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Forum Rules

Forum rules are enforced by moderators and admins. If you have any questions regarding the forum rules, please contact one of the Moderation Team.

Main Rules

[1] Be nice to each other OOC.

This means you will be moderated for clear insults, depending on the severity. This rule also means no serious racism, sexism, excessive trolling, or telling somebody that they are “acting like a baby”. Simply, try to be nice when not roleplaying.
Roleplayers: please do not comment in-character about people's spelling or grammar as these are often OOC mistakes. Not everyone speaks English as their first language, and some people suffer from real-life learning disabilities.

[2] Don't Get Pornographic

Even if you are roleplaying, please remember that there are teenagers playing this game, so please keep in the mind the site's terms of service in regard to pornographic or overly lewd chatter. This means:
  • No posting pornographic images, videos or erotica (even for roleplay).
  • Keep sexual jokes to around the PG-13 equivalent level.
  • Violence is generally fine, though we might ask that excessively sadistic torture scenes be edited sometimes.
  • Curse words are fine, as we have a curse word filter for those who choose to use it.

[3] (Roleplayers) Try to follow the mythos described in the wiki

We've created a logical fictional universe, and if you ignore these things you are messing up the story and the world for everyone else. Try to read some of the main pages on the wiki before roleplaying, but if you forget something, a moderator will let you know, so don't worry. The basics of the mythos are covered here, so try to read at least that before posting any roleplay.

[4] (Roleplayers) No god-modding or power playing.

This means a) you cannot control another person's character, ONLY your own, and b) you cannot roleplay your character as more powerful than they actually, realistically are. Don't have telepathy in the game? Then don't roleplay using it. It's as simple as that.

[5] (Roleplayers) No crossing or mixing between "in character" and "out of character".

What happens IC (in character) should stay IC, and should not bleed into how you treat other people OOC (out of character). The same goes in reverse; you should never take OOC information and insert it into the brain of your character, because only you know this information, not your character.
If you are a roleplayer, you are strongly advised NOT to attack people in game who you have a problem with OOC. If the moderators become aware that there may be OOC issues between you two, you will be notified. No action will be taken at that time, unless the attack continue after that point, and evidence is found to suggest that the OOC issues between both roleplayers outweighs the IC reasoning.

[6] (Roleplayers) No using 2 of your own characters to back each other up in roleplay.

This rule covers both Crownet and descriptive style roleplaying. Simply, try to avoid having your characters either verbally or physically back one another up on a thread, even if it fits with their personalities. It's generally considered very bad form to do so. The only exception to this would be where the thread pertains to a chapter update, and all characters are welcome to give opinions.

[7] (Roleplayers) No spamming roleplay posts purely to get RPP.

Don't post gibberish in your roleplay, or we'll assume you're just doing it to earn EXP. If you're going to quote somebody use the ["quote"] tags provided. You aren't supposed to be earning RPP from OTHER people's writing, just your own. See additional information for the rules concerning the posting of live roleplay transcripts.

Please note:

  • The language censor is turned off by default, but you can switch it on if you prefer, by going to your user control panel area (found right at the top of any page).
  • Bannings are at the discretion of the admin. I reserve the right to remove any member from this forum for any reason I deem necessary. Appeals are permitted.

If you have any questions, or require a clarification on the rules please contact an Administrator or Moderator.

Additional Rules

Proof of Rule Breaking.

Although I will watch out for RP crossing on my forum, I cannot do anything about crossing that took place (in part or full) over YM, IRC, or any other off-site place for which I have no log or record. I only have people's word for those accusations. So if you feel like somebody has taken OOC information from an IM convo and then used it in roleplay or game here, there's not a thing I can do about it. Sorry.
The one exception to this is attacks on moderators over mod-related decisions. When you verbally attack a moderator in regard to moderator-made decisions it becomes the site's business, and you will be punished. Complaining is fine, as long as you don't insult and harass moderators over their decisions. If the matter is unrelated to moderation, then nothing you say off-site to a moderator is my business.

Harassment Policy.

If a player feels they are being harassed by anyone OOC (we cannot prevent roleplay characters from harassing one another, as this is valid interaction UNLESS the harassment was OOC to begin with), there are number of things that can be done, depending on the severity of the harassment. These "NIA" (non-interaction agreement) steps can also be initiated if there is general bad blood between two players, but you are unlikely to be able to get a full NIA with another player unless the issues are continuous, and we have on-site evidence.
Here are the details of the steps you should take if you wish to start the NIA process with somebody you are having problems with:

[Step 1] First of all, it is up to you as the person who feels harassed, bullied, or insulted to do something to block the other person, as far as they can. So far this can only be done on the forum (chats and in-game communication forthcoming), by adding them to your "enemies" list. At which point, you will be unable to see anything the person posts. Do not antagonise the person if you wish the matter to be dealt with any further than this. Requests for a NIA will be thrown out if you are antagonizing the person you want an NIA with.
[Step 2] This stage of the NIA process means you cannot interact (IC or OOC) on the forum, chats, grid emails, and grid speak or fight, attack, and antagonize in game at all. You should also refrain from speaking to one another in chat rooms. To put it simply, Leave each other alone in any and all aspects of the game.
A full, step 2 NIA is given if there is evidence of bad OOC blood (or harassment) between the two people, and the bad blood is ongoing and continuous. The issues between the two people in question will have to be very serious for them to be given a step 2 NIA. If you wish your stage 1 NIA to be processed to a step 2 NIA, it is important that you report it to the admins whenever the other person insults you, harasses you, or seriously trolls you. The admins will keep records of all these incidents, so that they can decide when something has gone too far and deserves a step 2 NIA.
You should also be aware that those reaching stage 2 NIAs are automatically put on watch for crossing. If you attack the person you have a step 2 NIA with, and you are a roleplayer, you will also likely be seen as crossing, as the OOC bad blood outweighs any IC reasoning by that point. It should be noted, however, that you can also initiate a crossing complaint at any time, as described on the main forum rules sticky.
Punishment for breaking an NIA is instant banning from the forum and game both. The first time will be one month and it will increase in time from there. Perma-banning is possible if you continuously break your NIA, just like if you continually break the rules.
Please note: Merely repeatedly attacking you in game does NOT count as harassment. That's just part of the game. However, if you have a solid reason to believe that a roleplay character is attacking your character for non-roleplay reasons, then we can punish them for what is known as "crossing".

"I'm Leaving" Threads.

Please do not post threads dedicating to you leaving the game. All they do is cause problems and drama. All such threads will be deleted, sorry.
While it's fair to want to say goodbye to your friends you can do it in private without making a big fuss. Alternatively, you can post your goodbyes on this thread.

Roleplay Transcript Posting.

In general, live roleplay transcripts can only be posted if ALL those involved post a proportionate amount of the log. This ensures that everyone involved has given permission for it to be posted and that they get an equal share of the RPP reward (when posting to a board where RPP can be earned).
Large public events do not carry the same expectation of privacy, so permission to post is assumed when entering the event. For this to apply however, those hosting the event must clearly state in the OOC planning thread (before the event runs) how they will be posting the transcript when the RP is complete. They have one of two options:
  • The event transcript will be posted by one person. This person will not earn any RPP in doing so, as the thread will be posted in an OOC area and moved by a moderator when complete.
  • The event transcript will be split up and divided among all those that took part. All those who took part will be expected to post a proportionate section of the transcript.
Crownet doesn't allow for audio uploads, so posting a transcript would be pure text, and therefore not proof.
Why? Because if YiM can't be used as proof OUT of character, then it shouldn't be used as a "voice recording" IN character, because logs can be doctored. For transcripts to be posted IC all those involved would have to be in agreement as to how the transcript was made; i.e. they were chatting online, they were in a recorded meeting, etc.
Note: All live transcript rules apply to IC posts too.
General Transcript Advice: Determine which format of RP you are participating in before going in-character. Cellphone conversation? Online RP chat? Or face-to-face RP? If you can't agree on that, then there can't be an RP between the characters.

[Open] Threads

Roleplay threads marked with the [Open] tag gain a 50% RPP bonus. As such, if you use this tag the thread in question must be open to ALL, not just select individuals, or races, or faction members.

Closed threads cannot be edited to use the [open] tag after the thread has already been specified as "closed" or similar. This also means that in order for live roleplay transcript threads to be "open", they must be held in a public in-game location, with 24 hours prior notice posted on the planning board. Otherwise they aren't open, they are closed. This rule regarding live transcripts also applies if you're posting a backlog of posts you've written on Google Docs with somebody, or similar. If you want to do that, space out your posts in order to make the thread truly open to all. If you never specified that your thread was closed in any way, you may edit it to use the "[open]" tag as you see fit.

Lastly, you must not use the "[open]" tag in the subject line unless the original poster used it on the very first post. Doing so will be seen as exploiting the system to gain RPP from a thread which isn't properly marked as open.

Game Rules

Game rules are enforced by the Developers. If you have any questions regarding the forum rules, please contact one of them.

[1] No using multiple owned characters for the same purpose, or to aid your own characters

Basically, if you own two or more characters, these characters should never help one another, or help the same person within a short space of time.*
This includes -- but is not limited to -- giving all your in-game money (from two of your characters) to one character; coin washing; healing or tactically aiding one target with two characters; scouting with one character to find an enemy of your other character; driving up an alt's bounty purely for the purpose of giving money; using two or more characters to attack the same person**; using an alt to attack the enemy of another of your character's allies; using your own lair to protect two or more of your own characters. Alternate characters that exist purely for one purpose (such as gaining money for a friend, or tracking for a friend) are also frowned upon.
Having said all of that, there is no way you could know for sure who owns which character, so while it might be illegal for you to heal the same target with two of your characters, healing two characters who happen to be owned by the same person will not be considered cheating.
Note: If it even looks as though two of your characters are acting in unison, one or both of your characters will be punished. I cannot accept any excuses such as "my house mate / daughter has a character and they give eachother money", simply put, two characters who share the same IP address (internet connection) will be considered alternate characters. No excuses. This also means you can't use an alt (or your husband's character) to give coins to one of your allies, for example. This will also be penalised, and excuses will be ignored.

[2] If you find a bug or a method of cheating, report it, do not take advantage of it.

As a beta tester for Path of the Vampire, you have a responsibility not to take advantage of bugs you find, such as using them to gain money or get ahead in experience. If you are found to be doing so, your beta player status may be revoked, and you will be suspended from Path until beta period has finished.

[3] Keep in-game communication PG-13 appropriate.

Do not send offensive or threatening messages in game unless you are roleplaying. Even if you are roleplaying, please keep in mind that there are teenagers playing this game, so please keep in the mind the site's terms of service in regard to pornographic or overly lewd in-game chatter.

[4] No killing somebody over and over without provocation

Grief killing (killing somebody multiple times for no new real reason) is frowned upon. You can kill anyone you like in game, for any reason you want (characters are allowed to be douches), but doing it multiple times without a new reason each additional time is against the rules. This means that you cannot kill a character 3 times in a row because they attacked you once. Each kill requires a new provocation for it to be legal.
Decent reasons for killing a character would include retaliation for being attacked, in defense of an ally, in response to a serious roleplay insult, bounties, etc. You may kill a character for any other reason (or no reason at all), but doing it more than once in a row without provocation is considered bad form, and only serves to drive people out of the game.
The one exception to this rule is in the case of faction VS faction warfare. Where peace isn't made, the enemy doesn't have to wait to be hit before hitting back.

[5] (RPers only) No crossing or mixing between IC and OOC.

If you are a roleplayer, you are strongly advised NOT to attack people in game who you have a problem with OOC. If the moderators become aware that there may be OOC issues between you two, you will be notified. No action will be taken at that time, unless the attack continue after that point, and evidence is found to suggest that the OOC issues between both roleplayers outweighs the IC reasoning.

Please Note:

  • The game administrator reserves the right to punish anyone in any way he sees fit, for anything he deems against the rules, to any extent he feels necessary. Complete game bannings are forthcoming at the admin's discretion.
  • Also, it should be noted that the exploiting bugs and cheats section has been left purposely vague so I can deal with matters on a case-by-case basis. If it seems like it might be cheating, exploiting a bug, or taking advantage of something that seems a little bit too good to be true, then you probably shouldn't be doing it. If in doubt, clear it with me first.

Additional Clarification

If a sufficient duration has passed between the actions of your alts, it is considered okay. For example, you will not be punished for attacking the same target that your alt already did, if you wait 1 month before attacking with the second alt. This duration varies from action to action, as follows:
  • Passing coins to the same target = 3 months (alts used purely for this purpose are not allowed)
  • Using alts to strategically aid the same target = 1 month
  • Attacking the same target with alts = 1 month
  • Tracking / checking stats of the same target with alts = 1 week
  • All other actions using your characters for the same purpose = 1 month
You are allowed to retaliate with both of your characters if both are directly attacked by the same character. For example, if Bob attacked both of your characters (we'll call them Mary and Sue), then and only then would Mary and Sue be allowed to attack Bob. If Bob did not physically and directly attack both Mary and Sue first, then you can't hit Bob with both of your characters.

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