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The following is a history of all major game events that dealt with the main chapters at hand and the largest battles, etc.

For a timeline of all pre-game history, check the Pre-Game History. For more detailed information about the chapters, read the Chapter History. For a more extensive game history, maintained and created by players of the game, check Game History (player-made).


Vampires had been nearly extinct for 200 years -- killed almost down to the last by an alliance of enemies. It was here that they made their last stand, in the city of Harper Rock, Canada. It was here that they were betrayed by one of their own kind; Cobb the Betrayer. And it is here that today, 200 years later, a handful of vampires could return from the baron spiritual plane of existence, known as the Realm of Shadow.

Harper Rock, you see, is a unique place. The barrier (or "fade") between the two realms is weakest in this area, for a reason yet undiscovered. As Cobb the Betrayer conducted experiments on undead minions, in the spring of 2011, he unwittingly tore a rift between the two planes of existence. Finally, a handful of elders that died in Harper Rock 200 years ago were able to break through the fade and return to life. These became the new "first generation", and their childer the second generation as they began the formation of seven new "clans", or lineages from which all other living vampires would soon descend.

Current Major Plots

With the fall of Vampiric Secrecy comes a natural unease. Will human society accept vampires? Or will there be eventual all out war? For the vampire community, there are many options available. Do you attempt to showcase the positive traits of vampires in the human world? Do you try to mislead and misdirect popular opinion? Or do you want to take a more sinister approach, attempting to build plans to eventually enslave humanity. Or even cause so much chaos that it leads to war? For humans, who have been largely overshadowed by vampire characters up until this point, the human community takes the spotlight somewhat. Do you choose to trust vampires? Or does their newly confirmed existence fill you with rage? The path moving forward is not entirely clear, but it can easily be described as walking on a tight rope. As always with Path of the Vampire, the characters shape the future of the game, and the way the story will play out.

Prologue: Cobb the Betrayer

As the first generation masters moved to secure power for themselves and sire a group of followers. Cobb the Betrayer moved to eradicate all vampires except for himself, for he would not share power and feared what the other elders might do to him. For over a month he used his superior power to antagonize these first generations (weakened as they were from their time spent in the shadow realm) and murder their new offspring. He used hit and run tactics in order to negate the advantage of numbers which the other vampires had and was very successful for a while. Fear of Cobb spread across the vampire community, as the newly turned vampires were butchered while out feeding.

The vampire community united against Cobb, setting up systems where mystics would block him out of buildings and others would track the wilderness trying to find him, claiming the massive bounty on his head. Finally, the first generations and their progeny caught the Betrayer out in the open, surrounded him with over thirty vampires, and murdered him as he struggled to escape.

Chapter 1: The Broussard

The Broussard (crime family) found out about vampires and discovered the art of Blood Thievery. Vampires saw the gangsters as a threat and hunted down the Broussard, even when their leader, Emanuel Broussard, brokered for peace. Eventually, Emanuel Broussard stole vampirism for himself and his leaders and re-discovered the ability of Necuratism, as he prepared for all-out war with the vampires. When they discovered his fortified stronghold location, the vampires attacked, taking casualties but eventually wiping out the Broussard gang and sending Emanuel to the Shadow Realm.

Chapter 2: Shadows of the Crow

Eskoph, one of the twelve wraith guides, publicly denounced Crow, claiming the being to be a fae who was attempting to trick vampires into wiping out human-kind. He informed vampires that in the city there were ancient tomes of ritual knowledge that could be used to restore him and the other wraiths to life, so that they could help vampires survive. Although only one wraith, Revyia, was brought back to life, vampires did use some of these new rituals (among other things) to blind and pacify Crow's power, eventually leading to his or her complete withdrawal from the affairs of the physical world. As a direct result of this, humans quickly discovered undead in the chambers of the Cherrydale mausoleum. The military quickly moved in and blocked off the entrance, meaning the only entrance into the mausoleum is through the catacombs, accessed from the sewers.

Chapter 3: Power Plays

Following a short campaign process during which the vampires of Harper Rock had a chance to learn more about three distinct candidates, Wyatt Bancroft was elected mayor of Harper Rock. This is significant because the Prime Minister of Canada around the same time, due to a major natural disaster, handed several extra keys of power to the mayor. Bancroft is known by some to be the thrall of a powerful but unnamed vampire, able to be confirmed by any vampire with the appraisal power.

Chapter 4: Cracks in the Surface

During the Cracks in the Surface chapter, characters were essentially given the choice to absorb fractures of the shadow realm which 'jutted' into the human world. Doing so gave a vampire significantly more power, but also constituted a major violation of secrecy. Those who did not absorb the fractures could seal them, or use them to either expand or contract the rift a tiny amount. This chapter is of key importance because it constituted the first time it became clear that the rift could be changed by the 'tinkering' of vampires since the initial creation of the Sundering by Cobb. It also marked the slow decline of secrecy as a vampiric way of life.

Chapter 5: Underworld War

During the underworld war, several vampire factions went to war, trying to gather up criminal territories. In the process the Order of St. James of the sword, the Exiled Brotherhood, and the Westwall Bricks were essentially driven out of Harper Rock.

The End of Secrecy

Shortly after Chapter 5, secrecy in Harper Rock quickly began to crumble. The 'final nail in the coffin' happened when a newly turned Lionelli was captured and experimented on. The entire affair was highly publicized. As a result, the existence of vampires was pushed into the public eye. While not everyone believes they exist, the information is out there for anyone who wants to explore.

The Culling

Soon after the end of secrecy, the area around Harper Rock became infested with wendigos. Once found rarely, these demifae rose in surprising and unprecedented numbers. The presence of the wendigos represented a serious problem not only for the humans they wished to feed upon and turn, but also to vampires. With human and vampire relations on rocky ground just after the human population learned of the existence of vampires, any spike in crime around Harper Rock could potentially have led to an all out war. Thus, The administrator called for a culling of the wendigo threat.

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