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So this is my talk page *Jazz hands!*

Okay so I'm not likely to make it either pretty or fancy, but I'll add a section below for comments, questions, concerns etc. I don't check the wiki daily, so realistically, you'd probably be better off just shooting me a PM. If you post dramaz on my page, I'll just get rid of it cuz this ain't FaceBook, baby.

Have fun!

Questions, Comments, Concerns

Hallo, beautiful.

Hiya gorgeous! lol Anyho~ I actually went to update something (Shocked, right? lol ;) ) And it's a protected page. But it's needed so... fix it please? :D

-[[User:Alexandrea|]] 19:52, 8 November 2017 (MST)

Shout Outs

In case you wanna say something nice (praiseme).


My turn to swing by, say hi and tell you what an amazing job you're doing :P. Seriously, thanks for prodding at the history stuff and making Path's story awesome - Amalea

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