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The Gauntlet is a special location in River Rock set up so that characters can duel other player characters. These Gauntlet duels are friendly non-wounding battles - dueling a character outside this building will result in a wound-giving attack and the potential death of you (or their) character. It should be noted that dueling in the gauntlet uses fundamentally the same code as with Battle to the Death, the only difference being that dueling in the Gauntlet does not result in wounds or death after battle.

How it Works

Location: 34, 22, River Rock

Anyone may enter the building, however you require a Gauntlet Membership Pass in order to participate in Gauntlet battles. This pass can be purchased at any regular shop or at the Karma shop.

Price: 10 Karma or $250,000 - one-time purchase.

Once you have your pass and you're inside the Gauntlet, you need to find an opponent. The Gauntlet is the only location where the opponent does not need to accept the battle request, as there's no consequences for sparring in this location.

Please do not click on the skirmish attack button or you will skirmish attack/potentially wound them instead. Instead, you'll find the sparring button on the left side of your screen, underneath "mode". Be aware that the challenger spends 2 energy points per battle, but other than that nothing is gained or lost, and there's no real practical in-game advantage to being a member of the Gauntlet.

The Gauntlet was made with those people in mind who hate skirmishing or live fighting, and those that would much rather the fighting be a test of tactics and character stats. It's also quite useful to roleplayers or those who dislike the shadow realm, as it can be used as a means of settling disputes without obtaining massive wounds.


Occasionally, the developers will hold tournaments in the Gauntlet. Any character may participate, however Gauntlet passes are required. 32 contestants face off in a series of bracketed fights, with the winner progressing to the next round. The last man (or woman!) standing will hold the championship crown.

Fall 2012

Winner: Stephanie Wylde
Runner up: ?

Summer 2013

Winner: Phoenix
Runner up: Wolfgang

Summer 2014

Winner: Mordechai
Runner up: Prudence

Spring 2015

Winner: Keara Aithne
Runner up: Blake

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