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Vampire Paths

Every vampire must choose a path when they return from the dead. The choice is usually one made subconsciously, most often (but not always) determined by their personality, interests, or aspirations.
This page will describe the gaming aspects of Paths in detail (for Role Play aspects, read the Paths (RP) page). Here you will find the strengths and weaknesses of each Path, their starting stats, and power listings.

The Starting Stats are the attributes every vampire from that Path will start with. All vampire paths have 80 base stats total, except for telepaths, who have the stamina curse, so they have a total of 78 starting base stats. As you level up, you will add points to them (more on that in the article on EXP). The only stat not represented is Arcane, which depends on a vampire’s generation rather than their Path. As for Skills, every path starts with 1 point only in each skill.

Gameplay Specifics

Each of the paths has its own unique strengths, weaknesses, powers and starting statistics. Each path is also geared to a certain type of character type or personality, with each having a basic role in any group. However, these traditional path roles can be changed, depending on your character's build as you level them up. Although each path has a set list of powers they can gain, it is possible to cross over into the other power paths, with some work, by using path "bridges" which cross between neighboring paths.

Path of the Shadow

Starting Stats
Strength 8
Dexterity 12
Charisma 10
Intelligence 10
Willpower 9
Skill 11
Stamina 12
Healing 8

Shadows can become fearsome assassins, invaluable spies, or just stay alive longer by not being seen. The major drawback to walking the path of shadows is that your physical body is able to take less damage than most other vampires.

Strengths: Shadows can, as their name suggests, use (or become) the essence of darkness to sneak and strike from the shadows. Their powers mainly deal with avoiding harm by remaining unseen, and entering areas that most vampires cannot, but a skilled shadow can become a fearsome assassin or spy. Many see shadows as the true and original path for vampires.

Weaknesses: Although shadows are hard to hit, when they are hit they heal much more slowly than other vampires. All wounds receive an extra 1 day of healing time.
(Wound length + 1 day - Healing bonus = Actual Wound Duration)

Neighboring Paths: Shadows can cross over to the path of the Necromancer by way of the Fadewalker bridge, or to the path of the Mystic by way of the Summoner's bridge.


  • Assassin's cloak: Skirmish without being seen by humans.
  • Silent Hunter: Move silently without drawing attention to yourself, lowering the location security by 1 while you are hunting.
  • Water walk: Allows you to cross over rivers as if you were crossing the street.
  • Untraceable: Avoid all tracking from all powers EXCEPT Eyespy for 1 day (including location report contracts).
  • Darkness falls: Cover a target in a blanket of darkness, making them more likely to miss you.
  • Commander of Darkness: Decrease (or increase!) the base security of any location until sunrise, by commanding the darkness on a massive scale.
  • Shadowstrike: Command the shadows to come to life and attack for you, dealing more damage with greater accuracy than most swords.
  • Uninvited guest: Enter a single lair, apartment, etc., bypassing invitation barrier per floor.
  • Hide in shadows: Become one with the shadows for an hour, going totally invisible but unable to fight.
  • Phantom Thief: Steal without failure (from Humans or Vampires) until the end of the day.

Path of the Mystic

Starting Stats
Strength 8
Dexterity 8
Charisma 10
Intelligence 12
Willpower 11
Skill 10
Stamina 10
Healing 11

Vampires traveling this path will find themselves gaining many supernatural talents. Summon gusts of great wind, inflict illnesses on your enemies, and more! This path, however, makes it difficult to escape the Shadow Realm, should death find you.

Strengths: Mystics are the magic class in Path of the Vampire. They use their balance between mind and spirit to control the elements and cast spells ranging from the tactical to the awesomely destructive. They are useful as support characters and ritualists, but could also be used as 'giant killers' due to their crippling tactical powers which even the oldest vampires find hard to resist.

Weaknesses: When a mystic dies, he or she will find it harder to return to life due to spirits generally having more power over them. Mystics also have a harder time resisting the power of the shadow realm, and exert more energy when moving within it.

Neighboring Paths: Mystics can cross over to the path of shadows by way of the summoner's bridge, or to the path of the telepath by way of the tracker's bridge.


  • Somnambulism: Put a human into a trance-like sleep where they become easy to manipulate, allowing you to feed without being spotted.
  • Disease: Inflict a serious illness on a vampire target, causing them to lose 3 stamina points for two days.
  • Blind: Blind an enemy for 1 day (skirmish) or for the rest of the battle's duration, making them less likely to hit you.
  • Claim Abode: Prevent a target from entering the building you are in until next sunrise.
  • Blood Magic: Convert 10 blood into 3 anima.
  • Quake: Scatter all humans in your location by activating a local earthquake.
  • Mystic Healing: Heal one non-critical wound immediately.
  • Burning Touch: Burn the skin of a victim, inflicting charisma and blood loss.
  • Teleport: Teleport a target (yourself included) anywhere outside - excluding Fae territory.
  • Poison: Poison a vampire, causing them to lose 6 stamina initially, and then 1 extra blood per day. In battle, saps blood each turn.

Path of the Telepath

Starting Stats
Strength 8
Dexterity 10
Charisma 11
Intelligence 12
Willpower 9
Skill 12
Stamina 6
Healing 10

Speak over great distances and control your enemies’ minds with various powerful talents. A skilled telepath can even connect to the net without a computer! Telepaths, unfortunately, come with a mental burden with results in low stamina levels.

Strengths: Telepaths are vampires that use purely mental abilities to perform psychic feats such as telecommunication, telekinesis, technokinesis, and various influential mind tricks. They can be used as battle characters just as easily as diplomatic characters.

Weaknesses: Telepaths have the lowest total stats, due to a stamina penalty, but do not receive any further weaknesses.

Neighboring Paths: Telepaths can cross over to the path of the mystic by way of the tracker's bridge, or to the path of the allurist by way of the illusionist's bridge.


  • Mindspeak: Send players telepathic alerts without needing to use emails (viewable in the alert log only to the player who received it).
  • Predictive Reflex: Increases your dexterity by 4 points while in battle.
  • Overwhelm: Overwhelm your enemy's mind with a barrage of thoughts, dropping their intelligence.
  • Read Memories: Allows you to read key memories of your target by viewing their alert log (some information is restricted, such as telepathic messages, bank transfers, and older memories).
  • Mind Block: Prevent your enemy from using powers for one hour (grid) or 1 turn (battle).
  • Appraisal: View the stats and powers of any other character.
  • Palterer: Get 25% off of your next purchase (today) in a shop by controlling the merchant's mind. Applicable only to purchases under $500,000.
  • Technokinesis: Connect to the net with your mind. Also provides a bonus to the hacking skill.
  • Telekinetic Shield: Create a shield in your location which massively increases everyone's defense for 1 day, so long as they remain in the square (chance to hit reduced by 50%).
  • Projected Empathy: Burden an enemy's mind with the pain you feel from one random wound. Shares the wound and stat loss with target for same duration (excluding death wounds and the non-feeding penalty of crits).

Path of the Allurist

Starting Stats
Strength 9
Dexterity 10
Charisma 12
Intelligence 11
Willpower 8
Skill 10
Stamina 10
Healing 10

This path is for the vampire seeking to manipulate, to seduce, and to charm their way to the top. A great path for would-be leaders and the vain. Beware though, they attract more attention than perhaps they might want.

Strengths: Allurists are the charming, leader-like vampires. Their powers give them the ability to manipulate, control, charm, inspire, and dominate the minds of others by a mixture of limited mind control and their ability to alter their body chemistry (and eventually their appearance). They are closest to humanity compared to the other paths, and can even consume human food, though they receive no benefit from doing so.

Weaknesses: The curse of an allurist is the attention they attract, making it harder for them to keep their true nature a secret from mortals. Therefore, they are twice as likely to be seen feeding than other paths.

Neighboring Paths: Allurists can eventually cross over to the path of the Killer by way of the Shifter's bridge, or to the path of Telepathy by way of the Illusionist's bridge.


  • Intimidate: Intimidate a target in battle only, causing them to lose 2 dexterity for remainder of battle.
  • Confuse: Manipulate your opponent into making silly mistakes, and losing 4 intelligence for 2 days (skirmish) or duration of battle.
  • Inspire: Inspire an ally for 1 day, giving them a +1 bonus to all stats. You can only use it once a day.
  • Swarm: Gather a swarm of insects to attack a target and deal them damage.
  • Silver Tongued: Convince a shopkeeper to give you 10% off any purchase, and/or 10% more for selling.
  • Pacification: Pacify a target, making them unable to attack you for 1 day. Also includes characters set to location defence mode.
  • Enchanter: Half all future bounty increases (when spotted) by avoiding suspicion.
  • Bewitch Vampire: Temporarily gain the assistance of any vampire, and get them to attack somebody in their square (select skirmish target, not bewitch target).
  • Bewitch Human: Become the master of a human thrall that can rob, scout, attack, hack or enter any lair for you until they die.
  • Mob Rule: Convince a mob of humans to attack a target (skirmish or battle).

Path of the Killer

Starting Stats
Strength 12
Dexterity 10
Charisma 10
Intelligence 8
Willpower 10
Skill 8
Stamina 10
Healing 12

Picking the killer’s path will give you increasingly powerful talents which will make you faster, stronger and more resistant to damage. The only drawback for this powerful path is that you will retain notoriety with police for much longer.

Strengths: Killers are the true warriors of vampire-kind, able to use their dark powers to strengthen and sometimes alter their own bodies. Their powers mainly consist of things related to violence, but can also be used for athletic purposes, such as jumping rivers or moving quickly to new areas with the power of celerity. They retain the greatest link to the Physical out of all the paths.

Weaknesses: Killers are more likely to bring the attention of cops (and similar) when their notoriety is up, due possibly to their natural aura that puts the police at unease.

Neighboring Paths: Killers can eventually cross over to the path of the allurist by way of the Shifter bridge, or to the path of the necromancer by way of the immortal's bridge.


  • Tunnel: Tunnel down into the sewers or tunnel in the wilderness without needing to find an access point (must be outside).
  • Super Jump: Jump over the river, or over impassable buildings with a single bound.
  • Bone Crusher: Inflict a random bone-crushing wound on a skirmish target.
  • Razor Claws: Your claws become savage weapons, and you gain a huge bonus to hit while unarmed.
  • Throw: Throw an enemy out of the square, or throw them in battle.
  • Celerity: Instantly move to any location in the city, or use in battle for a massive dexterity boost.
  • Hyper Perception: Massively increases your intelligence and skill while in battle.
  • Deadeye: Activate this power and you will not fail with your next firearms shot.
  • Healing Trance: Put yourself into a trance which heals you at twice the speed, but you will be unable to move.
  • Daywalker: Walk in the sun without being seriously wounded (drains 1 blood). It also protects you from any danger of being hit by a human using the Sandman power. The human still has the regular chance of hitting you, but it isn't certain like it is against other vampires using that power.

Path of the Necromancer

Starting Stats
Strength 8
Dexterity 10
Charisma 8
Intelligence 12
Willpower 10
Skill 10
Stamina 10
Healing 12

Those seeking the powers of death itself will eventually discover the abilities to raise the dead, heal faster, cross over to the Shadow Realm and drain the life from enemies. This path comes with increased statistic penalties resulting from your death.

Strengths: A necromancer can become either a healer or a murderer; a support character or a leader of armies. Their control over death gives them the ability to raise ghosts and zombies, to curse, poison, or to heal the undead.

Weaknesses: Necromancers suffer the greatest penalty from dying, and lose an additional stat point when they acquire a death wound. 3 for the first death, 4 for the second, 5 for the third and so on.

Neighboring Paths: Necromancers can eventually cross over to the path of the killer by way of the immortal's bridge, or to the path of shadows by way of the fadewalker's bridge.


  • Rigormortis: Inflict an undead target with paralysing rigor mortis, making them miss 1 turn. (Battle power)
  • Blood Boost: Instantly regain 1 pint of blood without having to feed.
  • Grave Digger: Bury yourself underground for 24 hours avoiding all attacks but incapable of moving, after which you cannot use the power again for another 24 hours.
  • Blood Heal: Give 1 blood to an ally.
  • Raise Vampire: Temporarily raise a random vampire from the shadow realm and get them to attack for you. (works anonymously)
  • Corpsify: Reduce the target's charisma by 10 points.
  • Medium: See spirits on the world map and feed on them for anima; also gives the ability to see wraiths.
  • Humanize: Prevent an enemy's wounds from healing for 1 day.
  • Undead Hordes: Raise 3 zombies at your location, who will attack anyone who passes by (including you!).
  • Curse: Curse anyone anonymously regardless of proximity, and make them lose 2 skill.

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