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The term "sorcerer" can be applied to any number of different magic practitioners. However, while many of these might be able to perform small curses, slights of hand, or parlor tricks, the only sorcerer with true magic power is the type on which this article is focused.

Most commonly hailing from the far east, these superhuman beings were born with a natural attunement to the chi within themselves and within nature, and were taught how to hone these powers into useful (and often deadly) arts.

As sorcery is partly taught and unlocked, so to speak, by another sorcerer, existing sorcerers in the world today tend to follow a similar path as their master. They are usually capable of directing their chi energy inwards, to boost their physical and mental abilities or heal themselves. Many are also gifted with the ability to manipulate certain aspects of the chi energy around them, in nature, even to the point of being able to lash out with small bursts of energy. They can, as such, be formidable opponents, or gentle healers.


Records of sorcerers can be found further afield than China and Japan, such as accounts of Merlin or Rasputin. However, it is the far east that is the true origin of the majority of sorcerer knowledge, which has allowed adapts innately powerful with chi (qi) manipulation to turn these gifts into true powers.

Without initial direction from an existing sorcerer, most of those born with the gift do not ever become truly aware of their talents. Some may become spirit mediums, individuals with limited psychic ability, or monks with seemingly supernatural talents. However, most do not even discover these possibilities within themselves.

It is thought that -- anomalies aside, the vast majority of sorcerer knowledge originated from a small group of monks, thousands of years ago, from what is now China. These sorcerers were known to be especially secretive about teaching their arts to anyone they did not trust, and part of their training was to pledge never to reveal the secrets to anyone unworthy.

As the pool of knowledge stems largely from the same source, it is hard to say where the limitations of sorcery truly are.


In game sorcerer training description:

''The Sorcerer thanks you for the money and tucks it away into his wallet. He explains that the process of 'unlocking' your chi potential will take only a moment. He guides you to a patch of grass, sits down with you, cross-legged, and tells you to close your eyes.

After a few minutes you begin to feel his meditations as if they are the heat of a great furnace on the side of your face, emanating from your teacher.

When you are done, the Sorcerer explains how to use your new found strength and skills. You feel superhuman! However, he cautions that unless you use your new gifts regularly, you will never master your abilities and unlock your true potential.

The Sorcerer says it is your choice how to use your gifts, but he explains that chi energy exists in all forms of life, and his own masters often encouraged him to help and nurture life, rather than destroy it. Then he laughs, and shrugs off his own advice as if he has just told you a story from a child's book he no longer believes in.''

There is some indication that the sorcerer who helps you unlock your own natural abilities goes some way in being a deciding factor in which talents you eventually develop. However, there are very few sorcerers, alive or dead, who were able to perform feats outside of the powers available to sorcerers in Path of the Vampire.

Like vampires, the vicinity of Harper Rock appears to somehow speed up the natural growth and training of a sorcerer. It may still take a sorcerer many years to master his or her talents, but it does not require the constant tutelage of a master sorcerer, though one would certainly further speed up the process somewhat.


Little is known about some of the historical or mythological characters who were thought to be actual sorcerers or inspired by stories of real sorcerers. Outside of China, such stories are rare, and many are just that; stories.

However, even within Chinese mythology, there were indeed a few variations of sorcery. It is unclear if these sorcerers truly possessed such abilities, or if embellishments have exaggerated tales based on truth over the centuries. However, some of these abilities are manifest in modern day sorcerers, particularly among the masters.


The power to extract life force energy from oneself or the nature around you, and either instill this energy in others, or direct it into yourself and channel it to specific body parts or mental functions. These sorcerers are the most common today. This can, with grand mastery, be used to direct short but exhausting bolts of energy outwards. However, most sorcerers never develop this ability.


Some sorcerers gain the ability to see through time and space. A rare few even gain the ability to foretell certain threads of the possible future before they have happened, though their "sage" abilities tend to be unpredictable at best.


There are no living sorcerers with any telekinetic ability. The truth of whether or not these abilities actually ever existed at all have been lost in the pages of mythology and folklore. It is suspected by many vampires that telekinetic sorcerers were in fact vampires.

Enchanting and Runes

Sorcerers are naturally gifted at enchanting items or runes, due to their affinity with nature and natural life force energy. A notable use of this is for a sorcerer to enchant tattoo-runes on an individual, and imbue them with power which links the individual to the fae, providing they survive this process. These individuals become Paladins.

However, enchanting other things is a gift that is not limited entirely to sorcerers. Any individual with the ability to manipulate chi at a basic level can, with great practice, enchant an item to make it into a talisman or relic.

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