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Semideus are a new race to Path and are a work in progress. At this time, Sirens are the only subset available for play and are still under construction. As such, all information is subject to change as things are added and tweeked to ensure balanced gameplay.

Full pages dedicated to each Semideus branch will be added as the branch is finished.

Sidhe Path

{To be added at a later date}

Siren Path

Siren icon.png
Siren Starting Stats
Strength 9
Dexterity 12
Stamina 10
Intelligence 11
Willpower 8
Skill 9
Charisma 12
Healing 9
Arcane 13

Sirens can become... (more info to come)

Strengths: .


Neighboring Paths: (more to come once the other Semi-Deus path are created).


  • Cultivate Energy: Absorb the emotional and physical energy from a crowd. Used to generate PXP once a day.
  • Semideus Form: Return to your natural form in order to gain anima each hour.
  • Call of the Wild: Lure (subtype specific) to attack your enemy. Does Stamina and Blood damage.
  • Complot: Gain a 50% increased chance of success at any speechcraft event (burglaries, missions, business dilemmas).
  • Mortal Offering: If you are in a square with a human when skirmished, the human takes the hit instead of you.Only usable with weak willed (NPC) humans..
  • Transfix: Enchant the mind of your enemy to make them lose intelligence for 2 days or until the end of the battle
  • Warform: Allows you to transform into a more monstrous version of your true form boosting your (sub-type specific) in battle.
  • Pathfinder: Easily swim through water on any outside map.
  • Invigorate: 'Increase an ally's willpower, dexterity, and intelligence. Can also be used during team NPC battles..
  • Rally Cry: For 24 hours, increase stat teamwork bonuses for you and your allies (thralls included).
  • Enslave: Dominate the mind of a human servant who will do your bidding at any cost.
  • Mesmorize: 'Captivate the attention of your opponent in battle, making them unable to harm you for 5 turns no matter what you do to them.

Nymph Path

{To be added at a later date}

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