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For roleplay information pertaining to the Shadow Realm, see The Shadow Realm (RP).

When a vampire dies in Harper Rock, they aren't truly dead. Their spirit is sent to the Shadow Realm from which they can return after a fixed amount of time (varies by level). In order to be sent to the shadow realm, you must be drained of all blood and then critically wounded by a player character - critical wounds from the sun, fae or NPCs do not count. Characters may also be killed if they have sustained too many trap wounds (20 for vampires, 10 for humans).

You may also choose to 'kill' your character on the Settings page.

The Shadow Realm

The Shadow Realm.

While you are in the Shadow Realm you will find spirits and other vampires to drain anima points from. To leave the Shadow Realm you must wait a certain amount of days. The duration you must stay is: less than level 5 - 3 days, less than level 10 - 5 days, above level 10 - 7 days. Once you have spent the required amount of days, you must then find an exit to return to the living world.

If you are having problems finding an exit, you can ask for help from those friends who are Fadewalkers. With their ability to enter the shadow realm at will, they can try to help you find an exit.

The Shadow Realm no longer has the option to show grid co-ordinates while you are dead.

WARNING: Exits will move at random times in the shadow realm. So please do not be frustrated if an exit disappears.

Getting Anima

To build up your anima before you leave the shadow realm, and lower your death woulds you have a couple of options. the first is to find spirits, bite them and receive one anima. The second is to push the $ button (same as robbing a character) and you will rob them of 1 anima. The third is to push the Attack button on a character. By doing this, you not only rob them of 1 anima but will increase one of their death wounds by 3 days. If you choose the third option, remember that this can be done to you and that the character might hold a grudge past death.

Helpful Powers:

There are powers that can assist. Immortals and those who have shifted to the Immortal bridge can use Life Link which allows them to leave after gaining their anima without the need of an actual exit. Fadewalkers can also Enter the Shadow Realm at will, so long as they have not been sent there through death. However to get out of the Shadow Realm they must use a doorway, as the power is a one a way ticket. This allows them to share their anima with allies and lower their death wounds as need be. Fadewalkers can also use Shadow Crafting to block squares, protecting themselves and others inside the square until the day change. After that the blocked square disappears. This power also allows them to edit the shadow realm at will.

WARNING: Shadow crafting can be used against your character. If you find yourself blocked into a square and unable to move, this could possibly be because a fadewalker has been hired or asked to block all the squares around you. This will leave you unable to move for one day, although you will also be safe from other vampires biting you. However as stated above, the blocked squares dissipate after one day so you will be free the next day change.

Vampires who start off as or cross over to the path of the Telepath can also use a limited amount of powers while in the Shadow Realm. Read Memories, Mind Speak, Appraisal and Technokinesis all work while dead. Hacking while dead is harder than hacking while alive. The hacking skill is halved for the duration of time while in the Shadow Realm.

Death Wounds

Upon dying and entering the shadow realm (without powers) you will acquire a 'Death wound' that has a random stat penalty. This first Death Wound last for 90 days time and remove 2 points (3 if you're a Necromancer). These wounds appear on your wounds page.

Each subsequent death will increase your Death Wound's severity as follows:

Duration = 90 + (times died * 30) - Up to a maximum of 180 days.

Severity = 2 + times died - Up to a maximum of 6 penalty points.

Your number of times died accumulates, but will decrease by 1 for each 3 months during which you are alive.

NOTE: If you kill yourself (using the KILL button), the death wound will have additional penalties in stat loss.

Decreasing the Length of your Death Wound

To lessen the number of days on your death wound, you can feed on spirits within the Shadow Realm. Fadewalkers who can use the Enter Shadows power can return to the Shadow Realm to consume spirits and decrease the duration of their wound. Feeding on spirits is the only way to actively decrease the duration of your wound.

Killers may use the power Healing Trance while alive to hasten their healing process. When in use, this power removes an additional day from the duration of the wound.

The Immortal Bridge power Rejuvenation will automatically reduce any new death wounds by 30 days at Tier 1 and 60 days at Tier 2.

In addition, a Reaper's Amulet may be purchased at Magic Shops and will decrease any future death wound by half.

WARNING: Any attack made on you while in the Shadow Realm will add 3 days and drain one anima point, while simple steals by other vampires will only drain a single anima point from you.

It is considered common courtesy to not attack others in the Shadow Realm, however once there with certain wounds one could understandably lash out at others they may happen across.

Your death wound cannot be brought down any further than 2 days by consuming spirits and the remaining days must run out naturally.


Shadow realm lairs are like their world lair counter parts in many ways - they take up a grid square, can be decorated, have custom layouts, and can be public or private. SR Lairs do not move position in the way the rest of the realm shifts, so you'll be able to find it by walking there, should you ever find yourself dead.

There are some special features for these lairs:

  • Any lair decorations you add to the SR lair will be turned grey automatically, Note:Might not work well on some versions of Internet Explorer, however.
  • Comes with a broken ritual altar which cannot be used for rituals. However, when you use Enter Shadows (Fadewalker power), you will be transported to this square.
  • Most items cannot be placed in SR lairs. This includes traps, shops, lockboxes, ritual altars (demifae are not present in the SR), crafting benches, and other things that are material of nature.

Cost: 75 karma
Acquisition: PM Mooncalf with the following info:

  • Name of Building
  • Location
  • Position of the broken ritual altar
  • Layout
    • SR lairs can be any shape you like, and multiple floors. Maximum dimensions are the standard 12 x 12.
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