The Lunar Lake Estate

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The Grounds

The Estates Grounds is located at (1, -7 ) Cherrydale, in what was once known as Old Town. It is easy enough to reach by getting off at Cherrydale Station and going left until you see the white stone wall, with the doors open, welcoming all.


Before The Chinese Style Buildings took over the grounds, the place was said to hold rituals for the spirits of those who had passed on. These grounds were said to hold tunnels that ran into the catacombs. Perhaps used by thieves in later years in hopes of finding something worth selling.

Historians believed that once the floods began in 1902, the once spiritual ground with it's tunnels were lost to time. Before the lands were sold off, Historians tried to see if they could find any relics of what had once laid there. Yet there was nothing of any importance that remained. Thus the land was sold and bought.


The Lunar Lake Estates is set up in a Traditional Chinese mansion or palace if you like. The gates are made of stone wrap around the Estates. Yet the doors are always opened to anyone who wishes to enter. When you walk through the circle shaped door you walk down a stone tunnel that opens into a Tradition Chinese Gate’s. The courtyard has access to several small dwellings, though they are empty and unused at the time. The main house is three stories tall. Yet most will never see the rest of the floors.

As you walk inside the front door of the main house, you see it’s far from being a traditional Chinese home. Minus the fact you have to take your shoes off and put on house slippers. There is a music room, library with shelves to the ceiling, several places for sitting a socializing, a large kitchen and dining room, a living room, a learning center for younger children to play games, two large guest rooms with several beds inside each of them, as well as a semi-indoor garden with a koi pond.


The Lunar Lake Estates

The Estates is the family home of the Yue'Shi, which is belongs to Serenity. Who has opened her home to anyone who can follow the rules of her home. Serenity has given a copy of her key to Odin who has created just about everything that can be found within the Estates.

Harper Rock Newspaper


Text: There is new life being breathed in Harper Rock's Oldtown. 24 year old Chinese Born, Serenity Ai'Shi bought the property near the Mausoleum and Oldtown's Graveyard, where most of the founders of Harper Rock rest. When asked why here, Ai'Shi said, "I realized there was little to no place for people who were coming to this city to go. I wanted anyone who needed a place to lay their head, to have just that. The grounds and the main floor of my home is open to everyone." For someone so young who had lost her parents we wondered how she could be so trusting in people to not harm her or steal from her. Smiling she replied with, "They haven't met the man who has done all the work in building these Estates."

Rules and Guidelines

1. Please do not bite, kick, spit or hit those found within these grounds.
2. The grounds and main floor is opened to everyone, please stay out of any place that you have not been invited too.
3. If you bring danger into these Estates, understand that you very well could be fed to Sethos.
4. Do not steal.
5. If you need help, or require anything simply ask.
6. Please remove your shoes when entering the house, there are slippers provided for you.
7. Please make sure to switch slippers if you enter the gardens.

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