Stealth Raids

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Stealth Raids are essentially Breaking and Entering minigame raids with 6 floors of increasing difficulty. You must reach the top floor without attracting the attention of the police in order to uncover the relic at the top. The relic will be located either behind a locked door or in a crate on the floor. The use of gadgets significantly increases the likelihood of success in stealth raids.

The use of a false alarm is generally key to these - though winning one without a false alarm isn't unheard of - it is increasingly difficult. The key is to find the floor keycard in the floor, then make it to the door that goes up to the next floor. If you encounter a guard or set off a lock, you then have ten moves to either:

  • Make it to the door up with the keycard
  • Make it to an electronic lock and send the false alarm signal

The false alarm then stops your move counter - but be aware that if you get caught again, it starts back up again, so be sure to count your moves in between false alarms!

You can uncover the location of a stealth raid by unlocking doors in high-level buildings during a B&E attempt on the grid.


  • Level 1: Plutocrat's Band (Boosts your daily average business profits)
  • Level 2: Necklace of Occultation (Gives a 1 in 4 chance of evading guards in adjacent squares during stealth events)
  • Level 3: Titan's Bracelet (+150 inventory slots)
  • Level 4: Ring of Danger Intuition (Grows hot when you are about to be attacked, making you slightly harder to hit (+5 dexterity in defending skirmish attacks))
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