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A territory is a patch of land owned by one of the Bloodlines or Factions in Harper Rock, won through Territorial Battle. However, the focus of this article is not on the mechanics of gaining a territory so much as describing what they are from a physical, roleplay perspective.

Quarantine Zone

The Quarantine Zone is a sectioned off part of the city with walls on all sides except for the north face, which is blocked by a river. The only way to get in or out is either to use vampire powers such as super jump or water walk; or to go through the sewer system.

The government's official stance on the Quarantine Zone is that it's the site of a virus outbreak. The area was sectioned off so that government scientists can privately and discretely observe, and potentially perform experiments. That being said, the significance of the Quarantine Zone is carefully downplayed by the government, who do not want to attract too many prying eyes.

There is a military presence in the Quarantine Zone, though they mostly stick to the base buildings in the corners of the south fence. You could therefor roleplay coming across military personnel, but there is currently no grid NPC to represent this.

The QZ is filled with abandoned and run down buildings, as well as a graveyard.

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