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Random Events are just that - random events that you stumble upon within the city. After you step into the square where an event is taking place, a message at the top of your screen will appear. Accepting the event gives you 4 choices. The outcome of the event is based on your choice, which can do multiple things such as but not limited to:

  • Lowering the city alert
  • Giving you cash
  • Giving you items

If you accept the random event, you will use 2 energy which will guaranteed you either 25 or 100 experience points.

How Does it Work?

When you stumble on a random event, it will say "You notice something strange going on nearby. Investigate?" at the top of your screen with the word "Investigate?" being a clickable link. These events always start outside, on the world map, but cannot be seen by any thralls. There are some designated for humans, some for vampires, and some events can be undertaken by either.

Once you click "investigate" you will be given the simple events page. It's all quite straightforward, and it only takes a few seconds to complete an event (for now, they will get much more involved later on). Some choices will lead to a battle, other choices will simply tell you if you were successful in persuading a person or avoiding them, etc.

Each random event costs 2 energy.

Each of your choices are keyed off a stat. This means that each choice requires that you have a high number in a certain stat or skill. For example, if you chose to pick a guard's pocket, it'd check your stealing. If you chose to talk a mugger out of mugging somebody, it'd check your speechcraft. These are just examples, as it could be absolutely anything.

Who does it benefit?

Many players can benefit from these events. The list below is just a few of the examples of those who could use these to further their characters.

  • Those who want to earn tons of experience points, and have money to burn.
  • Those who want to affect the city alert levels, either positively or negatively.
  • Those who want to affect the outcome of one or more chapter issues (forthcoming).
  • Characters who are being played as charismatic or speech-craft centric, or who aren't into breaking the law.

Where can they be found?

These events can be found anywhere on the word city grid.

There are three ways of finding random events. The first is randomly, as the name suggests. The second way is by paying an oracle $1000. Oracles move around very rarely, and will tell paying customers where something important is about to happen (the location of an event). You will, however, have to find her yourself the first time, sorry. The third way is only available for Dual-class humans who have the special ability, Yao-Jen Sage, which enables them to "Fortell" the location of random events for 3 anima each use.

In roleplay terms, the oracles can be viewed as mysterious women, who have neither a vampiric aura nor an entirely human feel to them. They will not tell you the future regarding anything personal to you or your friends, they will only foretell events that are about to transpire in the city. When standing in the same square as The Oracle (who appears yellow as she is an NPC) you will see the following message at the top of your screen:

"You approach the Oracle, a middle aged homeless woman dressed in old fashioned clothing, which is worn and caked in dirt. She looks up at you with her thin, grubby face and stretches out a filthy open palm. If you wish to know where something important is about to happen in the city, she can tell you, and asks for $1000 in return. Pay it?"

Upon clicking the linked words 'Pay it?' you will see at the top of your screen:

"The woman takes your money, and with a voice as clear and articulate as can be, she tells you that very soon something is going to happen on the city streets (at XX,YY , world). She tells you to hurry, as fate waits for neither mortal, nor immortal."

Take into consideration that she tells you to hurry because once someone clicks on the investigate link, the random event then re-spawns to another location in the city - and if someone else stumbles on it before you get there your money is then wasted.

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