The Story So Far (Blood)

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The following is a history of all major game events that dealt with the main chapters at hand and the largest battles, etc.

For a timeline of all pre-game history, check the Pre-Game History. For more detailed information about the chapters, read the Chapter History (Blood). For a more extensive game history, maintained and created by players of the game, check Game History (Blood - Player Made).


Vampires had been nearly extinct for 200 years -- killed almost down to the last by an alliance of enemies. It was here that they made their last stand, in the city of Harper Rock, Canada. It was here that they were betrayed by one of their own kind; Fenn the Betrayer. And it is here that today, 200 years later, a handful of vampires could return from the baron spiritual plane of existence, known as the Realm of Shadow.

Harper Rock is a unique place. The barrier (or "fade") between the two realms is weakest in this area, for a reason yet undiscovered. As Lord Raphe Andrew Fenn, a necromancer, conducted experiments on undead minions, in the spring of 2016, he unwittingly tore a rift between the two planes of existence. Finally, a handful of elders that died in Harper Rock 200 years ago were able to break through the fade and return to life. These became the new "first generation", and their childer the second generation as they began the formation of seven new "clans", or lineages from which all other living vampires would soon descend.

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