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The following is a history of all major game events that dealt with the main chapters at hand and the largest battles, etc.

For a timeline of all pre-game history, check the Pre-Game History. For more detailed information about the chapters, read the Chapter History. For a more extensive game history, maintained and created by players of the game, check Game History (player-made).


Vampires had been nearly extinct for 200 years -- killed almost down to the last by an alliance of enemies. It was here that they made their last stand, in the city of Harper Rock, Canada. It was here that they were betrayed by one of their own kind; Cobb the Betrayer. And it is here that today, 200 years later, a handful of vampires could return from the baron spiritual plane of existence, known as the Realm of Shadow.

Harper Rock, you see, is a unique place. The barrier (or "fade") between the two realms is weakest in this area, for a reason yet undiscovered. As Cobb the Betrayer conducted experiments on undead minions, in the spring of 2011, he unwittingly tore a rift between the two planes of existence. Finally, a handful of elders that died in Harper Rock 200 years ago were able to break through the fade and return to life. These became the new "first generation", and their childer the second generation as they began the formation of seven new "clans", or lineages from which all other living vampires would soon descend.

Current Major Plots

With the fall of Vampiric Secrecy comes a natural unease. Will human society accept vampires? Or will there be eventual all out war?

For the vampire community, there are many options available. Do you attempt to showcase the positive traits of vampires in the human world? Do you try to mislead and misdirect popular opinion? Or do you want to take a more sinister approach, attempting to build plans to eventually enslave humanity. Or even cause so much chaos that it leads to war?

For humans, who have been largely overshadowed by vampire characters up until this point, the human community takes the spotlight somewhat. Do you choose to trust vampires? Or does their newly confirmed existence fill you with rage?

The path moving forward is not entirely clear, but it can easily be described as walking on a tight rope. As always with Path of the Vampire, the characters shape the future of the game, and the way the story will play out.

Prologue: Cobb the Betrayer

As the first generation masters moved to secure power for themselves and sire a group of followers. Cobb the Betrayer moved to eradicate all vampires except for himself, for he would not share power and feared what the other elders might do to him. For over a month he used his superior power to antagonize these first generations (weakened as they were from their time spent in the shadow realm) and murder their new offspring. He used hit and run tactics in order to negate the advantage of numbers which the other vampires had and was very successful for a while. Fear of Cobb spread across the vampire community, as the newly turned vampires were butchered while out feeding.

The vampire community united against Cobb, setting up systems where mystics would block him out of buildings and others would track the wilderness trying to find him, claiming the massive bounty on his head. Finally, the first generations and their progeny caught the Betrayer out in the open, surrounded him with over thirty vampires, and murdered him as he struggled to escape.

Chapter 1: The Broussard

The Broussard (crime family) found out about vampires and discovered the art of Blood Thievery. Vampires saw the gangsters as a threat and hunted down the Broussard, even when their leader, Emanuel Broussard, brokered for peace. Eventually, Emanuel Broussard stole vampirism for himself and his leaders and re-discovered the ability of Necuratism, as he prepared for all-out war with the vampires. When they discovered his fortified stronghold location, the vampires attacked, taking casualties but eventually wiping out the Broussard gang and sending Emanuel to the Shadow Realm.

Chapter 2: Shadows of the Crow

Eskoph, one of the twelve wraith guides, publicly denounced Crow, claiming the being to be a fae who was attempting to trick vampires into wiping out human-kind. He informed vampires that in the city there were ancient tomes of ritual knowledge that could be used to restore him and the other wraiths to life, so that they could help vampires survive. Although only one wraith, Revyia, was brought back to life, vampires did use some of these new rituals (among other things) to blind and pacify Crow's power, eventually leading to his or her complete withdrawal from the affairs of the physical world. As a direct result of this, humans quickly discovered undead in the chambers of the Cherrydale mausoleum. The military quickly moved in and blocked off the entrance, meaning the only entrance into the mausoleum is through the catacombs, accessed from the sewers.

Chapter 3: Power Plays

Following a short campaign process during which the vampires of Harper Rock had a chance to learn more about three distinct candidates, Wyatt Bancroft was elected mayor of Harper Rock. This is significant because the Prime Minister of Canada around the same time, due to a major natural disaster, handed several extra keys of power to the mayor. Bancroft is known by some to be the thrall of a powerful but unnamed vampire, able to be confirmed by any vampire with the appraisal power.

Chapter 4: Cracks in the Surface

During the Cracks in the Surface chapter, characters were essentially given the choice to absorb fractures of the shadow realm which 'jutted' into the human world. Doing so gave a vampire significantly more power, but also constituted a major violation of secrecy. Those who did not absorb the fractures could seal them, or use them to either expand or contract the rift a tiny amount. This chapter is of key importance because it constituted the first time it became clear that the rift could be changed by the 'tinkering' of vampires since the initial creation of the Sundering by Cobb. It also marked the slow decline of secrecy as a vampiric way of life.

Chapter 5: Underworld War

During the underworld war, several vampire factions went to war, trying to gather up criminal territories. In the process the Order of St. James of the sword, the Exiled Brotherhood, and the Westwall Bricks were essentially driven out of Harper Rock.

The End of Secrecy

Shortly after Chapter 5, secrecy in Harper Rock quickly began to crumble. The 'final nail in the coffin' happened when a newly turned Lionelli was captured and experimented on. The entire affair was highly publicized. As a result, the existence of vampires was pushed into the public eye. While not everyone believes they exist, the information is out there for anyone who wants to explore.

The Culling

Soon after the end of secrecy, the area around Harper Rock became infested with wendigos. Once found rarely, these demifae rose in surprising and unprecedented numbers. The presence of the wendigos represented a serious problem not only for the humans they wished to feed upon and turn, but also to vampires. With human and vampire relations on rocky ground just after the human population learned of the existence of vampires, any spike in crime around Harper Rock could potentially have led to an all out war. Thus, The administrator called for a culling of the wendigo threat.

Chapter 6: Consequences

After a well known progressive vigilante group leaked government emails, one email in particular stood out: "Project Revital." A name they are giving to worldwide efforts to find a so-called "cure" for vampirism.

If accounts are to be believed, this research has already entered final testing phases, and is rumoured to actually work. What's more, the cure is being developed right outside of the city of Harper Rock, in a military facility called CFB Longslade located to the east of the city, along the river.

The cure research was stolen from the lab after the army and militia were soundly defeated in very short order. All other research was burned or otherwise destroyed by the invading forces. The cure research now lies solely in the hands of one mystery individual. What they choose to do with it is up to them.

The media has been spinning this as the largest terrorist attack in recent years, and humans are not happy to say the least. There has been talk of vampire ID cards, special government organisations, curfews, and even a suggestion by a politician who is calling for Harper Rock to be abandoned and walled off entirely, so that vampires can be left to their own devices without harming humans.

The Cure

The "cure" which was stolen after an assault on the military base labs, was developed further by the thief. Eventually, they reached testing phases with the drug, and treatment began on a single subject.

The subject began to experience many strange and unpleasant side effects over a 6 week duration of multiple treatments and supervision, and eventually found themselves “cured” in that they no longer had any of the properties of a vampire.

However, there was a longer lasting side effect. The vampire side (or shade) of the individual awoke in the Shadow Realm, not understanding what happened, and believing themselves to be the true version of the subject. Once this vampire returned to life, they found themselves with a much wilder, darker side, and they often descend into fits of berserker rage and violence.

This vampire shade regularly lashes out on grid, attacking and sometimes wounding random individuals (of all races) who are in public locations. Moreover, they are on a killing spree of humans during this feral state, which is raising the police wanted level of the individual, and significantly worsening relations between the vampire and human races.

The cure itself was made available to obtain from the original thief of the cure research.

Chapter 7: The Deep Throne

When the sirens of the Hebigumo Foundation uncovered a mystical and ancient ruin known as The Labyrinth, they began an assault on it, fighting against the undead creatures found there.

Publically, they claimed this had nothing to do with vampires, but with protecting the city. However, the sirens recognized a zombie apocalypse could mean their extinction through starvation and an inability to procreate.

The Administrator came out against the Hebigumo Foundation and made it very clear that the sirens are not to be trusted, that they are not really just conducting research, but are in fact looking for a way to make the Rift in the Fade smaller. His claim was that they wished to weaken the hold of vampires on the world with perhaps the eventual goal of completely eradicating the Rift entirely.

After a large battle, the sirens were beaten back by vampires and their allies, and their plans to "stabalize" the rift were thwarted. After the battle, a deeper path in the Labyrinth was discovered, and a small group made their way into the inner sanctum.

Inside, they met the ancient vampire, Theodosia, at this point essentially an inert corpse. She spoke to the group telepathically making promises to protect vampire kind from the coming storm, and asking in return to be fed enough blood to make her whole again. After a heated debate and a fierce battle between the small group, Theodosia was finally released into the world.

The rift between worlds was opened further with Theodosia’s release, causing Zombies and other undead to arise in significantly larger numbers inside and outside of the QZ. The citizens of Harper Rock are scared as they lose the ones they love, those who are closest to them, and only moments later, have monsters with the faces of their loved ones trying to harm them or feed on them.

Numerous business owners have been forced to abandon their shops, and people are evacuating Harper Rock in larger numbers than ever before. While still far from a full scale panic, the people of Harper Rock largely blame these recent troubles on their Vampire counterparts, which has impacted the relations between humans and vampires.

What’s more, a terrifying beast that looks like a Mooncalf, yet with added sentience and an extremely dark aura, now roams Harper Rock. These Theodosian Mooncalves are the eyes and ears of the mysterious Vampire, Theodosia, who remains unseen after her release.

Theodosia is currently 'in the wind' for all practical purposes. While it can be assumed that she resides in her throne room deep in the Labyrinth, nobody currently recalls how to get there, and even if they could, doing so would be a perilous journey, well protected as she is by her knights. She cannot be appraised and cannot be tracked. She only responds to her Champions, under specific circumstances, but does so only via telepathic communication.

What she plans for Vampires and Harper Rock City remain to be seen.


Living in Harper Rock is somewhat like living in the Wild West. There is a unique and broad stratification of people and a new zombie killing task force, the North American Deanimation Unit (NADUMA), is set up to qualm measures.

The area immediately around the Quarantine Zone has become something of a no-man's land for most people, save for NADUMA patrols, the army, looters (and other criminal elements), and the dead.

The Slums have grown larger with a higher number of people living in poverty due to high unemployment, high employment turnover, general job insecurity, lack of municipal finds and infrastructure to help the needy. With money going to trying to fight the potential spread of zombies, there are parts of Harper Rock which have fallen into severe neglect, though those may be right beside parts of the town which are pristine due to private spending from the contributions of wealthy donors. There are still many of the components which make a modern, western city such as hospitals, police stations - but there's an odd disconnect where some neighbourhoods get preferential treatment.

There are the extremely poor, but there are also the wealthy, who have used the chaos as a ladder to climb their way into money through a number of means. After all, in a catastrophe, it's the one who holds the food, who holds the power. This means that there are very stark social divisions.

There's a sense of lawlessness, though there are laws. Police patrol the nicer parts of town, usually because the rich are the ones who ultimately line their pocketbooks. This does not mean that all cops have become corrupt, though corruption has increased substantially since the zombies began to rise outside of the Quarantine Zone.

The army is very present on the streets and around town, as a way of combating the spread of the dead. That said, it's very common for people to carry their own protection with them wherever they go. There's this sense that, at any moment, something terrible could happen. And yet, people try to plug on. They try to live their lives as normal.

Schools have re-opened and redistricted closer to the edges of town. Municipal facilities still operate. There are checkpoints leading out of town which ensure zombies don't cross the borders leading out of Harper Rock, and with the large number of protections in place with the army, police, NADUMA, and personal defense, it's easy for people to get lulled into a place of false security. It's not uncommon for the undead to wander into someone's home. One must always be careful. Always be vigilant.

It may seem like the most logical solution would be to move away from Harper Rock, and there have been some charities which have popped up to help with this - but in many cases, the need is too great. With the spike in poverty, fewer and fewer people are able to move away, and what money they do make is often spent on the rising drug problem as a means of escape from the pain of reality.

There are some who have the means to escape, but who stubbornly choose to remain for a variety of reasons; like holding on to a family home, desire to see Harper Rock 'fixed', a strong sense of community, or hope for a better future. There are some business owners with ties to the community who want to help, and others who seek to take advantage. Still others remain for more nefarious reasons.

Crime has drastically increased. The drug trade is huge, but so is the sale of illegal firearms. New gangs and cartels have taken root in Harper Rock and have found a niche in a number of areas. This means that gang related criminal activities have increased as well, along with violent crime.

These issues are only bolstered by the corruption evident in the police force.

Several charities have sprung up in an attempt to combat the city's neglect, but these are frequently just scams. More ways for the rich to divest the poor of their money in the name of the 'greater good'.

Still, there is a sense of hopefulness at times. The news often runs pieces focusing on the small victories that come with living in a place like Harper Rock. Some accuse them of distracting from reality, some news sources only ever have dire and unhappy things to say.

Harper Rock feels lawless a lot of the time. It seems like a place where anything good or bad (usually bad) may be possible. Where safety is not assured. It can be said that Harper Rock breeds strength into its people by putting them through the meat grinder, and pulverizing the weak. This too, has an appeal to some people.

Harper Rock often feels like a police state. There are random, frequent checks by the army, by police. The ones maintaining order are given more power to do what they want. Though in many cases, they turn a blind eye to the wealthy. There is definitely a sense that every person is being observed, possibly at all times.

It seems almost as if the city is nearing a fork in the road. A tipping point. The key factor in determining what happens is the Human-Vampire relations, which are currently: an uneasy peace. This can be impacted with the For Peace or Against Peace roleplay tags.


Years ago, the Division of Preternatural Observation (DiPO) was founded as a sub-section of a sub-section of the branch of Counter-Intelligence, part of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). DiPO was responsible for carrying out operations in Harper Rock which required both subterfuge and finesse. They have historically worked with the military to try and record data pertaining to the supernatural world, which could be used to benefit Canada.

Back in 2014, when it became clear that supernatural entities were real, DiPO set up a complex algorithm which filtered rapidly through footage to look for certain visual keys and then compiled that footage.

One technician working for DiPO decided that there were very good real world applications for the software, however. She amended the programme so that she was able to tap into surveillance for all of Harper Rock, giving the program astounding mobility and the ability to track criminal activity as it was happening. The problem was that her methods worked too well. At some point in 2018, DiPO was abruptly dissolved. All assets were liquidated, all information locked away, and the majority of its agents were re-assigned.

The remaining members of DiPO went rogue, and formed Muninn. Technically a private intelligence agency, Muninn carried out special intel and recon missions filtered to them through several third parties.

Midway through 2019, Agent Christian Klein, a member of Muninn, got hold of the servers which originally acted as the central nervous system of the Huginn Program. His aim was to set up a system by which some lawfulness can be brought to Harper Rock. All he needed was time to put the system in place and people who were willing to fight for Harper Rock.

His activities were recently leaked onto the dark web via an anonymous source and the communities of Harper Rock were left to decide whether to take up arms against those criminals highlighted by the algorithm known as The Bounty System, or work to destroy the surveillance.

On June 1st 2019, the battle lines were drawn and in just 24 hours, the choice was made.

The new bounty system went live and the culling began anew. The hunting list is now filled with those on wanted lists from police, army, counter-terrorism, and similar agencies - according to the sources on the dark net. Those who get sloppy and get caught, are encouraged to go into hiding or find other ways to lower their bounty as the noose tightens.

Chapter 8: The Father of Monsters

When the Administrator found evidence that a local charity was funneling funds into the criminal undercity by means of buying up tons of explosives and weapons, he made an announcement to the Vampire community.

At the first major crossroads, the Vampire community decided it would be best to try and help the Administrator in this endeavour, which led to a multi-pronged attack that found one group attacking a shipment of the illegal goods which the charity was covertly funding. Not content with just one avenue of information, the same group also detained and questioned the transit driver, and put together a list of viable warehouses where the arms could have been stored.

After it was revealed that there was a group of rogue humans working together during the daylight hours to try and cripple the vampires of Harper Rock through a number of different means, the Administrator reached out again to try and put a halt to the gathering of these groups and the dispersal of propaganda. Unfortunately, the Administrator's pleas were largely ignored, which meant that the faction of humans were able to continue meeting together and recruiting unchecked.

Massive support for legal action against vampires, combined with funding from a number of different sources, resulted in the passing of the Distinction Between Living and Animated Persons Act. The Act has severely hindered vampires, as they are now second-class citizens.

Chapter 9: Choices

Vampires have suffered significantly under the Act, being forced to carry ID cards and become microchipped. Relations between Humans and Vampires have also considerably worsened; with many mortals blaming Vampires for acts of terrorism and the increased presence of the undead walking the streets.

A vocal minority - spurred by recent scenes of riots and protests happening across the globe - have taken up their banners to denounce the government that has made the act, calling for a vote of no confidence, and pushing for a new general election.

The government of Harper Rock, led by Mayor Wyatt Bancroft, is quietly watching the proceedings with trepidation. There are fears that events will devolve into civil war beyond civil unrest. Furthermore, if the vocal minority were to gain increased support, then they would be forced to honour the request of a general election and lose power over the city.

The criminal underbelly has also been watching events, but is eager to take advantage of the value of these specialised ID cards and the certificate of mortality. If residents of Harper Rock City knew where to look, they can find very convincing replicas of Human IDs available for sale on the Black Market along with other helpful services such as access to military personnel who are willing to look the other way for the right price.

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