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The "Settings" option on the main menu will take you to the Preferences & Settings page, which consists of (5) five tabs, as follows. This page allows you to personalize a number of options to enhance your playing experience.


Enable quick casting?

This option will add a dropdown menu with each of your usable powers to the bottom of the main page. This option makes it easier to use those powers since you don't have to pull them up separately, but it slows loading time by a small amount.

Display humans?

Show human counts on grid. Turning this off might speed up movement slightly.

Display player characters?

Show other players on grid. Slightly increases loading speeds if turned off.

Display NPCs?

Show NPCs on grid. Very slightly increases loading speeds if set to off.

Recognition alerts?

Check to see if you recognise characters in your square. Increases loading speeds if set to off.

Enable grid co-ordinates?

Grid coordinates (or coords) are numbers unique to each world square, that tell you where you are on the grid. Inside buildings, there are also coords, with every main entrance being at 10,10 inside the building. Coordinates are useful if you want to find a location, presuming you're not familiar with the city yet, but for aesthetic reasons some might not want to see them. You can, however, always see what specific square you are on on the grid on the very bottom of the screen.

Alerts popup position?

Gives player one of three (Top, Side, Bottom) options to position pop up Alerts box.


Email address

(for password recovery)
Standard password recovery system. If you enter your email here, the next time you try to log in but have forgotten your password you can have it sent to the email account you entered. Note that there is no email entered by default after you created the account, so you will have to enter it manually.

Enable email alerts when attacked?

(Get instant emails when your character is skirmished)
Works with the password email. You will get an email alert moments after your character has been attacked, and hopefully be able to find your attacker still there, depending on the speed of the email client you use.

Change password

Change your grid/forum password.


Character bio

(basic html formatting allowed)
This is an area where you can write a little about your character, what they look like, where they came from, and so on.


(displays on character sheet, 150 px wide by 500 px high)
This is where you can put the address of an image to be displayed along the left side of your character's CS/profile page.

(displays on character sheet, roughly 746 px wide by 150 px high)
Same as above, but this is for the image displayed at the top of the page.


(displays on some other pages, 150 wide by 150 high)
Displays on business pages.

Change character name

(Takes 10 karma, and will log you out)
This will change your character's name in the game across both the grid and the forum.
Note: Changing your character's name does not give your character a blank slate or change your character's face. To write the name change as such is considered cheating and you will be penalized.

Enable "safety"?

(This will prevent you violating vampire secrecy by accident, and will help you stay off the violations list)
When safety is turned on: you will be unable to feed in locations with security 4 or higher; you will be unable to attack anyone in locations with security 4 or higher; you will be unable to kill cops (unless you are breaking and entering). You can still get a secrecy violation by other means, such as by killing gangsters, so you should always be careful anyway.

Enable PVP Skirmish Buttons?

(Turn on or off buttons allowing you to skirmish attack other player characters. If you want to avoid accidents, turn this option off.)

Change character gender

Select Male, Female or Unspecified.


The first of several options regarding the siring process, this one allows you to choose if your character will sire new players as they sign up for the game.

At the top there will be a message stating how many siring slots are available for your character & depending on whether you have the siring link turned on or not, the actual siring link will be visible.

  • Would you like to sire random characters, specific types of characters (strangers), or disable siring of strangers entirely?
    • Random: Select this option, only if you have no preference for regarding childe type. (Ex: Sex, path, alt, etc. doesn't matter)
      • However, if you have any siring preferences, like preferring only males, you will want to select 'Specific types'. See thumbnail example to the right.
    • Specific Types: Strangers will only be offered the option to sign up as your childe if they meet the criteria listed below.
      • If you chose to turn specific types, would you like to turn males, females, or both?
      • Do you only want to turn people who pick a certain "path"?
      • Do you want to sire only roleplayers, gamers, or either / both?
      • Do you wish to stop alt characters (characters made by people who already play the game) from siring under you?

These options all relate to the "Specific Types" discussed in the question above. Each of these options lets you define specifics about what characters will be given your character as an option for sire. If you didn't choose "Specific Types" in the question above, these are all ignored.

  • Would you like to turn off your sire link?
    • On: people can sign up as your childe using a link you can share with them which is unique to your character.
    • Off: people cannot sign up as your childe even if they possess this link.

Keep in mind that this is completely separate from the random-childer options above and below, if you have this turned off and have selected to receive random childer, those random people will still be able to sign up under you.

Kill / Delete

Kill or Delete Character?

Everyone sees this part:

Killing a character will send them to the shadow realm, where they will remain until you resurrect them. They will be given a harsher death wound than they would if they had been killed.

If you do not have childer you will see this:

Deleting a character is permanent, but can only be done if you have no childer. If you have childer, you will have to kill your character instead of deleting them.

If you do have childer' you will see this:

You cannot delete your character, as you have childer. If you wish to get rid of this character, you will have to kill them instead, or wait for your childer to die.
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