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NOTE: Do not leave the tutorial at any point, until you are done. If you leave, the tasks won’t complete, and if you leave after level 10 and you’re not finished, you won’t be able to return! Also, if you are starting as a human, do not send a turning request until you are done with the tutorial, as it will auto-kick you.

The biggest tip that you’re going to want to remember is simple:

Avoid doing the next tasks on the checklist until you use your energy!

For example, the first task is to move to 10,6 on the grid.

Instead, ensure you avoid that square entirely, and head North to the Morgue to start killing zombies. Kill the zombies until you’re at around ~2 energy, and then head to 10,6.

Note: while you might lose to some of the zombies at first, it will still pay off in the long run!

Completing each task will return half energy to you, so you can continue to do it this way. Complete a task > head to the morgue > kill zombies > profit.

The only exception to this is when you reach the task to enter a building, and then the task to fight an NPC.

For this, you’re going to want to use your energy pickpocketing instead. Note, while pickpocketing, keep an eye on your energy while on the fight an NPC task to ensure that you leave enough energy to make it to the morgue and fight a zombie.

This ensures that you get maximum experience before you even make it to the real city!

Another note, is to ensure that you don’t sell your zombie ears. Instead, lock them, and when you are finally able to leave the tutorial, head to the Militia Captain (26,19). You can either sell them to him outright, or join NADUMA for extra profit. When I leave the tutorial and do this, I usually gain a good 40k to toss in the bank (the closest one is in the Quarantine Zone, Corvidae Flats (30,23)).

As the tutorial guide itself does a great job of explaining what to do, I’ll only add a few tips and tricks to help you through!


As I mentioned above, do not automatically go to 10,6 and instead, head up into the morgue to start killing zombies!

For this step, if you look at the bottom of the page beneath the grid, you will see where it says:


You are currently outside, standing at 30, 23, Quarantine.


Kill some more zombies, keep an eye on your energy, and go to the station, take it to the other one within the hub. It’ll have ‘HUB’ at the end of it.


This is the step that, after you gain your energy from completing the stations task, you want to start pickpocketing. To do this, simply go into the squares with the human, and hit the $ sign, or press ‘p’ on your keyboard.

Do this until you have about ~2 energy, and then enter the morgue.


Kill your zombies until about 3 energy, and then pickpocket a human!


Kill some more zombies, making sure to keep your eye on your energy to leave you enough to move, and then follow the task instructions to the bank.


Return to the morgue, kill your zombies (on this step, you can go all the way to zero, if you want, as leveling up doesn’t take energy). You can choose to skip this step, if you want, which will auto-complete and give you the energy, or you can follow the commands and level up.

For leveling up, I strongly suggest going with stamina to 20, then dex and add in Martial Arts or Firearms, depending on your skillset. From there, you’ll want to do intelligence/skill for Firearms or Strength/Skill for Martial Arts. Even if your character doesn’t plan to be a combat character, this helps to level your character faster by allowing you to kill more things so you can put the points in what they do want to do.

By now, you’ve probably leveled up quite a bit, so you should be comfortable. If not, just ask questions!


Kill your zombies (having fun with this yet?) and then move onto this task. If you’re at max blood (as a vampire), that’s fine. You can still hit the human, and it will auto-complete!

As humans and semi-deus, however, just press skip and move on.


Kill your zombies and move on to this task. I usually skip this step to conserve my PXP, unless the path I’m on has something I want at the lower tiers (example, necromancers and rigormortis. I strongly advise you go ahead and get that power).

This is up to you if you want to skip or choose a power.


Kill your zombies, saving about ~4 energy to go and find a weapon. Follow the task instructions!



Go back to the morgue, kill your zombies, and then equip the weapon following the instructions.


Kill your zombies, then leave the morgue to head to the shop next to it. Follow the instructions on how to sell loot.

NOTE: You can also go ahead and buy your gun and ammo during this step and head back to the morgue. That way during step twelve, you don't have to leave the morgue. You can simply equip your gun after killing your zombies again.

Remember, do not sell your zombie ears!


Head back into the morgue, kill your zombies, then return back to the shop to buy your gun and ammo.

Note: You have to equip the gun to complete the task.


For this task, you’re going to want to wait to attack the NPC. Instead, go to the places you have yet to hit, and start pickpocketing until you have about ~6 energy.

I usually hit inside all of the buildings, starting with the cafe first, and then head back to the morgue and finish pickpocketing there until I’m ready to hit the zombie.


Kill your zombies, and then adjust your tactics. I’ve given a basic example of tactics for you to follow, if you wish:

Now, with battle tactics, there are a ton of different ways to set them up. It depends on your character, your skills, and what you prefer. I’ll give an example to get you started, but I highly suggest reaching out to someone and talking to them about what will be best for you!

Would you like to get full or quick reports of NPC battles? Quick

Note: This setting makes it to where you get a bubble at the top of your screen, instead of being moved to an entirely new screen. It makes fighting cleaner.

Would you like to deal finishing blows, or simply cripple other player characters you defeat? Finishing Blows

Do you favor gun fights or melee (swords, unarmed, etc)? Set this to whichever skill you’re putting points in for both of these (melee or guns).

When you are badly wounded and losing a fight, what then? NNever Flee

At which point do you attempt to flee from NPCs? Never

At which point do you attempt to flee from player VS player battles (to the death)? ASAP

Note: For now, you’re definitely going to want to set the PVP to ASAP. As you get into the game and learn, you can set this as you feel comfortable.

When all else fails... Keep Trying When an enemy attempts to flee... Chase


How offensive do you wish to be while using firearms? Extremely Aggressive What is your strategy for attacking with firearms? Mixed


How offensive do you wish to be while using melee? Extremely Aggressive What is your strategy for attacking with melee? Mixed

Note: Again, these are just to get you through the tutorial, and will change as your skillset changes. Please, please, please reach out to someone (either in the discord, or on the forum) to help you with your tactics after you leave the tutorial!


Kill your zombies, and exchange your 500 RPP.

Drop Down Menu > Roleplay > Roleplay Points > Follow the prompts given.


You’ve successfully finished the tutorial!

Now you want to leave and join the real word, and, if you hadn’t sold your zombie ears like I suggested, head to the Militia Captain at 26,19 Quarantine. When you leave the tutorial, it should take you straight to the Wickbridge Station, which from there, just head NE.

Once you sell (either by joining Naduma or just straight sale), head into the Quarantine Zone to Corvidae Flats at 30,23.

You’ll want to hurry to the bank in the flats, which once you enter, is straight north. Bank the money you got for your ears, and start killing the zombies or talk to someone about where you should head from there!

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