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The Tutorial Hub is where every new character that is created in Path of the Vampire will start. In the Tutorial Hub, the player will go through a series of tasks with their character to learn different aspects of the game before joining the rest of the community. A player may skip the tutorial at anytime by going to the EXIT at 10, 10 Tutorial Hub. If a player is completely new to Path of the Vampire we suggest not skipping the tutorial so that one may get acquainted with the basics of the game. If a veteran of the game, skipping the tutorial is optional though the experience and free energy refills help with gaining character levels.

Before starting the tutorial, we recommend you go to your Settings page and enable grid coordinates (second to last option). This will help you navigate the grid much more easily.

Building Locations

Abandoned Morgue (Ritual Alters & Zombies): 9, 2, Tutorial City

Bank: 8, 5, Tutorial City

Hub Street Station: 11, 6, Tutorial City

Shop: 10, 1, Tutorial City

Tutorial Cafe (Computers): 14, 8, Tutorial City

Tutorial Street Station: 14, 4, Tutorial City

Tutorial Warehouse (Crafting Benches): 13, 3, Tutorial City


Task 1: Movement


You are currently standing in the Tutorial Hub. Here you will learn the basics of the game before you venture out into the city of Harper Rock. Your first task is to move to 10, 6, Tutorial Hub (x:10, y:6). You can move to adjacent squares by clicking/tapping on any surrounding square, or with keyboard keys.

Rewards: 50 EXP

Task 2: Stations


Stations are depicted by a black square and are used to help you navigate the city faster, and at low energy cost. Your task is to find a station and take the train to another station.

How to use a station: Once you find a station, click the door icon on the right side of the screen to open the station menu. Select the station you want to travel to and click `Go.`

Rewards: 50 EXP

Task 3: Buildings


Red squares denote public buildings that anyone can enter. There are several public buildings in Tutorial City and your next task is to find one and enter it.

How to enter a building: Step into the building square and click the door icon on the right of the screen.

Rewards: 50 EXP

Task 4: Stealing


It’s possible to steal from other players, certain NPCs (Non-Player Characters) and random groups of NPC humans. Your task is to steal from an NPC human.

How to steal from someone: Step into any square with "HUMAN" in it and click on the dollar symbol next to the name. (You can steal from PCs (Player Characters) and NPCs in the same way.)

Rewards: $100

Task 5: Banking


Banks are depicted by a blue square. Use these to keep your money safe, make transfers, etc. Your task now is to head over to 8, 5, Tutorial Hub and bank the cash you stole.

How to deposit cash into the bank: Step into the bank square and click on the door button again. Then type the amount into the box under the drop-down menu where it says `Deposit` and then click `Go.`

Rewards: 1000 EXP

Task 6: Level Up


Leveling up is how you personalize your character’s skills and grow in power. Your task is to level your character up.

How to level up: When you character is able to go up a level you will notice the words `LEVEL UP!` in red on the left hand side of the screen where it usually tells you your `EXP` percentage. From there, you can select one characteristic and one skill to improve. Placing your mouse over the characteristic/skill will give you a brief outline of what they do. Once you are happy with your selections, click the `LEVEL UP!` button in the lower right hand corner of the table.

Rewards: $100

Task 7: Feeding


Playing a human?: As a human, you do not need to feed, so you can skip this task and move on when you are ready.

Playing a vampire?: Feeding is vital as it keeps you alive, and ensures you gain PXP each day (PXP stands for powers experience and is exchanged for powers). Your task is to find a human and feed from them.

How to feed: Step into any square with "HUMAN" in it and click on the word "HUMAN".

Rewards: 3 PXP

Task 8: Gain a Power


Playing a pure blood human?: As a pure blood human without a class, you cannot gain powers. You may skip this task and move on when you are ready.

Playing a vampire or classed human?: Vampires and "classed" humans (such as paladins) can gain powers. Powers are purchased with PXP. Classed humans earn PXP in a number of different ways. (You can consult the Path of the Vampire wiki for more information on this when you are ready).

How to obtain new powers: Go to the character drop-down menu (the icon which looks like a head) in the top left hand corner of the page and select `Powers.` You’ll see a list of the powers currently available to you. Moving the mouse over the dots, will give you a description of that powers, its costs, etc. When you have chosen which power you wish to purchase, click the dot and then confirm to exchange your PXP for the desired power.

Rewards: 50 EXP

Task 9: Find a Weapon


Items (including weapons) can sometimes be found lying around on the floor. Your task is to go to Tutorial Warehouse and pick up an old sword.

How to pick up an item: Step into the square with the old sword in it and click the link that says "* Old Sword". (Lootable items that can be picked up are always green and are marked with a *)

Rewards: $100

Task 10: Equip a Weapon


Your task is to equip a weapon.

How to equip a weapon: Go to the `CHARACTER` drop-down menu in the top left hand corner of the page and select `Inventory.` All the items you are carrying can be found under specific tabs in your inventory. When on the weapons tab, you will see several buttons on each item row (run your mouse over the icon to see what it does). To equip your new weapon, click on the sword icon. The row will turn red if the item is equipped.

Rewards: Gold Ring

Task 11: Sell Loot


Shops are depicted by a green square. Your task is to go to the shop at 10, 1, Tutorial Hub and sell something from your inventory.

How to sell an item: Step into the shop square, click the gears button (which means to use what ever is in the square), click on the "Sell" button, then go to the "loot" tab. To sell a single item, click on the $ button. To sell multiple items, tick the tick boxes of all the items you wish to sell and scroll to the bottom of the page. Select `Sell marked items` from the drop-down menu and then click `Submit`.

Rewards: $1500

Task 12: Buy a Gun and Ammo


Your task is to go to the shop at 10, 1, Tutorial Hub and buy a gun and some ammunition and then equip your gun. Note: You can have one sword and one gun equipped at the same time.

How to buy an item: Step into the shop square, click the gears button, and click "Buy". To buy an item, click on the $ button. Tip: Guns are purchased from the "Weapons" section. Ammunition is purchase from the "Ammo" section.

Rewards: $200

Task 13: Fight an NPC


NPCs are yellow, making them easier to spot. Your task is to go to the Abandoned Morgue and fight a zombie.

How to fight an NPC: Step into the square with the NPC and click on the "†" button on the left hand side of the NPC`s name.

Rewards: 100 EXP

Task 14: Adjust Battle Tactics


Your battle tactics are an important part of the game and dictate how your character reacts in certain situations. Your task is to change your battle settings.

How to adjust tactics: Go to the character drop-down menu in the top left hand corner of the page and select "Battle Tactics". Each drop-down menu has a number of options for you to choose from. Simply select your preferred response and then click "Make Changes" at the bottom of the page to save your setup. Tip: You can find more information regarding what the Battle Tactics do on our wiki. To access this, simply click the "?" in the top left hand corner of the tactics screen.

Rewards: 100 EXP

Task 15: Exchanging Roleplay Points


RPP (Roleplay Points) are earned on the forum when posting on the descriptive roleplay boards. Your task is to spend some/or all of the RPP you earned from the last task. Note: You can reach the Path of the Vampire forum at any time by going to the navigation drop-down menu in the top left hand corner of the page (the icon which looks like 9 dots) and selecting "Forum". You do not need to sign up, as your username and password are the same for the forum as they are for the game. You will, however, need to log into the forum.

How to exchange your RPP: Go to the character drop-down menu on the top left hand corner of the page, highlight over the "Roleplay" sub-menu, and select "RP Points". Select between 25-3000 RPP to exchange from the drop-down menu. Decide if you wish to exchange your RPP for Experience or Cash and then click "Exchange". You can spend 500 RPP a day for free, without using energy.

Rewards: 1000 EXP, $500, 3 PXP


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