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Starting Stats
Strength 7
Dexterity 10
Charisma 7
Intelligence 7
Willpower 10
Skill 9
Stamina 12
Healing 8
Arcane 13

Sorcerers in PotV are a modern spin on old Chinese myths and legends about monks with special "chi" focusing abilities. They are born with a potential for great power in their life-force energy, and when this power is truly unlocked by an existing sorcerer (or by many decades of training), the character becomes a sorcerer. Although their powers could be applied in ways which would make them seem like old buddhist monks or kung fu warriors, this is not the only option for them. Sorcerers, when they grow sufficiently powerful, are also able to heal wounds, and direct their chi energy outward to cast powerful elemental spells.

As such, a sorcerer's powers focus on aspects which are best suited to human support roles such as healing, buffing allies, performing rituals, and so on. However, there is an option for them to also become, essentially, battle mages, if that's what you prefer.

Becoming a Sorcerer

  • Find a Sorcerer Apprentice
  • Fight and flee from 5 wolves.
  • Return with $10,000 on hand
  • The apprentice will train you to be a sorcerer when you have done these things.
  • You will be given 3 PXP and your maximum anima to start.



  • They have the ability to heal the wounds of any of their allies.
  • The ability to help someone (or themselves) gain energy for anima, or anima for energy.
  • Control over elements, "battle mages" if you prefer.
  • Sorcerer gain +1 blood each day.
  • Their anima increases at the same rate each day as vampires, if their blood is high.


  • Being a generally supportive class, Sorcerers aren't very combat oriented.
  • Blood thieves may have better combat oriented powers
  • You have to use at least one anima based power a day to get PXP.


You will be able to gain powers in the same way that vampires gain powers. Just click on your PXP stat and you'll find a "Sorcerer" class powers page, with all 10 powers ready to be bought as normal.

Top Row
Powers Tier Description PXP Anima Type
Chi Focus 1 Increases dexterity and strength by 1 point each while in battle. 2 3 Battle
2 Increases dexterity and strength by 2 points each while in battle.
Gaia's Whisper 1 Gives you the power to "track" for specific herbs and plants in the wilderness at a set radius of 5 squares in all directions. 4 Constant Grid
2 Tier 2 also allows you to preform rituals for 3 energy instead of 4.
Force of Nature 1 Gives a 1 in 5 chance of gaining an extra point of anima each hour, if resting in wilderness squares. 7 Constant Grid
Healing Touch 1 Heal a target's single non-critical wound immediately. Can't be used on yourself. 10 6 Grid
2 Can be used on yourself or others.
Vital Force 1 Convert 10 energy into 1 anima, or 4 anima into 10 energy. Can be used on yourself or others. 15 See Desc. Grid
2 Convert 8 energy into 1 anima, or 3 anima into 10 energy. Can be used on yourself or others.
Bottom Row
Super Jump 1 Jump over water squares or impassable buildings with a single bound! 2 0.4 energy Grid
2 Tier 2 also allows you to ascend mine shafts without climbing.
Rock Skin 1 Use in a battle for a quick boost to damage resistance, or out of battle to boost willpower and strength for the rest of the day. 4 6 Grid or Battle
2 3
Charged Touch 1 Automatically adds 1 day duration to any skirmish wounds you inflict. 7 Constant Grid
2 Tier 2 also adds 1 day to skirmish wounds inflicted from your powers.
Chi Push 1 Push an enemy back in battle, switching the fight to ranged mode. Can also be used to throw targets to adjacent squares. 4 10 Grid or Battle
2 Can also be used to throw targets out of windows.
Sirocco Blast 1 Cast a powerful, searing blast of heat at a target. Causes significant dexterity damage. 15 6 Skirmish or Battle
2 Has a greater chance to hit than the tier one power.

Mastery Powers
Powers Description PXP Anima Type
Lightning Bolt Shoot lightning in any direction, which may hit everyone in its path. Costs 2 anima per use in NPC battles/battles to the death, and does ever so slightly less dexterity damage than when used in skirmish. 30 2/10 Battle/Skirmish

Roleplay Tips

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