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Name: Christopher Simpson

D.O.B.: December 24

Date Joined on Path of the Vampire: April 2015

Languages: English


Location/Time Zone: Florida/EST

RP Interests: Storylines involving the development of my characters. I'm generally not interested in RPing romantic characters.

RPGs played (pen and paper): Vampire the Requiem, Werewolf the Forsaken, Mage the Awakening, Hunter the Vigil, World of Darkness, Promethean the Created, Rifts, Palladium RPG, Beyond the Supernatural, D&D, Vampire the Masquerade, Dead Reign, Heroes Unlimited, Systems Failure, Changeling: The Lost

RPGs Played Online: Path of the Vampire, Vampire the Requiem, Tyran's Cove

LARPs Played: Vampire the Requiem: Mind's Eye Theatre, World of Darkness Mind's Eye Theatre

MMO (supposedly RPGs) played: Immortal Night, Trenton Made, Darkness Realm, Chaos Unsealed, Arcane Circle, Fallen Sword, Bloodlines, Vampires

Characters Played on Path of the Vampire: Trahir Trahison, Ambrose Acheron, John Doe, Lucas Ballard Bastion Courbon, The Unholy, Corin Diechi (given over by another player, currently inactive)

LMAO!!!! Thralls are awesome. You find a vantage point overlooking Trahir Trahison and, taking careful aim, you fire a single bullet at them from distance. Boom! Headshot! FATAL STRIKE! Trahir Trahison collapses, dead, and disperses into ash. $410000 (assassination contract) was deposited into your account.

Not exactly how I planned on making it onto the leaderboards... lol! Best Pocket Pick 1 Dominique $53324 from Trahir Trahison

0h 1m ago: Dominique transferred $54000 into your account <--- That's love.

The Unholy: First vampire sired by a thrall?l: 12.28.15 Jane Doe fed you their blood while you were dying, and turned you into a vampire!

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