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•This page is for the NPCs Valkyries found in Bifrost

Lyngvi/Bifrost can be found via block Station squares under Bifrost, or north road in world area going past Cherridale.

Canonically, these enemies are essentially spirits of ancient fallen warriors who believe have been given powers by a mythical being, and have been tasked with claiming the souls of dead warriors, and returning them to their master whom they believe to be the god Odin.

Valkyrie Spearwife: 110-120 xp
Valkyrie Shieldmaiden: 100-120 xp
Hildr: 113-125 xp

Hildr = 113 -125 xp

Loot: Mostly Valkyrie Dust (value = $50) rare drop; Hildr Battleaxe long-blade

Acc: 11 Pow: 15 Qua: 8 (Value = $3000)

Valkyrie Sword long-blade

Acc: 15 Pow: 9 Qua: 7 (Value = $2500)

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