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Whenever you post descriptive roleplay posts on a few select forums, you will be rewarded with "RPP" which stands for "roleplay points". For approximately every word you type in a post you will be given 1 RPP. These RPP can be exchanged for experience or cash on the grid, or can be used as payment towards Roleplay Powers.

There are no limits to how many RPP you can exchange per day for money or experience, provided you have the energy. No energy will be taken for the first 500 RPP you exchange each day. After that 500, you will need to spend energy to cash in your RPP. This allows you to level up as fast as other characters purely by posting roleplay, without needing to move your character in game, if you wish.

How it Works


RPP can be exchanged under the CHARACTER > RP Points menu. Conversion rates start at 1 EXP per 6.2 RPP for RP level 1, and cap at RP level 29+, which is 1 EXP per .8 RPP (with a Retrocognition Spyglass).

You get about 1 RPP for every word you write on those boards, 10 RPP for posting a new post, and a further 10 RPP if you start a new thread entirely. You can see how much RPP you currently have by going to your "RP Points" page in game which is found in the character drop-down menu.

Posting to threads marked [open] will increase RPP gain by 50%


To exchange points for coin or EXP, select the amount of RPP you wish to exchange from the provided drop-down options. Once you have pushed the Exchange button. The system will then calculate the exchange of RPP to coin/EXP and provide you with confirmation of the exchange.

When exchanging RPP after the initial 500 free RPP, it is at a cost of 20 energy for every 500 RPP you wish to exchange. If you attempt to trade more RPP than you have available energy, the system will not allow the change.

EXAMPLE: You will gain 108 exp from this. This exchange will NOT take energy points. Confirm?

By clicking confirm, you accept the exchange and are granted the EXP or cash.

Restrictions and Cheating Prevention

The use and acquisition follow a few commonsense rules:

  • Don't post gibberish in your roleplay, or we'll assume you're just doing it to earn EXP.
  • If you're going to quote somebody use the ["quote"] tags provided. This includes music lyrics, poems, and previously written posts that are being referenced. You aren't supposed to be earning RPP from other people's writing, just your own.
  • If you edit your RP post, your RPP totals will immediately update. Use of this feature to add gibberish (or similar) to old posts is prohibited.
  • Deleting a post will take away RPP from your totals.
  • If you cash in all your RPP and then delete a post for whatever reason you will go into negative RPP. That's fine, as long as it wasn't on purpose, because you'd have to work your way back out of the minus anyway. If we find people with thousands of minus RPP constantly, we'll get suspicious.
  • Live roleplay transcripts can be posted, but you should only post the transcripts with permission from all other people involved. If possible, try to give the other people involved in the live RP a chance to post a proportionate amount of the log so that they get an equal share of the RPP rewards.

RPP Forums

The following forums are where you can post to came Roleplay Points, all found under the Role Play (IC Description-based RP) forum heading:

  • The Turning
  • Streets of Harper Rock
  • Around the City (and its subforums)
  • Stories and Journals
  • Path Hardcore Ruleset
    Note: The Hardcore Ruleset board gives 50% more RPP. Tagging a thread [open] in this area will not stack with the Hardcore Ruleset RPP bonus.
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