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Sub-Bloodlines are groups of vampires connected by blood who have chosen to split off from the main bloodline whether to simply make their own family or for other serious reasons .

If you are the head of a Bloodline, Sub-bloodline and or have permission, you may create or contribute to the information on this page as well as create a page specifically about the respective bloodline. In order for it to be added to the list of bloodline pages, add the following code at the bottom of it: [[Category:Bloodlines]]. This will link it to the Bloodlines category.

Listed below are the past and present bloodlines that are in this game. It should be noted that while the game creator is not accepting new families currently, but there may be a possibility in the future for more bloodlines to come.

Listed below the main bloodlines are those sub bloodline groups that have split off or have their own bloodline name.

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Bloodline Profiles

All official bloodlines - the ones mentioned above - get a profile page. The link to ones bloodline appears in the CS, under Childer. These profiles are controlled by the faction leader. They can add a Bio, a banner and an emblem, as well as add, remove, promote or pay wages to their members.

It is also possible to create a new sub-bloodline (as in the above examples). These currently can be done by those who possess the Disenthrallment Tome.

Creating a sub-bloodline does not sever you from your sire, but all your childer will fall into the bloodline you create. Independent bloodline members can not help their 1st gen and their line in conquering territory, will not be under the influence of the 1st gen, and will not have access to any buildings of the original bloodline that are restricted to their members. However, alliances are a possibility. Adoptions on the grid are not possible.



Bloodline Founder: Ambrose Acheron



Bloodline Founder: Zachariah Staus

Sub Bloodlines


Founder: Velveteen


Founder: Wolfgang

Details: On 1st November 2011 the West bloodline was formed after Wolfgang West (Head of the line) left Tytonidae on its transition from Sub-Bloodline to Faction. West as a linage are well established in the city, running their own businesses, including West Hotel, Velox Nocte, and a half share in Dark Eden. The line are close friends with House Grigori and White. In 2012 the West line adopted a ranking system which allows any member of the city to become a member of the West line if they are willing to work for the appropriate titles. To date, both Alexander White and Amory are considered kin.


Founder: Emanuel Broussard


Founder: Karina Steel


Founder: Bella Dupree


Founder: Judas


Founder: Sliver

Details: Bloodline Information


Founder: Alexander White


Founder: Wolffyn



Bloodline Founder: Mircea

Description: The Grigori are an opinionated, outspoken group of individuals who are drawn to and united by a strong sense of devotion, freedom and fairness.

Sub Bloodlines



Founder: Phoenix


Founder: Juliet


'Founder: 'Reanna


Founder: Jesse Fforde



Founder: Pi Second in Command: Lancaster

Although Pi grew up in Paris her family, the Girard's, come from the Northern region of France, called Artois. Quite simply, d'Artois means - "from Artois" and is the name allocated to those directly related to Pi.

d'Artois is not a separate sub-bloodline but still sits as an active functioning part of the Grigori.


Founder: Doc

The official Bloodline of Dr. Charles Nilson, aka Doc.


Founder: Robert Pratt


Founder: Madison


Founder: Ivy



Founders: River Illia, Jareth Archer

Description: This is the official bloodline name chosen by Jareth and River for their kids. They are both fiercely protective of each other and their kids. All reside within Veritas et Libertas


Founder: Ariadne


Founder: Roderic

Description: The official Bloodline of Roderic 'Ric' Hawthorne and his "Things". Shared with his wife Skylar and her "Thing."



Founder: Leiren

I'laned is Leiren's line and was split purely for her inability to get over Mircea's actions causing Amaranthia's death. She places all blame for that upon him and Habren Ashe and therefore wanted no part in their family.

Anyone who is under Leiren and all of their childer are welcome to use the name and family crest, which is a heart made from music symbols.


Founder: Echo


Founder: Solene


Founder: Constance


Founder: Cassandra


Founder: Andrew Krepsi



Bloodline Founder: Isabella Drake

Description:The Noble Line sees itself as a cut above, an aristocratic base which holds to the ideals of loyalty and dedication above all other things.

Sub Bloodlines


Founder: Serendipity


Founder: Elizabeth Constance



Founder: Mora



Founder: Athanase


'Founder: ' Shamus


[1] Profile]

Founder: Elizabeth Naarc Created on March 11, 2013 via ritual. The woman had approached Elizabeth for research on the newly acquired ritual and later that evening, it was done. Radacini is a Romanian word for "roots." Some may say such a name fits Elizabeth's choice in a Bloodline name, given her obsession with horticulture, but the meaning symbolizes something far more than her flight of fancy. After co-creating Deux Corbeaux well over a year ago, Elizabeth learned to become not only independent but self-sufficient in this modern world. While she loves what Noble was and stood for long ago, the woman felt the ties to her sire were no longer needed, since she saw herself as a "leader" figure for some time now. When offered the chance at standing on her own, Elizabeth agreed and decided to embrace a few Noble codes, enhance them and make a line of her own, from the founding "roots" that she came from.

Notes: Not every member of Radacini Bloodline is part of faction known a Deux Corbeaux. That is not a requirement as Radacini is a Bloodline and not a "choice." There are, however some "adopted" Radacini members that are part of Deux Corbeaux ((and how most became Radacini members)). Radacini Bloodline Stems from Noble, but most Radacini members do not see themselves as Noble members.



Founder: Lia

Mamoru Tatsuya

Founder: Gaijin



Bloodline Founder: Cobb



Bloodline Founder: Quartermaine

Description: Constantly evolving, led by a woman who seeks self-control above all else. Honors strength of will and discipline. We expect family unity and respect.

Sub Bloodlines


Founder: Kayden



Founder: Trahir Trahison

Description: A bloodline of vampires attracted by wealth and temporal power. Fiercely loyal to each other, they see themselves as superior to outsiders.



Bloodline Founder: Keara Aithne



Bloodline Founder: Chad Worthington III

Sub Bloodlines


Founder: Micah


Founder: Malachai



Founder: Stephanie Wylde


Founder: Liam Goodryke


Founder: Dulce Periculum



Founder: Alyss



Founder: CharlotteC



Founder: Cristiana



Founder: Elsa Beth


More Info

The Dragomir are a sub-line of the Worthington bloodline, and are widely regarded to be the first distinct sub-line to form after The Vampire Holocaust, in Harper Rock. Having been strongly tied to the first two incarnations of The Council, as strong proponents of community unity, they ceased to be involved with vampire politics shortly after the dissolution of the second version of the Council, and have remained relatively quiet since then. Their collective public face is that of carefully crafted neutrality, though they are individually known to be fiercely independent.

Primary Motivation':The Dragomir are not politically aligned at this time, though they have been adherent to the Old Code in the past. Rather than follow ideologies which can become antiquated with passing time, they are motivated entirely by self-interest. They act only to protect and perpetuate the rights of their own, or those of their allies.

Inheritable Traits: The most commonly referenced inheritable trait amongst the Dragomir are the 'dragon eyes', which generally take the form of serpentine pupils, though they may be any reptilian eye. Some view the eyes as a curse, and others view it as something which makes them special, still others show no sign of it at all. Little is known about why the eyes are recurrent in the bloodline, though they make for an easy identifier of someone in the lineage.

Many members of the Dragomir bloodline are also considered insane. This madness ranges from bouts of severe psychosis, to uncontrollable lunacy (though the latter is extremely rare). It can be surmised that most of the members are a little off kilter in some way. Many of them feel the draw of bedlam and pandemonium.

In the words of the founder, NIkolae: "Male dragons are cold bastards that will do whatever they need to get what they want. While female dragons tend to be passionate and a bit insane."


Founder: Aysel


Founder: Szabina


Founder: Malvic



Founder: Prudence


Founder: Cinnamon Cherrywhip


Founder: Aly



Founder: Scorpia

Misfits in the truest form. They speak their mind and hold their ground not letting anyone push them around. They support each other and will fight til the death for a fellow misfit. Scorpia leads her misfits with not an iron fist but with understanding that you don't need to be a DICtator to run a group if you remember we are all in this together. To be a Sangue you must be Sangue by blood or "adopted" into the family.



Founder: Zodiac


Founder: Psyche


Founder: Kamikaze

Bloodline Factions

Bloodline Factions are those factions that contain more then one bloodline and or sub bloodline. For example, Deux Corbeaux is a group that contains not just one or two sub bloodlines, but also holds many individuals from other major bloodlines, like Quartermaine, and Grigori to name a few. This is why we are giving them their own section, since in reality they are not technically just one bloodline or sub bloodline.

Deux Corbeaux

Founders: Elizabeth Naarc, Etienne

Description: The Deux Corbeaux was founded when Elizabeth from the Noble bloodline and Etienne from the Worthington bloodline married. The sub-bloodline originally consisted of those that shared the blood of both Elizabeth and Etienne, as the two founders desired to have those that they sired and so forth work together to aid anyone as a family would. Over the fruition of the sub-bloodline, there have been others outside of their blood that have either been adopted by Etienne or Elizabeth and have been welcomed to share in the family experience, or have asked to be part of their familial house, but not necessarily adopted by either founder.

There is no requirement, or the need to be adopted by anyone within the family to be part of the Deux Corbeaux, but all requests to join are discussed between both founders before acceptance.


Founder: Niklaus


Founders: Gambat, Nikolae, and Serenity

Description: The Misfits is a family unit which seeks knowledge, understanding, acceptances and a place to call a home. Choosing not to judge those based on their own desires or wishes within the city itself. The Misfits as such are not aligned with or against the Masquerade. Instead understanding that those within may not agree with something but willing to protect each other as such. This understanding as such tends to lead to the desire to learn all there is to know within the city itself.

Philosophy: Unity can only be gained with knowledge, wisdom, Intimacy, Commitment. Thus allowing Individualism to truly take root regardless where one finds themselves within the grand scheme of things.

Requirements: Those who wish to join the Misfits are either related by direct blood to one of the members, adoption or due to being close friends within. Questions may be asked about why one wishes to join the Misfits.

Unwavering Rapture: Croft

Founder: Serendipity

Description: This is a group made by Serendipity for her family and friends. Adopted family members and bloodline members alike are welcome along with her close friends. It is a place to go to just relax and have a good time.

To join, you must either be bloodline related or be close to a member.

Vocata Crucis

Founder: Cristiana

Description: A call of the Cross. A coalition of friends and family. To join this group you must be a family member or close friend of the family member to Cristiana or one of her childer.

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