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For more information about gameplay relating to raids, see; Raids.

Battle Raids

Battle Raids may be participated in for a number of reasons suitable to any number of characters. For example, a character might want to make money or find valuable items; they may also want to protect Vampiric Secrecy, such as in the case of undead raids, or take out potential vampiric threats such as in the case of hunter raids. Ultimately, why a vampire participates in a raid is entirely up to you. The term "raid" originates from the OOC designation for the Grid event, however raids can be referenced IC if it's adopted into a group's nomenclature.

Battle raids focus on killing a series of NPCs who get progressively harder to kill as a character ascends floors.

Gangster Raids

These raids are hideouts where gangsters stash weapons, cook up drugs, or meet. Run by a boss, they will disperse after the gang boss has been dispatched. All NPCs in this type of raid are pure human, and represent gang organization, including Gangsters, who are little more than thugs. Enforcers are NPCs who enforce the rules of the gang, and protect its interests. The Gang Lts are high ranking gang members. They may be described with the physical and personality traits you desire, and may know, be suspicious of, or be oblivious to the supernatural. They will not be supernatural themselves. The hideouts will usually be poorly taken care of dives in sore need of maintenance. Occasionally they might be abandoned warehouses, etc.

Undead Raids

These raids are buildings owned by Rogue Necromancers. As you might imagine, these buildings may once have been nice, but the walls have been twisted (figuratively), with the dark necromancy which has gone on in them. Because they house tons of dead bodies, you can expect to see blood splatters all over the walls, along with the strong smells of rot, copper, and death. Inside, characters are likely to see heaps of dead bodies in various states of decay. Rogue Necromancers are obsessed with raising the dead, and surround themselves with monstrosities. Many of the undead in this type of raid are described on the NPCs (RP) page.

Hunter Raid

These raids are hunter sanctuaries for paladins, footsoldiers, and sorcerers of various hunter factions. These sanctuaries exist in part as rally points for the forces inside of the raid buildings to congregate and prepare to attack the Vampires of Harper Rock. As such, a vampire character may desire to protect their own kind by killing the Ancient Sorcerers inside. Once the Ancient Sorcerer is killed, the remnants of whatever hunter mini-faction of NPCs remains inside will soon disperse. The buildings are frequently nondescript from the outside, but are usually well protected on the inside. Most often, these buildings were previously abandoned. NPCs found in these raids are human, but are supernatural.

City of the Dead

City of the Dead raids are filled with undead abominations. It is currently unknown what causes them to arise, but they always pop up in the catacombs underneath the Mausoleum. Because of this, the Earring of Whispers does not pick up on City of the Dead raids. NPCs found in the raid include: Trayonetic Bears, Mooncalfs, Greater Mooncalfs, and other such strong undead enemies. Some vampires believe these creatures pose a serious threat to Vampiric Secrecy, because they might get out of the underground and invade the surface. Other characters may just want to get the relic held by the Enslaved Revenant. As you can imagine, the raid 'building' is not so much a building as an underground catacomb.

Team Raids

Team Raids, are raids which require multiple participants to complete. Generally, a ritualist, hacker, thief, and fighter are needed - or character with a combination of those strengths/skills. The buildings these raids are held in are always offices and skyscrapers, as the buildings are owned by the Hebigumo Foundation. The type of NPCs found inside are Jorogumo, and Encantado, which are two variety of Sirens, or Demifae. When the Jorogumo Matriarch at the top is killed, the other demifae inside will soon depart. It is currently unknown exactly what the interest of the Hebigumo Foundation is in Harper Rock, but they appear to be in favor of humans (as they require humans to survive), and appear to be more neutral towards the subject of Vampires.

Stealth Raids

Stealth Raids are very secure buildings which have rare Relics in them. These buildings may be described a variety of ways but are most often going to be warehouses, archives, or factories. They frequently have a large number of guards in them, and are filled with active security cameras. The objective is to get through without being discovered, as causing the police to show up will get your character escorted out of the raid building.

Hacking Raids

Hacking Raids can be described a networks or systems which have valuable information on them, the information of course, being the location of a rare relic. The location of these relics is always found on a business network. Once your character wins the raid, they will go to get the relic from its previously hidden location. The building a character gets the relic from is most likely a warehouse of some kind owned by the business which the raid winner hacked. As such, many details are up to the writer.

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