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Pre-Holocaust Rituals

Before the vampire holocaust, only a small number of humans or vampires knew how to summon, bind, and bend a demi-fae to their will. However, as the number of fae and demi-fae were greater back then, the process was somewhat easier.

During the period that vampire kind spent in the Shadow Realm the numbers of fae and demi-fae began to dwindle and sometimes re-locate. As such, the localized and established ritual processes of ancient times were almost all rendered useless. Rituals which once summoned a fire demi, for example, no longer worked simply because the very few fire demi-fae existing (also known as "ifrit") died out. In another example, the names of the demi-fae which were once used for rituals in the area surrounding the Black Sea became useless, as the creatures migrated to other parts of the world for what ever reason. As a result, anyone attempting to perform an old ritual in that same area would be stumped due to the names of summonable demis being unknown to them.

Modern Re-Discovery

Although certain ancient hunters (particularly sorcerers) have kept records of rituals for a long time, most of these have been unavailable to vampires or common humans until now.

The re-discovery of working rituals brought about the ability to perform certain magics in the area surrounding Harper Rock. ((Section to be filled out as soon as the corresponding roleplay is completed))

Ritual Process


The demi-fae (half fae, half human, also commonly referred to as a "nephilim") are very rare beings of varying power and talents. They are usually created when a fae mates with a human, or when a demi-fae gives birth. However, some demi-fae are created due to other unions, though the fae no longer seem as interested in creating half-fae creatures as they once were, in ancient times.

These beings -- alive or dead -- are useful for performing rituals for a number of reasons. Most importantly, they automatically respond to the commands given to them in the tongue of their fore-fathers, the fae. Although they do not all understand this language, it has the ability to compel them when spoken in conjunction with a ritual. Secondly, demi-fae possess a very wide range of powers, skills and supernatural abilities, depending on the fae which was responsible for their creation. Although some demi-fae are almost exactly like normal humans, some have small power over certain emotions, areas or laws of nature, or even elements (as in the case of the Sidhe) and metaphysical concepts. These things make even the spirits of demi-fae able to perform certain actions, if summoned, bound, or persuaded.

Role of Ingredients

Summoning Totems Summoning ingredients are used in rituals for what you might expect. They summon demi-fae, drawing them out of what ever realm they inhabit, to place them inside the binding circle surrounding your ritual alter. Most commonly, these ingredients are natural herbs, plants, or fungi.

Binding Totems Binding ingredients are used to trap the demi-fae for a short period of time. These ingredients are most often items which the particular demi finds repulsive or which can harm them. Examples of this include man-made chemicals, pollutants and super-natural (or unnatural) artifacts.

Power Totems Power ingredients are those which the summoner draws power from on behalf of the demi-fae. A demi cannot perform tricks without some object to draw power from. This object can be practically anything that holds value to somebody.

Offering Totems "Offering" ingredients work to appease demi-fae as much as they do to silence them. They often work in the same way as power totems, but they are usually an object which the demi-fae might desire for themselves, which could bring them power. Failure to bribe a demi could result in the same object simply being used as a power totem instead.

Language of the Fae

It is not known exactly who first discovered the small amount of fae words known to people today, but these words, when used in the correct combination, do form incantations which compel a demi-fae to do the summoner's bidding.

A summoner first needs to ascertain which words will work for the ritual. They might already know some aspects of the needed incantation, but no ritual is ever exactly the same, so a certain amount of guess-work is required until the fae language is better understood.

An incantation is broken up into several parts: the demi's name; the "emotion" of the fae which created them; the target's name (in the fae tongue); the target type (such as a location, a person, or an object); the deed desired of the demi; and a final, seemingly random phrase.

Speaking fae words aloud will often cause a reaction in the summoned demi. In which case, the summoner knows that the word should be used in the final incantation. Once all of the words are discovered, the incantation can be spoken, the ingredients will vanish, and the demi-fae will perform the task.

Ritual Roleplay

Below is the rituals currently known and a few roleplay ideas that you as the player can use when roleplaying rituals on the forum or in other chat areas. Below is a quick pre-roleplay you can use if you wish to roleplay the demi-fae finishing the rituals. The format below consists of the technical explanations in italics and the roleplay suggestion listed second.

Pre-Roleplay: As you successfully complete the ritual, the Demi-fae flashes off to do your bidding with a few resentful sounds muttered.

Locate Enemy

This ritual will triangulate the position of a random enemy of any specified type.

RP: After successfully completing this ritual, you are filled with the sudden knowledge of the location of an enemy. Following this feeling will lead you to a potentially dangerous enemy so please bring weapons with you!


Un-invite one vampire from your current location.

RP: Using the three ingredients with the help of the demi-fae, the spell caster is able to revoke privileges of an individual who once had access to a property. The person who once had access finds themselves unable to get inside due to a barrier once again invoked, as if they were a stranger to the owner.

Projected Depression

Inflicts a non-anonymous -2 willpower wound on a target.

RP: Your target is suddenly filled with a heavy feeling of depression upon their mind and body. Be warned, they will know why they suddenly feel so upset and may retaliate.


Alerts you when somebody tries to track you. Lasts until Day Change Saturday to Sunday.

Note: This ritual will be changing but the roleplay will be this until that change.

RP: Once this ritual is completed, you become aware of a sense of somebody tracking you. Be aware that this ritual always stops working on the change of day between Saturday and Sunday. So it would be wise for you to cast the ritual on Sunday to make it last for the longest amount of time.

Thrall Barrier

Lock out all vampire thralls from the target area for 1 day.

RP: A nifty ritual that allows you to keep out other vampires human pets. However this only works for one day and should be repeated if you are having a particular pesky thrall invasion.

Know Vampire

Learn the identity of one random vampire.

RP: Once cast, a name and face enter your mind of a vampire you do not know. This can be good for searching out new people. But remember that they might not want to know you. So please be careful when approaching them.


Gifts the target with a temporary boost in ritual and willpower stats (+2 on each). Lasts until the end of the day.

RP: This ritual is handy for those who have not learned as much in the ways of rituals as others. With this ritual you can increase your abilities to cast more complicated rituals. This is also good for those who want a boost of sunshine in their life.

Call to Blood

Locate one of your childer.

RP: When looking for those vampires sired underneath you, this ritual can be very useful. Is Don or Sugar hiding from you and your can of whoopass? This will track them down and allow you to know their location. Only thing you have to do is track them down quick enough.

Bless Weapon

Increase weapon power and accuracy by 1, but lower quality to 1. Can only be used on quality 3+ weapons.

RP: This ritual once completed will target the weapon you have chosen and allow you to increase the fighting ability of that weapon. Be aware that even though you increase the power accuracy of the weapon, the quality of material used to make the weapon is decreased due to the potency of this ritual.

Apprehension Shift

Convert the experience that the target currently has to mind experience (works on allies and yourself).

RP: Once completed this ritual affects you and or the allies you have specified to gain more power into your/their mind. Essentially your mind will become filled to the brim with sudden knowledge on any amount of subjects physical and spiritual.

Spirit Shift

Convert the experience that the target currently has to spirit experience (works on allies only and yourself).

RP: Once completed this ritual affects you and or the allies you have specified to gain more power into your/their spirit. Essentially your soul will become filled to the brim with sudden knowledge on any amount of subjects physical and mental.

Vitality Shift

Convert the experience that the target currently has to body experience (works on allies and yourself).

RP: Once completed this ritual affects you and or the allies you have specified to gain more power into your/their body. Essentially your body will become filled to the brim with sudden knowledge on any amount of subjects mental and physical.


Make one random person forget about ever knowing you.

RP: When this ritual is completed, the target in question will lose the ability to recognize you. However if you have had a long history with them, they will still be able to recall how they feel about you, just not what you look like.

Banish Wraith

Instantly banish a wraith to the shadow realm.

RP: Tired of wraiths breaking into your home and spying? This ritual will allow you to banish them to the shadow realm and force the wraiths owner to summon a new one.

Fortify Abode

Lock everyone out of your home for 24 hours. Will also lock yourself out if you leave.

RP: This ritual is useful for those are security conscious about their homes. This will put up an arcane barrier around your door to anyone trying to enter your home. Unfortunately this ritual is so effective that the barrier can lock you out once you leave. So make sure to run all the errands before doing completing this ritual.

Home Bound

Teleport to your target location at any time, by clicking on your tome.

RP: Once you complete this ritual, you will have the ability to instantly teleport to one location that you have written down in the tome. You can use this over and over but it will only be to that location.

Public House

Open any target abode to all vampires for 1 hour.

RP: Need to have an open house (whether it belongs to you or not?) Well this is the ritual for you. Once cast successfully, you will open the home to all vampires for a period of one hour. Whether its for a nifty house party or wanting surprise that favorite enemy with an unwelcome house party.

Raise Wraith

Free any wraith from the shadow realm, and let them wander the real world as a wraith.

RP: This ritual is not for those weaker vampires. In fact this really should only be done if you have had a wraith disappear suddenly, you are missing a loved one or you wish to torment enemies.


Anonymously harm a vampire, causing them to lose 1 blood.

RP: Ever felt the need to get back at those enemies who have seriously wronged you but not deal with the social backlash? Or perhaps you have a loved one who has seriously offended you and needs a light smack on the forehead? This ritual with the right ingredients will cause blood loss in an enemy up to one pint of blood. But be aware, if it is an enemy, they may be able to figure out it is you before long. To be truly anonymous it would be best to be sneaky before you use this ritual.

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