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Raids are either solo or team events that are randomly generated in the city. There are currently three types of solo raid: battle raids, stealth raids, hacking raids. In each type of raid, you must advance to the top of the raid location by collecting keycards or performing a task on each floor.

Solo Raids
Battle Raids Relic Skills Required
Gangsters Arcane Fetish Firearms, Martial Arts
Undead Deepsleeper's Acorn
Hunter Ancient's Pendant
City of the Dead Revenant's Ashes
Stealth Raids Relic Skills Required
Security 1 Plutocrat's Band Stealing, Mechanics
Security 2 Necklace of Occultation
Security 3 Titan's Bracelet
Security 4 Ring of Danger Intuition
Hacking Raids Relic Skills Required
Security 1 Buckle of Retreat Hacking
Security 2 Monocle of Modulation
Security 3 Sanguivore's Bane
Security 4 Healing Vambrace
Team Raids
Difficulty EXP Cash
Easy 1,250 $37,500
Standard 1,500 $45,000
Challenging 1,750 $52,500
Hard 2,000 $60,000

Raids are player vs. environment events; your success at each type of raid will be determined by your skills and attributes. Solo raids are run alone, whereas team raids can be run in groups of up to 6 characters. When participating in solo raids, in addition to the experience earned during the event, you have the chance to gain one of many relics. Only one relic is available per raid event.

team raids have a twofold reward: cash and experience, however there is no relic to be found. There are, however, many items that can be picked off the ground by team members as loot.

A relic called the Earring of Whispers can be purchased in Magic Shops and will notify your character of the advent of any team or battle raids, with the exception of the City of the Dead raids.

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