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A mysterious and once semi-omniscient being of unknown origins. Rumor has it s/he may be one of the fae, or an ancient Vampire telepath, stuck eternally in the Shadow Realm. While there is much speculation, there are few real answers. What is known about him or her, is that they created CrowNet.


Much of the Crow's history is shrouded in mystery, though it is known that a crow appeared to Isabella Drake as a guide which led her to Harper Rock. Manifesting in the shape of a crow, Isabella assumed it to be the spirit of a dead vampire. Only with time did the Crow's intentions become more clear. When vampires were being hunted, Isabella gathered vampires in Harper Rock, believing it would eventually hold the key to true immortality. The vampires who came together in Harper Rock were eventually betrayed by Cobb, and killed by hunters in a final stand, which took place in 1813.

It t took nearly two centuries for Isabella and her companions to begin returning to the living world. In April 2011, Cobb accidentally tore a hole between the Shadow Realm and the 'real' world, and vampires returned to find that a being called the Crow had set up a complex vampire only website called CrowNet. At the time, CrowNet's security was enforced by the Crow, who was semi-omniscient (for currently unknown reasons). The Crow also set up the bounty list as a means of enforcing Vampiric Secrecy.

During the events of chapter 2, the Crow's omniscience was effectively canceled out by the actions of the vampires in Harper Rock. The Crow also removed the bounty list, but left a new system in place for vampires to report the actions of other vampires. The violation list came to be maintained by the vampire populace as opposed to the Crow, with any information on it being gained in character. Essentially incapacitated in many ways, little is known of the Crow's current whereabouts.

A group of vampires rose up around the start of Chapter 5, claiming be receiving visions from the Crow.

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