absorbed by the Necromancer without risking permanent death. A vampire with this power cannot drink the blood of a vampire without risking being tainted, unless they activate this power before doing so.

Control Spirit: Using this power allows the Necromancer to command a spirit thrall, until the spirit is destroyed. In roleplay, the ghost could be the ghost of any NPC or PC (if agreed upon by the owner of the ghost character). Spirits cannot attack or steal or do anything else that would require them to interact with the physical.

Fadewalker's Bridge

This bridge is for those shadows or necromancers who have contacted the wraith Hantu and completed the mission given to them by it. These powers overall allow a necromancer more power over the shadow realm, whether inside the actual realm or outside of it. This bridge also gives shadows the ability to take their shadow nature to the next level and have a deeper connection with the shadow realm.

Curse Spirit: This power gives the fadewalker the ability to curse a vampires spirit into the shadow realm. You must be within the city to use it as it does not work in the actual realm.

Shadow Crafting: This power allows the fadewalker craft the shadow realm into a pale mimic of the world above. In fact the fadewalker can shape invisible locks around themselves to protect themselves from other vampire spirits who might seek to harm them. They can also lock a vampire spirit to a certain portion of the shadow realm for a limited period of time.

Enter Shadows: This power allows the fadewalker to enter the mysterious shadow realm any time they like. However it does not provide an escape plan. The fadewalker can find a natural shadow exit or simply wait for the power to fade. At which time they will be physically removed from the shadow realm by the spirits themselves. When entering the Shadow Realm, the vampire's body goes with them, but they appear as a wraith would.

Fade Absorption: This ability allows the fadewalker to absorb mysterious bits of shadow power from the shadow realm and the city. However these mysterious pockets of energy are found far more often within the shadow realm then within the city walls. After gaining this energy, the fadewalker will be able to focus their strength on learning powers faster.

Shadow Gate: This power allows the fadewalker to open a portal into the Shadow realm, and allow the shadow power to drift through. For all those who stand within this portal, the magic within your body will renew itself slowly over time.

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