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Unlike individual raids, team raids are - you guessed it - ran in teams. Team raids are like all the other raids combined, with a few extras. Each raid has between 5 and 8 floors, depending on the level of difficulty of the raid. More difficult raids have more floors, and as your team ascends, the difficulty will increase. Rumors of these locations can be found by walking through bars and clubs

From a roleplay perspective, these raids are against an alliance of demi-fae creatures who have established corporate bases in Harper Rock for some unknown reason. They masquerade as humans in the same way vampires do.

Team Dynamics

Using the Character > Relationships menu, you can form a team of a maximum of 6 members. This team will last for the duration of the team raid event and will subsequently be wiped.

Each character can only win 1 team raid every 2 month. Factions (and bloodline, not including clans) are not limited in winning, so long as different individuals are used for each raid win. Individuals who have already won are able to form a team for subsequent raids, but their team will not be able to win. When adding team members, you will be prompted for confirmation if the invited person has already won a team raid in the current two month window

When standing together in a square, team members have a temporary boost to their stats.

The reward for killing the boss is split between all team members.


There are four different raid difficulties: easy, standard, challenging, hard. Rumors of strange noises in a certain district can be overheard in bars, pubs and clubs, same as those for battle raids. They are indistinguishable from battle raid rumors, however, so you won't know which type of raid it is until you arrive at the location.

Upon finding the location in the world map of the secret raid, you will see on the left side:
Enter (Name of Raid) F1?
Once you have entered the building, you will see:
You have entered a team raid. If you are not currently on a team, you are advised to join or create one via the "relationships" page, as team raids are almost impossible to win without a team.
When/if you leave and return, you will not see a message, but rather just the 'enter' button.


In order to progress to a new floor in a team raid, your team must work together to unlock the door. Each door has three locks, which require three different tasks be completed in order for the door to unlock. The possible tasks are:

  • Some sort of mystical rune
  • Opened remotely by a mechanical switch
  • Opened remotely, by computer command
  • A keycard - the type a guard or worker might carry

The locks on the doors up vary from floor to floor, but teams must always collect a keycard.

Once you have unlocked the door, the door will remain unlocked for the duration of the raid to your entire team. Members may come and go as they please if need be.


Yellow NPCs in the raid attack on sight, and give wounds in the same way as summoned fadebeasts and hunters in the sewer. You can distract an NPC, thus making them less likely to attack, by having a team member act as a shield and step into the square with the NPC - this encourages teams to bring somebody with an invisibility type power, or somebody with high dexterity. Receiving a key will look much like the way you get a key from a normal individual battle raid NPC.

Later enemies are very tough, encouraging your team to sit with the NPC and attack while in a group to take advantage of faction and bloodline combat bonuses for being in the same square.

Secure Wing

The Secure Wing is a B&E minigame where you are required to enter and stealthily flip a switch in order to deactivate the door locking mechanism. Upon opening the correct door you will see:

"You found a remote door switch which unlocks a door somewhere on this floor. The lock on this floor will now open for your team. You gain 20 EXP"'

NOTE: Hide in Shadows does not work in Secure Wings.

LAN Hack

In order to switch off a system lock, you must hack into the Local Area Network and Switch off the locking mechanism. A successful hack that unlocks the door will say:

+ Switcher altered variable at node. System alert reset. Floor security doors unlocked. The electronic lock on this floor will now open for your team. You also gained a bonus 60 experience points.

When the other nodes in the LAN system that have switches are activated they will give one of the following messages:

+ Switcher altered variable at node. System alert reset. All security programs weakened.

+ Switcher altered variable at node. System alert reset. Floor cameras disabled.

Mystical Rune

In order to unlock a mystical rune lock, the Open Door ritual must be performed. This ritual typically requires two ingredients; one being the binding ingredient you will want several of. Upon completing the ritual you will be notified that the door is unlocked:

You completed the ritual! The arcane lock on this floor will now open for your team. You gained X spirit exp.


Difficulty # of Floors EXP Cash
Easy 5 1,250 $37,500
Standard 6 1,500 $45,000
Challenging 7 1,750 $52,500
Hard 9 2,000 $60,000

The Boss has gradually depleting health, in the same way as the "boss" creatures that sometimes appear in the wilderness and sewers do. The damage you do to the boss will be retained for the next fight, even if the attacker is somebody else, whether they are on the same team as previous attackers or not. Killing the boss ends the raid, giving each member of the winning team their rewards.

Floor Security

The security of the floor can be viewed in the initial hacking menu at the top in red. I.E.:
This floor is at a security alert rating of 1.

Floor security will increase with each failed task. With increased security, tasks become more difficult - NPCs attack more frequently, more guards are found in B&Es and the system security of LAN hacks increases.


A few of the particularities of team raids are listed here:

  • Traps are not uncommon in the team raids. Whether another person laid them down, or they were there when the raid spawned, there is nothing different about disarming the traps. They range from proximity mines to spirit cages - so beware walking your wraiths through!
  • Teams are visible to one another, making it possible to teleport enemies out, lay traps down for them to get caught by, or worse, if you're feeling malicious and need to slow a competing team down.
  • You are unable to hack, perform rituals or craft while an enemy NPC is standing on one of those squares. These enemies must be defeated before they'll respawn, forcing hackers to get help from fighters, for example, even if no enemies on the floor are carrying keycards.
  • Security cameras and other types of alarms effectively raise the alert rating for each floor. This will make it harder to sneak past enemies, and will make hacking and stealth sections harder. The alert rating depletes each hour.
  • Losing at any task while in a team raid will cause you to lose 10 extra energy, instead of getting booted out of the raid
  • Failing a task will also increase the alert of the floor for all teams
  • Some floors only have 1 enemy, encouraging teams to use a tracker in order to conserve energy points
  • Like in individual battle raids, the Summon Ally power cannot be used in team raids.


Name Value
|Ancient Blade $350
Computer Parts $100
Custom Gun varied
Crystal Paperweight $250
|Diamond Tooth $200
Encandato Fang $400
Faeshard of Oez $350
Generic Potpourri $250
Glock Handgun $750
Gold Letter Opener $250
Platinum Letter Opener $350
Power Module $150
Runestaff $350
Shrouded Shotgun $350
Zombie Ear $15
Zombified Animal Parts $125

Faeshards of Oez are unique items only found in team raids. They can be found on the upper floors and do not re-spawn after being picked up.

When the Boss is killed everyone in the building is sent an alert: "the Boss of the building has been killed, you have until sunrise to loot the building"

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