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The 8th Dimension Mall, owned by Odin, is located in Redwood just two blocks from the Wickbridge Train Station at 19,26.

This large mall offers locations for many business. Besides various services, clubs, restaurants and retail operations, the mall has a rock climbing wall in an indoor park area complete with a shark tank for the mall mascot, Orin.


For open shops, please check the property listings for the most updated information. It is most likely any open shops will be found in the 'Private Resales' section as there are a limited number of shops available at this location.

The Tenants

For a full listing of current businesses and shops, please see this directory.

Marvelous Mayhem


Type: Robotic Engineering
Owner: Jayden
Founded: 2014-06-24
Located: 9, 3 - 2nd floor
2014 Election Support: Wyatt Bancroft
Business Listing: Link


Marvelous Mayhem specializes in the creation of AI Robotic Pets, ranging from normal pets like cats and dogs, to animals you would not see as pets such as tigers and bears. Even going so far as to make robotic pets of mythological persuasions such as dragons and mermaids. Aquatic pets have, obviously, been carefully made to block the water out from the circuits. No robotic creature made by Marvelous Mayhem will be bigger than a large dog, unless custom ordered.


Marvelous Mayhem Gift Shop, 9, 10
Regular Shop 8, 10
Terminal 13, 10


Type: Photographic Studio
Link: here
Owner: Juliet
Founded: 2013-06-18
Property: Second Floor


Refractions is a family run business. (Altaire)
Founded by Juliet Altaire.

Refractions deals with developing pictures, selling cameras and equipment, and offering photography sessions in the studio portion of the store.


Juliet, owner
Rosalyn Crowley, Managerial
Athena, Clerical
Mary Mclaughlin, Sales

Triple Moon Blessings

Triple Moon Blessings

Triple Moon Blessings is at 7,7. The store is ran by Kira Kerr, she may be contacted via E-mail and Phone (

Note: It now has a magic shop inside

  • Rituals
  • Kira is able to perform many different rituals, please inquire what you are looking for
  • Note: We do not offer wedding officiant, handfastings, or bindings. The Triple Moon Temple at 3,3 (world) may be used for it to take place. No charge, though donations won't be objected to.
  • There is an altar in the back of the temple, for all to use
  • New Age Supplies (Normal Supplies for the witchy among us)
  • Herbs
  • Many forms of divination
  • Runes
  • Tarots
  • Crystal Balls and Scrying Mirrors
  • Pendulums
  • Stones
  • Books
  • Jewelry
  • Alter Items

    Now offering readings using pendulum, Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards, The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, and Celtic Messages cards. Sorry, I do not do tarot even though I do own a set. Will be offering rune readings soon.

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