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Characters are able to purchase a wide variety of properties within Harper Rock. There are apartments, shops, crypts, trailers and more. Each can be bought using in-game currency or Karma, though certain types may only be available for Karma. These properties can be customized via design and additional elements to suit.

Types of Properties

There are three main types of properties - Apartments, Lairs, and Shops

Apartments are the generic term covering all ready-made dwellings. Aside from apartments, there are crypts, trailers, cabins, houses and even boats. Each type has its own pre-set floor plan and can be set to either public or private by the owner. They are bought either for in-game currency or Karma, though some types are Karma only.

Lairs are free-standing structures accessible directly from the World Map. They can either be Private (controlled access) buildings or Public buildings. In some cases, they be a mixture - in these cases, they will appear as public buildings on the map. These properties are custom designed and cost Karma to buy as each must be coded by a developer and take up a city grid square.

Shops are ready-made public areas that are meant to house businesses and shops. They are rarer than other types of properties and tend to sell out quickly. They must be bought by going to the actual shop.

Accessing Properties

Lairs are accessed directly via the World Map.

Apartments and Shops require that a character to access the building the property is in, before locating the correct apartment/boat/etc. For apartments, the first number(s) of the apartment indicate the floor number. For example, BT405 would be on the 4th floor of Beta Towers.

Purchasing a Property

Ready-Made Properties

Ready-Made Properties such as a boat or apartment can be purchased one of several ways.

  • From the Real Estate listing in the Navigation drop-down on the grid. From this screen, you can purchase your desired location directly with either Karma or cash. Note: Some lair types are only available for Karma or coin, not both.
  • Visiting the physical location of the property. When standing on the entrance of the lair, you have the option on the left-hand side to purchase the property. You do not need to bring the cash with you to the location.

Private Re-Sales

Characters can list their unwanted properties for sale. These are listed on the Real Estate page under the Board-sold properties. These properties can be listed in either karma or in game cash, depending on what the current owner used to buy the property originally.


Lairs, i.e. one accessed directly via a square on the world map, requires talking to a developer to purchase. They must be supplied with some information that will be used to build the property.

Required Info

  • Owner's in-game name
  • Lair name
  • Desired location of lair
  • A map of the general layout
  • Details of extras, such as more floors, terminals, or sewer exits
  • State if the lair is public (red building) or private (purple buildings)


Base cost for a lair is 150 Karma which covers either a single 12 x 12 floor or two 7 x 7 floors

Additional optional features can be added for a Karma cost. A full list can be found in the customization section below.



  • No limit to number of lairs
  • Limit 5 floors per lair


  • Limit 5 lairs or apartments per IP
  • Limit 2 floors per lair


If interested in purchasing a lair, you should PM a developer with the required details along with the information for any extras you'd like added that have to be added by a developer (such as a gift shop). There is typically a wait period for this type of property as each needs to be built to order.


Properties can be customized to suit each character. There are three main types of customization - Alterations, Add-ons and Decor.


Alterations are essentially changes to a property that affect its layout, accessibility or name. Most layout and accessibility alterations must be done by a developer.

Layout Changes

  • Layout overhaul: 10 Karma, per floor
  • Floor Extensions:
    • Ready-Made Properties:1 Karma, per square
    • Lairs: 0.5 Karma, per square
  • Additional Floors:
    • Small (4 x 4): 10 Karma
    • Medium (7 x 7): 15 Karma
    • Large (12 x 12): 20 Karma

Limits: Apartments generally can only have one small room added; this is subject to the initial size of the apartment. Lairs have a 12 x 12 cap to each floor.


  • Door/Fadeportal changes: 5 Karma, per door/portal
  • Elevator: 20 Karma
  • Fade Portal (lair-to-lair): 10 karma [Available in shops]
  • Private Elevator: 30 Karma (alternate route required)
  • Sewer exit (one way, exit only): 10 Karma

Note: Lairs must be accessible by all character types which means there must be a way in and out of the lair that does not reply on powers or skills. For example, you can not have it surrounded by water, have only a private elevator without an alternative route, or tome-in without doors.


  • Lair/Shop Rename: 10 Karma


Add-ons are the little things that can be added to a property to provide entertainment, business, or convenience

Lair Only

  • Private Apartments: 20 Karma (or 5 Karma each, if for sale to anyone)


  • Arcade: Commies from Space: 10 Karma [Available in Shop]
  • Arcade: Quick Time Typing: 5 Karma [Available in Shop]
  • Fish Tank: 5 Karma


  • Bar: 10 karma [Available in shops]
  • Clothing Shop: 10 karma [Available in shops]
  • Gift Shop (custom 10 items): 20 karma
  • Magic Shop: 15 karma [Available in shops]
  • Shop: 15 karma [Available in shops]


  • ATM: 15 karma [Available in shops]
  • Crafting Bench: 10 Karma [Available in shops]
  • Desktop Computer: 5 Karma [Available in shops]
  • Forge: 10 Karma [Available in shops]
  • Hydroponics Equipment: 10 Karma [Available in shops]
  • Ritual Altar: 10 Karma [Available in shops]


All properties come pre-decorated with a deafult images, depending on property type. For instance, apartments tend to default to hardwood floors while sewer dwellings are grey stone. These images can be changed to suit your character's tastes.


A grid square is representative of a certain amount of space which varies by where the square is located. These are not precise sizes, but are a starting point to go off of:

  • World squares - Cover 1 city block
  • Semi-out squares (such as in Honeymead Market) - 15-25 ft
  • Indoor squares - 6 - 10 ft


  • Tile images should be 200 pixels by 200 pixels - smaller images will repeat while larger ones will be cut off.
  • Personal images must be hosted off-site - Photobucket and Imgur are two popular sites.

Changing Decor

Changing decor requires that the character that owns the property or their thrall must be standing in the square they wish to change. There will be a key icon to the right which when pressed will bring up a menu where one of the options is to change the tile image. Simply overwrite the current contents of that box with the new image link and press submit.

Acquiring Designs

If you do not wish to create your own personal images, you can find other players who are willing to do so in exchange for a fee. Several designers have contributed to the Lair Tutorials (Path)/(Blood) with how-to's & tips for those that want to try their hand at lair design. Cristiana has a library of various design components she uploaded for use by all interested. Kacee has also set up a pair of Photobucket accounts with tiles and furniture.

Players also have the option of replacing their tiles with other existing tiles found around the city, by using the following URLs.

Tiles used on grid
Necropolis.png Floorcheck.png Welcomeblacktile.png Floor.png
necropolis.png floorcheck.png welcombeblacktile.png floor.png
Hardwood.png Hardwood3.png Abandonedfloor2.png Metalfloor.png
hardwood.png hardwood3.png abandonedfloor2.png metalfloor.png
Castle.png Cavern.png Office1.png Sewer.png
castle.png cavern.png office1.png sewer.png
Road.png Water.png Wilderness.png Grass.png
road.png water.png wilderness.png grass.png

Owner Controls

Property owners have control over various parts of their real estate. While standing inside one of their properties, the owner or their thrall can access the owner controls by clicking the key icon on the right.

Tile Controls

Tile controls center upon the aesthetics of the property and are used to change how it looks and what features it has.

Tile Image

Changing decor requires that the character that owns the property or their thrall must be standing in the square they wish to change and accessing the owner menu. In the tile image section, simply overwrite the current contents of that box with the new image link and press 'update image'.

Place Item/Retrieve Item

Most add-ons and gifts can be place within properties either to use or, in the case of gifts, display. This can be done by either the property owner or their thrall. Simply choose the desired item from the drop down and press 'place'. Removing items follows the same process, though the name of the item currently in the square will be displayed instead of the dropdown and the button will read 'pickup'.

Gifts with images will display on the right side of the screen above the buttons. Clicking it will open a popup with a larger image and the item description. Items cannot be placed in squares that contain doors or fadeportals, so the option will not display when standing in such squares.

Lair Controls

Lair controls mainly control access to the property.

Open to all?

This controls who may access the property. This setting may only be changed by the owner, not their thrall, and is not available in shops or public lairs.

  • Public allows anyone to enter the property which is useful for gatherings.
  • Private only allows access to those who have been invited in by the owner or those who have used the Uninvited Guest power or Public House ritual.

Invite in:

Submitting a name here grants the character access to the property even when it is set to Private. Additions can only be made by the owner of the property, not their thrall. Warning: This invitation is permanent and can only be reversed with the 'Unwelcoming' ritual or by purchasing a invitations list wipe with karma - so be sure when inviting people that the name is correct and you're sure about them having unrestricted access.

Add Music -- Grooveshark ID Number:

Going to and making a playlist gives you the option for the playlist you've selected to be played in your apartment. To the right of the screen, enter the ID once you have created the playlist. This may also be set by the owner's thrall.

Recover Your Traps

Allows you to retrieve all your traps within the area to your inventory without having to pick up each individual trap.

Sell Property

Choosing this option will bring to a Property Re-sale page. This page will list in red the property you are attempting to re-sell, as well as other important information. Properties can only be sold for the original currency used to purchase them and a fee of 10,000 coins or 10 Karma is charged to the seller when the property sells.

Wipe Invitations (5 Karma)

Allows you to pay 5 karma to completely clear off the invitation list for the area in which you are standing. Note: The same can be done by performing the 'Unwelcoming' ritual for each person on the list.

Selling Property

When reselling a property, be sure to read over the entire property re-sell page very carefully. If you bought your property with karma, then your only option will be to resell for karma. If you bought your real estate with in-game cash, then your only option will be to resell for in game cash.

Please be aware that if you own multiple floors within the property, then ALL of those floors will be sold as one. This includes any private floors or apartments within the area that you are trying to re-sell.

Upon confirming your price and clicking the submit button, you will see confirmation of your sale in red:
You've placed this building up for sale on the real estate list.

Please note that selling any property will cost you 10,000 dollars or 10 karma (depending on what the property is being sold for) that will automatically be deducted from your bank account once the property is sold.

Types of Residential Dwellings


  • Layout:
    • Typical: One main 4 x 4 room, one 2 x 3 room, one 2 x 2 room
    • Dragon Tower: One main 3 x 3 room, one 2 x 3 room, one 2 x 2 room, one 3 x 2 room
  • Price:
    • Typical: $200,000 or 15 Karma
    • Dragon Tower: $300,000 or 15 Karma
  • Locations in Path: Alpha Towers, Barri Towers, Beta Towers, Corvidae Flats, Dragon Tower, Ivy Bluff, Sanctuary, The Clocktower, Veil Towers & West Towers
  • Locations in Blood: Alpha Towers, Beta Towers, Ivy Bluff


  • Typical Layout: one main 4 x 3 deck, one lower 5 x 3 deck
  • Price: $200,000 or 15 karma
  • Locations: Rock Bay Docks & ChalkyShores Marina
  • Note: Boats cannot be sailed in-game, though people are welcome to RP doing so.


  • Layout:
    • Hunter's Hill & Pine Acre: one main 4 x 3 room, one 2 x 3 room, one 2 x 2 room
    • Marsh Hill: one main 4 x 3 room, one 3 x 3 room w/ 2 x 2 alcove, two 2 x 2 room
  • Price: 30 Karma

Court Houses

  • Layout:
    • Cedar Court, Willow Court & Sparrow Lane: 2 floors; one main 4 x 4 room, one 2 x 3 room, one 2 x 2 room on each floor
    • Larch Court: 1 floor; one main 4 x 3 room, one 3 x 3 room w/ 2 x 2 alcove, two 2 x 2 room
  • Price: $100,000 or 30 Karma


  • Layout:
    • Harper Rock Graveyard: one 2 x 3 room
    • Oldtown Graveyard: one main 4 x 4 room, two 2 x 2 rooms or one main 4 x3 room, one 2 x3 room, one 2 x 2 room
  • Price: 30 Karma


  • Layout:
    • Farmland: 6 x 6 plot of farmland
    • Farmhouse: one main 4 x 3 room, one 3 x 3 room w/ 2 x 2 alcove, two 2 x 2 room
  • Price: 75 Karma

'Location: Overton Farms, Thornvale Farms, & Walnut Grove Farms

Mausoleum Chambers

  • Layout:
  • Price:
  • Locations: Mausoleum

Sewer Dwellings

  • Layout:
    • Dwelling Passages 1 & 2: one main 4 x 3 room, one 2 x 2 room
    • Dwelling Passage 3: one main 4 x 3 room, one 2 x 2 room, one 2 x 3 room
  • Price: 30 Karma


  • Layout: one 5 x 2 room
  • Price: 15 Karma
  • Locations: Crown Trailer Park

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