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While many scripts can be purchased in shops, there are those that are only available via programming in various degrees.

Scripts such as Pacify are only acquirable by programming with no versions available for purchase in shops. For those purchasable scripts, such as Cauldron, higher level versions (currently up to level 6) are only accessible via programming.

The available programmable scripts depend upon the hacker's skills. Higher levels in the hacking skill will unlock more scripts and higher level versions. For someone will a base hacking skill, they are limited to V1 of Delete and Evaluate

Programming Notes

  • 1 energy will be taken per hour until the script is completed & collected.
  • Programming can be sped up by using the Cauldron scripts to analyse Source Codes.
  • Scripts are collected by returning to the program screen upon completion.
  • Experience is gained at program completion and varies by script and version.
  • Programming has no chance to fail; it merely takes longer with lower Willpower.
  • The minimum number of days it takes to write a script is 1 day, regardless of your Willpower.

Programming a Script

Script selection screen

Programming a script is a fairly straightforward process that begins by accessing the hacking page. Choosing the last option, 'Program Custom Scripts' will bring the hacker to the programming screen, seen right. It begins by relaying a reminder than while a script is being programmed it will cost the hacker 1 energy an hour. Also pointed out is that the hacker's hacking skill and willpower will decrease the base time needed for a script. From here, the script type and version are selected.

Script preview screen

Once the script and version are selected, clicking the 'Continue to coding overview' button brings the hacker to the script preview screen, seen left. This screen details the selected script and version, what it does, and how long it will take. Also given are details on more advanced versions of the script and their functions. The time indicated is the total number of days required based upon stats. This time can be decreased with the combination of the Cauldron script and Source Codes.

Script confirmation screen

Clicking 'Start Programming' will begin the creation, with no immediate energy loss, and bring up a confirmation screen indicating that the programming has begun, seen right. It reiterates the base time frame for script completion, as well and reminds the hacker that utilizing Source Codes will speed up the process.

Returning to the Program Custom Scripts section of the Hacking Menu while a script is in-progress will give you information on the script, allow you to cancel the coding and speed up should you have Source Codes.

Speeding Up Scripts

Script progress screen

The time displayed on the Programming Screen is the base time once a hacker's skills and willpower have been taken into account. Times can range from 3 days for a basic script to over 90 days for an advanced one. Fortunately, the process can be sped up.

Cauldron Time Savings
Version Hours
V1 12
V2 24
V3 36
V4 48
V5 60
V6 72

Hackers wishing to shave time off the coding process must possess some version of the Cauldron script. The time savings depends on the version of the script. Each progressively higher version removes an additional 12 hours from the coding time.

Given the Cauldron script works by analyzing Source Codes, they are also a component in lowering script times. These files can be found during business hacks, Hacking raids and as loot to be stolen from certain buildings. Each time you speed up the process you use up one Source Code meaning that you must have multiples on hand if you wish to drastically affect the completion time. You can decreases the number of codes needed while scripting by increasing willpower. The time taken to complete a scrip can be reduced to 1 day, and no further.

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